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The fairy tale about the Unicorn of

In one kingdom, in some state, in an imperial stable was born the unusual baby. Her skin was as milk. On a forehead the small horn was seen. And long legs were more quick and more harmonous, than at other horses. The baby not on days, and on hours grew. Mother loved the cub, but all the time tried to teach him to life in a stable. She tried to do it with all the maternal boundless loving care such as all. But it was impossible.


At the Unicorn, so called the baby, every day all new and surprising abilities opened. She tried not to think of them, but they were shown. She tried to do what was done by others. But also it did not bring joy. Elder sisters and brothers tried to help it and to teach her to be the real horse. But also it was not crowned with success. Peers played a trick on the Unicorn, considered it strange and other-wordly. And the Unicorn wanted to look that to be behind a stable fencing. To listen to the wood, to take a walk on a meadow, to drink waters from a stream, to listen to singing of birds. Mother tried to talk some sense into the unusual child. Constantly said that let well alone. Here also feed three times a day, both waters give, and work not strongly strain. It is just necessary to work also about any nonsenses not to think.

to the Unicorn were always rubbed till it bleeds by girths, the bridle did not allow to breathe, and the saddle pressed on a back before dark in eyes. All unanimously to it repeated that it is necessary to suffer a little, and girths will get used, the bridle will a little weaken, and will just get used to a saddle. She trusted, and at the nights greased the bruises with tears. And in thousand time raised eyes to the sky and repeated: “Why I such ugly creature was born? Why I not such, how all?“ At the long nights she so asked, but the answer was not. Over time the Unicorn got used to emptiness around herself. Other horses were engaged in business, habitual for them. One were engaged in foals, others dragged heavy vehicles, the third rolled people. Everyone on the place. Only to the Unicorn of work was not.

All got used to the unusual phenomenon in a stable - a white horse with a horn on a forehead. Ceased it shpynyat, just ceased to notice it... And does not bring benefit, and does not harm.“ And that is already good“, - they said.

the Unicorn was captured One night by concern. She rushed about on the stall, ran to a fencing. She accurately felt that someone needs the help. Someone calls to the aid there, in the wood. A unicorn ran up and jumped through wooden obstacles. A leg to bear it somewhere, she was afraid to be late.

In a few minutes fast run the white horse came to be on a glade. Twilight went down on the wood and surrounded the child who sat there. The scared and tear-stained boy raised eyes on noise. A unicorn quietly approached him and inclined the head.

- You got lost? - she asked.

- Yes, - the boy answered, - And you can talk?

- Means, I can, - uncertainly spoke the Unicorn.

- I very strongly hurt a leg and I cannot go, - and the boy showed a wound from which blood exuded.

- it is a pity to me you. When I had bruises, I greased them with the tears, and they quickly began to live, - the Unicorn sincerely began to cry, and tears began to drip on a wound of the child.

a Wound was stopped by

, and the wound slowly began to drag on. - The leg does not hurt any more, - the boy was delighted.

- Give

, I will show a way home to you.

the Boy got up and carefully took one step. The leg did not disturb him, and he embraced the Unicorn for a neck.

- Thanks to you, the Unicorn if not you, I would spend night in the wood.

When they together left to the house of the boy, the Unicorn inclined the head and spoke:

- Good-bye, the boy.

- Good-bye, the Unicorn, - the boy told and ran to the house, towards to parents.

the Unicorn hurried

in the stable. People looked after a beautiful animal for a long time. In this clear moonlight night the Unicorn could not fall asleep. She with melancholy looked at the sky and mentally again asked the questions which were left without answer. The unusual horse stood near a protection and tried to hear the night wood, to inhale a smell of a meadow grass or to catch a ring of a far stream. Or perhaps there, in the wood, somebody needs its help again?

- Hi, the Unicorn, - greeted its unfamiliar voice.

the Unicorn looked back on the parties and stood - it was faced by the girl of marvelous beauty.

- I came to answer your questions, - the girl told. - My name is Lunolikaya. I know answers to all questions.

- Hi, Lunolikaya, - hardly uttered the Unicorn, - Why I am such ugly creature?

- You are not an ugly creature, you are beautiful, - Lunolikaya answered, is your test. You had to find yourself to help people.

- As I have to help? I am able nothing. Neither to roll people, nor to carry vehicles, - the animal objected.

- And you not for this purpose were born. You are necessary to people to bear light in their life. With you they become purer and better. You very sensitively feel lie because you have inherited moral qualities.

- But all say that I have to...

- to Nobody nothing you have to, - the girl interrupted the Unicorn. - You have to bear only happiness and try to preserve light of soul of the person. To fight for that it did not go out.

- And how mother, sisters, brothers? Why they cannot bear light too?

- Because they are given birth for another, and they are fated to help people with their material world. And you will see light of soul and to help to keep this light.

- I in the wood met today the boy and did not see light of his soul, - puzzly told the Unicorn.

- If you came to the rescue to it, so in it there is light, - Lunolikaya explained. - You will not be able to help the person in whom light went out. Over time you will learn to see it and to distinguish. At everyone it the, the color and a shade, taste and a smell.

- And what I need to do now?

- And what you want most of all?

- I want... - A unicorn for a second reflected, and then continued. - I want to live in the wood, to wander about a grass, to drink water from a stream, to listen to singing of birds at dawn, and to look at sunset at the sky.

- Well, so go, - the girl stroked the Unicorn on a mane and clapped on a neck, - you are free. You will not know any more what is emptiness around you. You will be always necessary to people. They will admire you, your mind and your perfection. You are necessary to this world not to allow it to roll down in darkness. Know, you are unusually beautiful. You are not such as all. You are the best of all. Light of your soul will warm and will give strength to much. Look at the reflection in water.

the Unicorn hung the head closer to a pool and was stupefied. Watched big beautiful eyes at it, the horn cast gold, the silver mane fluttered on a proud neck, on a graceful stately body the nervous trembling ran. Reflection was just magnificent. She could not believe in any way that it it. That which was considered mad and abnormal.

- Thanks, - spoke the Unicorn, and large tears rolled down from big bottomless eyes, - nobody ever told me such kind words.

- Go, already wait for you, - the girl made a wave a hand, and the fence was dissolved before the Unicorn.

On the fringe of the forest, according to the moon, the white Unicorn stood. It was larger, the horn on his forehead cast silver, the gold mane fluttered downwind. Greatness and force were radiated by it.

- Unicorns find the couple and remain with it forever. It found you. On color of your soul. Be not afraid, go to it, - having told these words, Lunolikaya was dissolved in pre-dawn fog.

Unicorns took several steps towards each other. In uncertainty stood on the place and came nearer a little more. As soon as they approached to each other, they were begun to whirl by a whirlwind. Love whirlwind. Everything was clear to them without words. Dance of two unicorns continued till the dawn. It was painted in all colors of a rainbow, faded and was again lit. Since then on the ground two unicorns of extraordinary beauty go together. Light of their souls warms everyone who needs it. And everyone wants though for an instant to touch them, to feel this unearthly love.