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Traditional medicine: pluses and minuses of

B than pluses and minuses of traditional medicine? How folk remedies for cold work? Whether they are always useful and safe for health? In what cases it is better not to listen to councils of traditional medicine and just to descend in a drugstore?

Phytotherapy - familiar and safe?

Medicinal herbs enjoy

popularity not only at patients, but also at doctors. But even the most effective herbs will not relieve of cold quicker, than usual pharmaceutical preparations for treatment of a SARS.

the Big lack of phytopreparations - unstable structure. The same plants collected at different times and stored in different conditions can strongly differ on the content of active agents. So, it is very difficult to calculate a necessary dose of such “medicine“, especially in house conditions. Besides, besides “necessary and useful“ components, many plants contain also other, unsafe substances and to foretell how already weakened organism will react to them, it is impossible. Of course, it does not mean that at cold it is impossible to use medicinal herbs. It is possible, but only accurately understanding what properties they possess and what side effects give.


can be used:

A here to use such means, known in the people, for treatment of cold as beet or carrot juice, especially onions or garlick, is not recommended. In the first case - it is ineffective, and in the second - is fraught with a burn of a mucous membrane.


What the organism overheat is dangerous?

At a temperature over 37,5 ° With any overheat is harmful:

All this

strongly raises loading on warmly - vascular system. Therefore at cold and flu it is better not to overheat and be limited to warm drink (we do not heat!) warm (comfortable) clothes in a combination to fresh, cool air indoors.

It is interesting to

! It is good to go to a bath for prevention of a SARS if the person often overcools and wants to warm up properly the organism, to strengthen its protective functions. But if there were already first symptoms of cold, and small temperature rose, bathing heat will only do much harm and will strengthen inflammatory process.

From what are distracted by the “distracting“ procedures?

“The distracting procedures“ are mustard plasters, spirit and honey compresses, prickly woolen things, hot bathtubs for legs, and also statement of cans, an ukutyvaniye, wrappings, poultices and hot-water bottles. The official medicine came to a conclusion for a long time that all this is useless, and in the sharp period of a SARS it is even dangerous! The only effect of all these “derivations“ - an aggravation of inflammatory reaction and approach of a turning point during an illness. There is an opinion that the irritation and warming of a body in a zone of sick body has reflex effect on it, but it does not have proofs yet. Such treatment has also a mass of contraindications: tendency to allergic reactions, any injuries of skin, rash (even acne) and inflammations. It is not recommended and to children till 5 years.

are considered as the Most “harmless“ “distracting“ procedures as


Dietotherapy: is or is not?

One more the method, popular in the people, is the strengthened food which has to strengthen an organism. But supporters of this method forget one rule: everything is good moderately. Plentiful food will become additional loading for the sick person at whom all forces leave on infection resistance. It will be helped rather by easy fermented milk products, vegetables (with a stewed look), fish and fruit (not sour). And only if the patient has an appetite. You should not tempt him with something “tasty“: it is better for it to drink some of more liquid to remove intoxication, than to overload a gastrointestinal tract with the strengthened food.

Other extreme of a dietotherapy - belief that hunger - the best medicine, including for cold. Hunger can really be medicine, but... only for the healthy person! Medical starvation is capable to stimulate immunity if the organism is normal and does not struggle with an infection. If to force to starve the chilled person, then the moment of recovery will be removed for several days.

of a SARS and alcoholic drinks

one more in public favourite method of treatment and prevention of a SARS - “strong drinks“ Is. But, alas, neither vodka with pepper, nor mulled wine promotes suppression of an infection but only give additional load of a liver which in the period of an illness and there are so enough toxins. Therefore it is better to drink water, rather weak tea, a fruit drink, compote from dried fruits, “mineral water“. It is not simply useful, and it is extremely necessary. If in an organism there is no enough liquid, temperature will continue to increase, local immunity of airways will cease to work and removal of virus and bacterial toxins will be slowed down.