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Secrets of man`s fears

If to present that the person is a big house, in it for certain there will be a storeroom the room in which guarded day and night its secrets covered with a thick dust layer are kept. Men carefully protect the fears, it is considered that the real macho can be afraid only of invasion of aliens or a collapse of stock market. The woman who will pick up a key to the secret room and will help the man to get rid of unnecessary stuff of fears will become for it the dearest person. The psychologist Aneta Orlova will tell about secret man`s fears.

Fear not to protect the woman

of the Man since the childhood remember manual “Girls it is necessary to protect“ and very much worry that will not cope with this task. In ancient centuries the issue of protection was resolved simply - the one who quicker, above and stronger won. The champion list of our days includes one more important factor - purse thickness. It is always possible to find the person in lack of dexterity and courage, the possessing these characteristics, for example, of the driver in an image Jason Stethem.

the Man who has no impressive muscles and so impressive wallet can test strong alarm. This alarm differently is expressed. Some characters behave excessively aggressively even in lack of any threat: “I will intimidate all, and nobody will think that I am afraid“. Others stay at home, reasoning the unwillingness to be published indifference to all noisy actions:“ I do not love crowd“. There are also those who fill in the fear with alcohol in hope to feel courage and confidence. whether

the man Will give in to the fear or will win against all doubts, in many respects depends on his companion. The woman is Bereginya, she has to avoid situations in which darling should choose - to save the face or health.

Fear of own incompetence to

Intellectual force the man is as necessary for

as physical power, sexual confidence and a stable social status. Actually, it is also four support which allow the man to go firmly on the way, and the dissatisfaction even of one of them can lead to the fact that the macho will begin to limp. Understanding, all importance of intellectual aspect, the real man will make everything in order that people around perceived it as clever and competent person.

In sport, in chess or in gambling the man aspires to a victory at any cost, and in case of inevitable loss is irritated, shows aggression and refuses to accept arguments of the opponent. Especially hardly our hero gives a victory to the woman. So, proving the man the case, the interlocutor literally castrates him. Just therefore there is an opinion that nobody loves clever women, actually - love, but only those from them who wisely uses the knowledge.

Fear to be lower than the wife on a career ladder

Natural distinctions of the man and woman found

reflections in social roles which each of us plays. Energetic, aggressive, physically strong man was always a getter of a family, and the soft, patient, emotional woman since ancient times carried out function of the keeper of the center. For quite some time now the situation began to change, and today women actively battle in territories “strong“: defend dissertations, hold senior positions, stand in deputies. This fact causes reasonable irritation in men and generates fear to lose in fight for success, especially in case a competitor is own wife.

The matter is that the woman for the man is a motor thanks to which he moves forward, battles and tries to obtain. When the woman intentionally or incidentally shows independence of the husband`s purse, our hero loses motivation and feeling of safety, he understands that darling perfectly copes with everything. It is hard to reconcile to such alignment of forces, of course. If in a family our hero does not feel support, he begins to drink with friends in garage or, for example, meets other women.“ I will go there where I am respected“, - it justifies the actions. In certain cases the man from powerlessness shows aggression in relation to more successful spouse because it has no other arguments any more.

In the history of progress of the man the role of his companion is big

, but in order that the spouse was proud of himself absolutely optional to refuse increases or to become the desperate housewife. It is only enough to show art of transformation which is skillfully owned by each woman: you should not tell about work houses, to be at war and order, but requests for the help will be pertinent.

Fear of own homosexuality

are told about homosexuality, from much Today - for what at some men, probably, suspicions appear - whether orientation as simply how, for example, flavoring addictions of the person changes? Men who are afraid to find in themselves the slightest lines of homosexuality or to raise doubts of other men in the orientation, become the most active homophobes. They parade hatred to emphasize own courage, and show aggression, trying to force out the fear.

Homophobes usually cautiously come into an office of the doctor - the urologist, spitefully glance at a rainbow after a rain and oppose categorically man`s manicure. As a result of thought which never abandon the homophobe get into his dreams, and the man wakes up in cold sweat after viewing of erotic story about same-sex love with the participation. Offensively, but even in a bed from darling the man feeling fear of own homosexuality feels uncomfortablly. The cause is the most active erogenous zone of men which foully settled down in a prostate. Therefore the woman wishing to give to the partner unforgettable pleasure risks to frighten the man.

