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I Will declare Edutes ex abrupto army

to a descent: to service in army, and to all armies of the world in general, in that valid plane in which they really exist also to those purposes to which they really serve - not invented, decorated with gilded epaulets and aiguilettes from patriotic songs, movies and other militaristic dithyrambs - I treat as the kind beginning with the most good intentions at rest and inaction which, when using on the direct appointment, right there turns into the inevitable legalized evil.

In my time (and I did military service in the early nineties the private of extra urgent service) army was called: on the one hand, deprived of civil rights, which - as organized crowd, the system walking without cadence, the shaven, hungry and badly trained tell-tales who drank beer at a rural disco in an embrace with the girlfriend still yesterday, and today, having been hit the immemorial military &ndash tool in hands; shovel or rake, started execution of the military duty for the sake of the great homeland, and with another - eternally drunk, haughty and freezed “hussars“ who are bringing up from mother`s darlings from the citizen of real men and defenders of the homeland through digging of ditches, sweeping of military parade-grounds, repair of own apartments. with

Today high ranks and well-cared politicians, important inflating cheeks, from the screen constantly report that the situation changes: the housing problem at military moved off dead center, salaries steadily grow, committees of soldiers` mothers are granted the rights, against a hazing fight everywhere - here and there, for the broken skull or the taken-away legs torturers are given several years of prison. It is willingly trusted. It is believed that many worthy graduates of military colleges joined army - patriots of the homeland (in any case, at the beginning of the service) which not to spit on the tell-tales, it is believed that financing of army increased several times (in any case, places), believed that if my or your son sustains injuries, and it happens not when performing military operations, and in a peace time, then it will be properly carried out investigations and guilty persons are punished on all severity of tribunal.

However, by the experience of communication with officers and privates, how reluctantly young people go to serve and as their family frightened of mass media and experience of neighbors and acquaintances does not want to release them, in those numerous wild cases of a hazing which continue to occur, I draw a conclusion: in apartments of army carried out renovation while the decayed building cracked from a socle to a penthouse, such lifting of the grown fat “muzzle of the person“, at all cancer neglect of all organism for a long time.

Yes, new constructed the rocket - the enemy will not see how it is proud and with advantage mister Ivanov declares. Yes, to Chechnya send only contract employees &ndash now; after ten years to that great Russia put thousands of children in a uniform there - so it, probably, saved. Yes, in the Presidential company of the boy go to serve with pride - itself saw on the TV. And there are a lot more similar achievements. Only the fighter, the eighteen-year-old boy as there were deprived of civil rights in Kolkiny times, so it remained. And “grandfathers“ of “spirit“ after a release, for sure, will valtuzit, and the commander will look aside, or there in a glass, and maybe itself will help if especially obstinate will get, and ditches should be dug, and the parade-ground from could not be done to sweep, and to do repair at the commander, there on the market to carry the wife, or still that.

my immediate superior - the former officer. The funnyman - the self-educated person. One of its favourite expressions - “So far at me is at least one the subordinated (soldier), I will not work“. A joke, of course, but as psychoanalysts speak - jokes we express the serious relation to everything that surrounds us. And yes leaves. He for hours can loaf about, or keep ringing to the friends and resolve private matters, at the same time with a military grasp “build“ us and demand, demand, demand results.

Or, for example, from the nursery a spontaneity and a pensive look of the innocent vestal, he at the subordinates, almost daily sends cars which at its order, on the left and to the right on the personal records as if and it is necessary. It should bring boards, to take away the wife, there what or a wardrobe to deliver a case. Surprising spontaneity of people. And already in blood - a fist not to beat out it, not acid not to etch - you will not teach an old dog to new tricks. To uselessly repeat that “ouch - y - ouch“ - it is bad how it is not a shame, companion chief - all about a wall peas!

In the charter of army of Israel is written down the military law: “If you, the fighter of the Israeli army, took prisoner, and you are threatened by tortures or death - you are obliged to tell about everything that you know, about all military secrets and secrets, but to survive. It is the order“. Here it, philanthrophy!

you Remember a case with the corporal Shalid (perhaps, the surname is written incorrectly)? Israel began military operations against the neighboring state only (only!) because one fighter of the Israeli army was taken prisoner or kidnapped. Of course, did not manage that is called without “policy“, but nevertheless. Same

and with the most equipped army the Texas cowboy Dzhorzha Bush Jr.: America is ready to begin war if someone stole or took prisoner of its GI (private).

the Paradox which is not finding an explanation, and to us, the country which broke the ridge (with some help of allies) has to be incredibly a shame to fascism, but the fact remains: in Germany combatants during World War II are for life provided with medical privileges, military pensions, care and leaving. Our winners, under a roar of ceremonial fanfares and loud speeches, often die in poverty.

the example which Set the opposite teeth on edge, and, nevertheless: in the American army young people go to serve voluntarily. For it they will get a grant for study in college, will be able to provide themselves and the family for the years ahead, many consider as a patriotic debt to do military service - there are enough also such. Some go to see the world (the note: The USA conducts military operations not in all countries in which there are their military bases). About conditions of service of ordinary and non-commissioned officer`s structures, I believe, there is no need to tell.

In the Israeli army, unlike American, as well as at us, a compulsory military service even for women … but with a human face. At all necessary military discipline - both the starched sheets, both an Internet cafe in free time, and obligatory discharge every weekend. And that surprisingly any non-statutory relations. In general. Same

or very similar situations and in other, “civilized“ armies of the world. Army for people who protect the earth.

U us, owing to the historian - national peculiarities, the army, both imperial to Great October, and Red before disintegration of the Soviet Union, throughout centuries reminded “zone“ - the territory enclosed with high concrete fences with a barbed wire on perimeter on which most often “served“ sentence thin, shaved, deprived of almost all the rights, nedochelovek of whose life, in literal sense, some “grandfather“ angered on the world or some secretary general with defect of the speech could dispose.

In our remarkable country shot only fifty years ago or put in camp only for the fact that the fighter appeared in captivity. How many they were such? Tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands. A contusion, cartridges, serious wound came to an end - and you are taken prisoner. Further - Limbaugh. Sometimes the probability that you will be left in captivity was alive more, than if you run and will return to the. This army! This state! This homeland!

All because the country at us such - slavish. The state - the owner. We are his slaves. Democracy, human rights, plebiscites there everyones. Illusion all this. So far it only desire of democracy. Movement of an eyelash. Desire to take a step in this unknown direction. Seventy years we were slaves - lost twenty million in camps, two million shot, both Great and Domestic won war on big blood. And before were slaves. Illiterate workers and peasants. Also we remain such. There have to pass generations, people owe not a drink of freedom to make, and then to choke a stench of excess and lawlessness again, and grow up, eating freedom air as maternal milk, and grow the children in the same vein, and those the children - then still can.