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As the computer game made friends the father with the son of

Now write abstruse articles about computer games for children much, and I want to share the life experience. Call me Zhanna, I am Antosha`s mother, he is seven years old, he since the childhood was in two language environments: Russian and English. The father spoke with him only English, I - generally in Russian. Always I communicated with the child more often than the father who was constantly in traveling therefore the Russian Antoshka knows well and here in communication with the father he had problems after John had to go for the whole year to Canada. When John arrived home from business trip, dityo changed - became aggressive, did not want to communicate with the father, was even rude. So proceeded long enough, the child persistently did not want to recognize the father and to communicate on this subject. I will not torment you with stories through what drudgeries we passed, and I will tell that the way out was found as it happens, incidentally.

In November of that year we all family went to Florida. Antoshka pouted, hid on all corners from the father, was insolent. And I, in unsuccessful attempts to adjust their communication, got into the Internet and came across advertizing of children`s game with superheroes, visited the website, read everyone there - creators guaranteed content, safe for children, so I “was quickly bought“ and registered. Why superheroes? Antoshka always loved superheroes and just adores the spiderman, he has all room in his stickers and toys. Therefore game with the intuitive interface where the child is given at once several superheroes, well familiar on animated cartoons, whom he fights against villains, would obviously be pleasant to Antokhe. Well and here, so we with the father call up Antoshka, we show him game - and he is involved, plays, asks words, has fun when he wins (and wins often, children`s game)... Generally, in couple of days I was not afraid to leave the father with the son of one any more, they made friends and played together, the small and big child. And now, several months of joint game of the father later with the son (literally one or two hours a day play), I can tell what dityo again to the father got used (and the father to it too) and is not going to wean, sometimes even not to tear off.

I want to warn a question of dependence At once (now all write about it): no, my child not the inveterate gamer, he even sometimes does not want to play without father because it is interesting to it to play together: to together pass some tasks and to communicate, learn new and to feel not forgotten, and to the necessary parents. Gradually we transfer communication and to other courses, more real, but we do not forget also about our favourite heroes.

Summing up the result of the story, I will tell that I do not lay claim to ideal mother. Our children anyway move away when parents “abandon“ them (and you observe it pretty often as bitterly to understand it). But when we together with our children are engaged in the fact that to them (not to us!) really it is interesting - all problems are solved on time - two. Here so, perhaps, my experience will be useful to someone, and parents will play more often with the children kind and useful games.

of Zhanna