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Character and the identity of

Telling about the person, we use one more concept - the personality. What is the personality, than she differs from character?

we Will begin

with the fact that our language distinguishes the personality and character. So, we speak about the personality: “high“, “outstanding“, “creative“, “gray“, “criminal“, and we describe character as “heavy“, “soft“, “iron“, “gold“. We do not speak:“ high character “, “ criminal character“, or “the soft personality“.

can be told

About these distinctions absolutely briefly: Traits of character reflect how the person lives and acts, and lines of the personality - for the sake of what he lives and works what his purposes, ideals, dreams and aspirations. at the same time it is important to p to emphasize

that “as“ the person acts and “for the sake of what“ he acts, directly are not connected: people of very different characters achieve the same objectives, and, on the contrary, people with similar characters can aspire to very different purposes.

If character has a genetic basis, then the personality are formed prizhiznenno and only thanks to human life in society. The child, mastering human culture, “growing“ into it, becomes a social being. It has a consciousness and consciousness, outlook, beliefs, the moral principles and values. The personality finds herself in that and when the person begins to have sense of guilt and responsibility, to constrain the emotions, to condemn the acts, to work on the character.

Though character and the personality are not connected by

directly, they are in difficult interaction. The personality at safe development begins to smooth traits of character and even to remove them “from the agenda“. In that case know about the person and judge generally by his affairs and acts. In turn, some traits of character, especially if they are strongly expressed, can complicate development of the personality and prevent the person to arrange safely the life and the relations with relatives.

Everything told the car metaphor helps to understand

. Technical device and equipment of the car: its brand, type of management, power of engines, quality of brakes, safety cushions, etc. defines how it goes, - what its possible speed, reliability, stability. All this on sense - our character. But here where it goes, for what purpose, and as at the same time the driver follows the traffic regulation and considers interests of pedestrians, quite another matter, - and this is our personality. Let`s notice that technical malfunctions in the car can slow down its movement to the purpose and even bear it in a ditch.

character Types, their expressiveness, “weak places“

Now many classifications of character exist. Those which arose in a boundary region on a joint of psychology and psychiatry are especially interesting and substantial. Experience of talented scientists - clinical physicians who directly worked with people is put into them, watched their behavior, studied biographies, talked to their relatives, helped with difficult life situations and problems. Here such names as K. Jung, E. Krechmer, P. B. Gannushkin, K. Leongard, A. E. Lichko, M. E. Burno, M. Z. Dukarevich, etc. meet. The first classifications contained only two types (K. Jung, E. Krechmer), presently them is much bigger.

We will stop on eight main types which with some variations occur at most of authors. Concrete examples and illustrations will be taken from supervision of the same authors, fiction, own personal experience and stories of other people.

each type of character basic properties are the cornerstone of

. They are connected with natural features of an organism, requirements and emotions. For example, one people are “by nature“ open for the world and freely express emotions, others are shipped in themselves, the third are mistrustful to the world and are internally strained. Around basic properties many other lines of behavior and character are formed. So, internally intense person is thorough in work and is at the same time sensitive and jealous.

People differ with

on degree of expressiveness of traits of character. At one they are strongly noticeable, at another are as if maleficiated, softened. It is the best of all to get acquainted with characters on examples of its expressed degrees (aktsentuation) that we also will do in this book. By the way, such expressed characters are observed more, than at a half of the population. It means that in each family with a high probability there will be a person of the accented character. If to speak about teenagers, then “acute angles“ of character are found in the majority of them though usually over the years smooth out.

do not have

bad and good characters At all. Each character has strong and weaknesses. Strong properties are usually visible, they speak for themselves, and here weak often it is necessary to distinguish still.

Conversation on weaknesses of character brings us to acquaintance to very important concept of “the weak place“ of character. Such “place“ means hypersensibility, or vulnerability of the person in relation to certain conditions. For different characters such conditions are various. One person hardly transfers loss of attention from relatives, another - restriction of its freedom, and the third does not maintain freight of responsibility and the overestimated expectations. When there is load of the weak place of character, the person gives negative reaction. It can be expressed differently, from short circuit in deaf offense to “a ware beating“ and hysterics. If loads of the weak place repeat often and long, then experience of trouble amplifies, sometimes bringing the person to a condition of “impossibility“: the child runs away from the house, spouses get divorced, the employee submits the notice of resignation.


it is clear From here that the knowledge of “weak places“ of each character has invaluable practical value. It helps to behave competently with the person, preventing excessive complications in a family and at work, mistakes in education of the child. We will surely stop on weak places of each character at acquaintance to separate types.


From this book on 7e it is published: “Temperament, character, personality“.

From the book “We have different characters... How to be?“