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As men of

are ill on February 23 we congratulate all men on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, even those who did not do military service. Because each man by the nature - the defender. But sometimes even the most courageous and strong men need the help and protection. When? Of course, when are ill. As men are ill? Why do not want to be treated? In what cases see a doctor? And what care need to be on the mend? We choose the correct approach.

the Firm tin tell-tale

He never admits that he badly feels, including it the weakness sign unworthy the real man. It is possible to learn that it is sick incidentally, having found it in a subconscious state. But even in this case he will assure that everything is all right. It is possible to put him to bed only violently. And to give medicine, it is necessary to go on different cunnings: to add cough syrups to tea, to pour the drugs pounded in powder in soup, instead of mineral water to bring solution of a sparkling tablet. Quite often “the firm tin tell-tale“ refuses flatly to continue a course of treatment. And it can provoke serious complications or transition of an illness to a chronic form. Therefore prevention will be the best help to men of this kind. As it is strange, many “firm tin tell-tales“ loyally treat preventive measures and willingly accept immunomodulators if, of course, incidentally not to blab out that it too drugs.

the Folk healer

This man you will not pull out

to the doctor, you will not force to drink tablets. But at all not because he hesitates to be ill. Just it treats itself(himself), and to one to it by the known methods. It is good if its recipes are taken from the checked sources and represent that experience of traditional medicine on which the modern science grew. If “folk healer“ gets the knowledge from works same as he, homebrew doctors, then his experiments can be dangerous. It can give herbalists and other national doctor books, among authors, consultants or reviewers of which doctors are specified. And in case of need to take for it in a drugstore phytopreparations from the known pharmaceutical companies - they are created according to ancient recipes, but with use of modern technologies that considerably increases their safety in comparison with house means.

Doubting Thomas

He does not trust

neither in modern, nor in national, nor in alternative medicine, nor in homeopathy, nor in traditional methods of treatment. He does not trust doctors, but on the house calls them, he does not trust druggists, but buys drugs in a drugstore. He does not believe at all that someone can help it, but demands the help. It is difficult to treat him, but it is possible. It is only necessary to find the person whom he considers as the authority. It can be his chief or dear neighbor, public or the politician, the manager. office of local policlinic or chief health officer of the country. “And here Vladimir Vladimirovich told that he is only treated by this preparation!“, - only referring to experience of authoritative people it is possible to convince “Doubting Thomas“ of expediency of this or that treatment. Well, and then it is necessary to watch strictly that it did not interrupt a course of treatment if did not help it at once. It is possible and to refer to opinion of the authoritative personality in this case: “Here and to Vladimir Vladimirovich after the first tablet did not help, but he spent on drink all course - and as you see, is absolutely healthy and full of strength now“.

of ChBM

In pediatrics the term “often ill children“ is. In abbreviated form ChBD. And in life “often ill men“, or ChBM meet. About health of ChBM with a sigh answers a question: “Also do not ask!“ At the same time instantly “puts on“ a suffering look and can tell in detail about numerous problems with intestines or in brief state history of diseases of the family. Attempts of the sympathizing friends and acquaintances to help somehow encounter its resistant resistance. At the same time house, not panicing from his sneeze, are accused of callousness and callousness. Willingly takes medicine ChBM, it is a lot of and often, both according to the recommendation of the doctor, and at own discretion. Though actually it needs not so much drugs, how many care and attention. The gentle female hand put on ChBM forehead will kill heat and pain, than habitual anesthetics and febrifugal quicker, and if necessary will accelerate and will strengthen the effect of drugs.

the Big child

the Big child can go for weeks, sniffing, and to undertake nothing and if to ask it why he is not treated, perplexed to make a helpless gesture: “And how?“ But it is not difficult to treat “the big child“. Povinuyas to a strict “mother`s“ voice, it obediently takes temperature, puts on socks with mustard and opens a mouth to swallow medicine, only sometimes is capricious: “Faugh, tasteless!“ It to the doctor will not go, it should be taken away by a hand and to promise to wait in a corridor. “The big child“ will patiently take out both medical examination, and other manipulations with its organism. However, it is better to come to the doctor with him together. Question “what you complain of?“ quite often nonpluses “the big child“. He timidly looks around as the school student who did not learn a lesson answers uncertainly, with halts, and does not call a half of symptoms. That “the big child“ recovered quicker, it is necessary to praise more often him, to watch that he took medicine in time, to give to drink tea with home-made jam and to carefully tuck in a blanket for the night. And then in several days he will become the self-assured, strong and resolute man again. Also will be able to protect all who need its protection!