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Not sandwich uniform!

Hope, you successfully cope with a task to fill a stomach to itself and the relatives and to satisfy feeling of hunger and thirst, dear readers. Not a cave century outside and not hungry time, thank God! And on this, we should not forget that not sandwich uniform the modern person, and the person family - especially is living!

Krom of these sandwiches to it still oh as a lot of things it is necessary for

. And especially all this is necessary for children!


to itself the Joint meal loaded

is one of indispensable conditions of life and existence of a good family. Certainly, family joint meals are necessary not only for tamping of a stomach and saturation of an organism all necessary minerals and vitamins, and and for feeding of soul. Alas! Our modern life not really - that disposes to it. The intensive rhythm of life, its saturated contents and almost daily overloaded schedule interferes with that families gathered all at a table behind a family breakfast, a lunch or a dinner. All have no time, each family member has the schedule and the affairs. But our modern life ourselves do that, modern people. We make any schedules, we undertake loadings and we bring ourselves to overloads - physical and emotional.

Load the life thoughtfully!
That is, whatever one may do, ourselves ourselves load

. We - to itself loaded. So means, we can load the life and in a different way.

Just thought. If you could not organize still family breakfasts, lunches or dinners with presence of all family members at least once in day or several times a week, you are a weak manager. Weak family manager.

But it is still half-troubles. And the full trouble comes when in a family there are no joint meals because of lack of goodhearted human relations.

Just question. What your intra family relations: goodhearted or zlobnoserdechny? Or perhaps at all anti-warm?

So, in your family all eat everyone in itself, and behind a table d`hote at you to gather there is no either a time, or special desire. Well, it is a pity!

Just thought. Lack of family meals is a dissociation in a family, and further - absence of love and interest to each other.

do not look for explanations and justifications why quite so occurred and continues to occur. Instead look for better opportunities to organize joint family meals and to carry out them constantly at beautifully laid table and slow conversation.

to Food without rules - is not present


Unfortunately, we is frequent in the life in general, and in family in particular, we fall before primitive tamping of own stomach and food without rules. And rules are necessary also in food, and in family especially. Here some rules of carrying out joint family meals (though you, certainly, can quite not agree with them, having developed in exchange the).

Rule first. Start tradition in the family to carry out joint meals at least once in day. And it is not so important that - breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks or dinners.

Rule second. For these meals should lay a table by all means beautifully (will be enough for expensive, elegant services to be constant residents of sideboards and walls!) . For a joint family meal all the most beautiful - on a table.

the wish Is simple

. Let your table is pleasing to the eye of all house, and not just a stomach.

Rule third. the Joint family meal assumes not only absorption of food by all together before general saturation. She assumes before that still joint preparation of this food and table layout. Children have to be indispensable participants and that, and other process.

Rule fourth. not to state Any negative, any criticism at a table during joint family meals. On the contrary, find a reason for a praise of each family member for something, kind and lovely jokes, and also positive and optimistical talk.

the wish Is simple

. Let communication behind a family meal pleases your soul and your heart.

Treble communication, without tripling food

Prompt “zhrachka“ hurriedly, on the run, on the run, separately from each other - the enemy of a family and the destroyer of the good family relations and hidden spiritual bonds between all family members and especially between adults and children. It is difficult to enter joint family meals in your schedule? Make one more schedule under the name “Our Family Public Catering and Obshcheed“. It is possible to make it for a month, two, three forward to be entered in the individual schedule of each of members of your family.

all of you sometimes eat with

all together, occasionally gathering behind a family lunch or a dinner? Great! Double, treble joint family meals. Also do not triple at the same time quantity of in common absorbed food. Thereby you will treble attention to all house and (especially!!) to children. You will treble communication with them. Our children need the trebled our parental attention and the trebled communication with them more, but not trebled food. Any kindergarten or school cafeteria quite tolerably copes with tamping of a stomach, by the way. Your tasks, dear parents, much more difficult and on a more substantial scale. Behind a family lunch and a dinner there has to be not only a food for a stomach, but also food as a hobby - sincere, goodhearted communication of close people.

the prevention Is simple

. Parent, carefully! Do not reduce a joint family meal to a primitive animal instinct of tamping of a stomach!