Sexual fears

Sex is a pleasure, and, of course, nobody wants that pleasant feelings were saddened by unpleasant consequences. However nobody writes out the warranty card after sex supposedly “go and anything do not worry about“. Therefore, getting into a bed, our heroes very much worry about how all will pass. The top three of man`s sexual fears includes the experiences connected with the penis sizes, with a duration of sexual intercourse and force of an erection. Manifestation of other fears depends on the specific man and circumstances in which it appeared. For example, the person in love with the married woman can be afraid of her angered spouse, the man who stares at girls is younger, worries - whether the girlfriend about the majority, and the macho, not ready to the serious relations told lies, runs from virgins, as from fire.

Fear to repeat destiny of the father

the Portrait of the father is fundamental for the boy, it is the first image of the man in his life, the most important and significant. If at the father everything developed well, the son will feel confidence in the forces: “The father managed everything! It will turn out also at me!“ . But happens and so that life of the father is not ideal, and just it is impossible to resemble him. Without wishing to repeat destiny of the parent, the young man can choose for himself the scenario of destiny “from the return“. For example, the son soft, the person of no character in the family most of all is afraid to turn into the henpecked. From - for it he sometimes shows excessive aggression: punches a table and does not stint sharp expressions.

Cannot avoid completely influence of the program existing in a parental family. But it is also not necessary. Both positive, and its negative fragments are necessary for full formation and development of the personality. If the man learns to accept the father it what he is, then fears will leave his life, making room for happiness.

Fear to hear refusal

to be pleasant to people around it is always pleasant to

whereas to be rejected - painfully. Acquaintance is a certain test, the truth moment when the man becomes face to face with the fear. It is game va - bank: or he will get a treasured phone number together with portion of good emotions and will amuse the vanity, or will hear refusal and will feel quite good blow to a self-assessment. Some men prefer not to risk and, having met the beautiful stranger on the street, silently pass by. As in Maxim Leonidov`s song, you remember:“ I looked back to look whether she looked back to look whether I looked back“.

the Man takes the first step more simply if he feels interest of the girl - it can be a smile, game a shoe or a deep breath. Hardly noticeable hints as if secure, give to our hero confidence in the forces.

Fear of family life

of the Man do not hurry to marry as perfectly understand - pretenders to their lonely hearts will always be in prosperity. Especially, there is a myth according to which the real man, as well as wine, over the years only becomes better. But there are also those who are ready to get a family if on the way from their house to the REGISTRY OFFICE there were no huge barriers - fears.


For example, the man the fear of responsibility frightens, the married person will become dependent not only on the requirements, but also on needs of the wife and future children. There is a need to have permanent job, to show big tolerance and to undertake additional functions. Are afraid of the man and violations of personal space, a constant control and infinite questions: “Of what you think?“, “Why you are silent?“, “For what reason was late?“ . Our heroes also worry that after a wedding it is necessary to love only one woman, and it is necessary to refuse a pleasant variety. Besides, some men are afraid to repeat own negative experience or even the unsuccessful scenario of parents, for example, divorce, eternal quarrels or joint life without love.

Fears of the father

Some women mistakenly believe that the man carries out fatherly functions already at a conception stage, and further the care of the child entirely lays down on mother`s shoulders. Actually paternity if it conscious and desired, is for the man the beginning of the new life full of pleasures, improbable opening and even fears. Men worry that they will bring up not the child. This fear subconscious is also shown softly, but all - adds a slightly bitter taste to fascinating fatherly everyday life. The wise woman during planning of pregnancy will try to avoid the moments which will arouse mistrust of the beloved husband. Our heroes also worry that they will not be able to support a family. Actually, the list of the things allegedly necessary for the child significantly grew today as, actually, also their price increased. Only one diapers of what stand?! Are afraid of the man and changes of lifestyle, both cooling of matrimonial feelings, and a rank of “bungler“ on the occasion of the daughter`s birth, and the fact that the wife will become less attractive, will refuse sex, will force to be present at childbirth, and many other.

It is only some fears of our heroes...