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One Hamburg alchemist glowing in the dark

In the seventeenth century dreaming to find a philosophers` stone received the solid substance in the dark radiating magic greenish shine. We are also obliged to this person by opening of one of the macrocells, phosphorus, most important for an organism.

Phosphorus is a part of the major bioorganic connections participating in various metabolic processes and playing a significant role in activity of the person. It is necessary for normal work of a brain, strengthening of bones, redistribution of the energy coming to an organism with foodstuff. Membranes of cages are under construction of phosphorus, it is a part of the vital substance - adenosine triphosphoric acid. The skeleton of the adult contains about 1400 of phosphorus, a muscle - 130 g, and a brain and nerves - about 12 g.

At a lack of this component of food, the organism begins to use the phosphorus reserves which are contained in bones that leads to a skeleton growth inhibition, diseases and a curvature of bones, affects mental capacities, can become the reason of spasms, and in combination with a lack of vitamin D - rickets.

the Daily need for phosphorus at healthy people makes


for pregnant women and the feeding women 1500 mg
for children from 0 to 3 months of 300 mg
of 4 - 6 months of 400 mg
of 7 - 12 months of 500 mg
of 1 - 3 years of 800 mg
of 4 - 6 years of 1350 mg

They say that if to arrange few times in a week fish day, the lack of phosphorus will not be. However it contains not only in fish, but also in a set of proteins of a vegetable and animal origin.

Valuable food sources of easily usvoyaemy phosphorus are been:

the Name of a product the Content of phosphorus (mg / 100 g)
cow`s milk (integral) 91
the Milk condensed 219
Kefir 95
the Cream condensed 170
Sour cream 60
Cottage cheese < / td> 217 - 224 *
Dutch cheese 544
egg 185
Meat (beef) 198
Meat of a rabbit 246
of the Kura 228 - 298 *
grouper 213
of the Crash 222
Sazan Azov 240
Pearl barley 323
Grits 361
Dried apricots 152
Dried apricots 146
Grapes 129
* - depending on fat content.

Phosphorus is present also at pumpkin sunflower seeds, white beans, grain bread, soy, yogurt, however, in cereals (especially in the crude grains) and vegetables - in the form of badly usvoyaemy connections.


to Absorption of phosphorus is promoted by vitamin D. Besides, its optimum comprehensibility requires preservation in food of a certain quantitative ratio between phosphorus and calcium (one to one). For example, in meat and fish this ratio is shifted in favor of phosphorus - one to ten and above. Excess content of calcium in food connects phosphorus in insoluble connections and breaks its absorption in intestines. It adversely affects work zheludochno - an intestinal path, and sometimes promotes formation of stones in kidneys. Therefore you should not go to extremes and to feed the child, for example, only with one fish.

At the rational, balanced food allowance including products of both an animal, and a phytogenesis kids will receive amount of phosphorus, quite sufficient for healthy growth. Of course, they will not glow in the dark, but stones and teeth, undoubtedly, will strengthen.