Almost philosophical useless talks. The joint family meal is not only absorption of food and saturation of an organism. The family meal is a home academy for children. Academy of communication of people with each other, academy of support of close people with each other; academy of love or hatred, optimism or pessimism, joyful or gloomy zhiznevospriyatiya and general mood.

the Tea ceremony in your house, or to yourself the master of ceremony

Pay attention, dear adults, and to your family trapeznichesky. In what room you eat all together? At what table? From what ware?

the spirit optimistically!
the wish Is simple

. Let your family meal will become elegant and significant, beautiful and kind ritual!

In the Japanese culture the tea ceremony beautiful and full of philosophical contents is. Let`s something take from it in our daily family public catering and obshcheed.

Just dialogue.

- we will not stand on ceremony! there is no
- Well! Just the opposite, we will stand on ceremony!

Just appeal. Let`s beautifully stand on ceremony!

Bring at yourself in the house, in the family the “tea ceremony“ with the table laid by a beautiful cloth with elegant ware and favourite entertainments. Family tea drinking is not just injection of hot liquid in an organism on a gullet. It also by all means “luxury of human communication“. As often as possible afford this luxury, such simple and quite available! Make the family tea ceremony permissible luxury for yourself and the children. It, actually, very much even permissible luxury! If, of course, we afford it.

Offer the child a cup of tea and along with it ears of the attentive and grateful listener. Your parental ears. Let during this tea ceremony your child will talk, will communicate to you and will facilitate soul. As told ancient: “Told and facilitated soul!“ Let in your house will be so: “Drank tea with a family and facilitated soul!“

Offer the child a cup of tea and along with it a beautiful family tea ceremony, and also sincerity of own feelings, nobility of soul. Your feelings and your parental soul. Offer the child luxury of human and human communication with the wise and loving it adult, with the family to it the person. With you.

Just appeal. we Will stand on ceremony!

to us it is necessary to

! It is necessary to our family! Our children need it! So, dear adults, a budemta to stand on ceremony with the life! Such precious, one and only. By the way, except ourselves nobody else will not get beautiful tea and other ceremonies in our family. So, dear adults, be to yourself masters of ceremony.

the wish Is simple

. Stand on ceremony beautifully! We stand on ceremony with ceremonies.

Krom of a tea ceremony you can get

in the family and any other. Get to yourself the Culinary ceremony at first on joint slow cooking together with your children, and then on a nakryvaniye of a table and joint same slow absorption of this food. And the Lunch ceremony on slow eating, no, to absorption with pleasure of in common prepared. Also you remember: it is better not to “guzzle“, and to eat! For you it is better, for your children it is better.


beautifully! Eat beautifully!


, but do not swallow food alive. And during the beautiful food feed not only the bodies, but also souls.

By the way, cleaning of a family joint family meal, trapeznichesky after a ceremony, is the whole ritual too.

“My light a pocket mirror, tell!“

Look at

on yourself in a mirror during meal. How you will eat? Why it is necessary to look at himself, chewing, in a mirror? And at least behind presenting what our children see us. The most interesting show! Perhaps, after communication with a mirror you in a fit of temper scream: “Be silent, a mirror! Itself I know!“ Is over what here to think.

Reflect, dear adults as you eat (I dare to hope, you eat, but you do not guzzle!) you and your family. Also think that as you eat now, such food behavior will be inherited by your children. Here to you and food for mind. Food for a stomach you, I hope, you will get without my reasonings and councils.


to our children need not only hot soup and a dry laying! They still need tea and any different other ceremonies during joint family meals. They need communication with a family, slow and human. They need a spiritual unification with a family.

Just appeal. Parent! You can not be the culinary specialist, and to be obliged by the person!

Or so. Parent! You can not be the supporter, and to be obliged by the person!

So, dear parents, just be people!

Just appeal. Dear parents! Feed the children with communication! Stand on ceremony with them all the time! Stand on ceremony with them beautifully!

About permissible luxury.

the Daily joint dinner or a lunch - unattainable luxury for your family? So you will choose for yourself quite permissible luxury: joint breakfast, joint tea drinking or afternoon snack. Or something else. Also afford this luxury and the family! Allow constantly!

the wish Is simple

. I Wish you a lot of good and kind permissible roskoshy in your family life. Roskosha, the considerable material inputs which are not connected with money and not demanding. Roskoshnichayte intelligently! Roskoshnichayte it is beautiful!