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Development: early or timely?

Each of us ask itself a question sooner or later: Whether “Correctly I develop the child? Whether I do everything for the fact that the kid had the happy childhood and not less happy future?“ When to begin the developing occupations with the kid? How not to do much harm and realize its potential?

Difficult choice: norm or genius?

What is norm? It is the certain standard chosen as a reference point, average value, lack of both negative, and positive deviations. The norm is the ordinary. Whether there are a lot of mothers and fathers wishing “to stack“ the boundless potential of the child in norms? Correctly, their minority. Each child already at the birth is allocated with identity which is shown in the first weeks of life. Each child is unique! It was shown by results of research of the doctor of medicine Naomi Steiner which she conducted, watching babies in a womb of mother and kids who were just born.

to Parents should not forget

that their kid is unique and there is no one more same child. There is no child who would develop with the same speed that their kid. Each child has the temperament and interests, “schedule“ of development, but all children develop exactly thanks to new information which parents from the first day of life give them. And an essence of “early“ development not in bringing up the child the genius. Only the important purpose - to develop potential opportunities of the kid. And for this purpose, according to psychologists, it is necessary to create as much as possible various developing environment in which the kid will find emotional communication, will be able to learn new, will find new skills. Therefore the golden mean will be the best choice - i.e. the technique which has the rich game environment in a basis is aimed at the development of cognitive interest of the kid and pays an attention maximum to communication of the child with parents.

Till three years and for the rest of life

the Founder of Association of early development of Masaru Ibuk noted that aged since the birth about three years the child easily “depicts“ all it is trained in, and keeps the gained knowledge in memory for the rest of life. But since three years this ability promptly dies away. Maria Montessori called the period to three years time of “the absorbing reason“, Doman spoke:“ Do not miss time while the brain grows“. Views of foreign scientists are completely supported also by the Russian experts in the field of early development, psychology and teachers: Boris and Elena Nikitiny, Andrey Manichenko, Nikolay Zaytsev. All of them unanimously urge parents to think of that huge potential which is put in their child and demands development in the first months of life. New information for the child is not desire, and even not an opportunity. For it it is need.

the Technique does not need to be chosen as

When the speech comes about development of the kid, there is a question - what technique to choose. The answer is simple - it is not necessary to choose one - the only technique and to blindly follow it, complying with all paragraphs. Especially it concerns techniques of foreign authors: the translations of their books into Russian are, as a rule, reprinted without changes, since date of their writing in the original many years ago from year to year. Before beginning to be engaged by such technique, surely learn whether such technique was adapted to Russian-speaking children by our Russian teachers and psychologists. Frequent what makes success abroad has no it in Russia and vice versa. Pay attention to those author`s techniques which do not demand from parents of existence of vocational education or obligatory passing of courses. Rather valuable techniques have to be developed and adapted for carrying out by parents, and not just professionals. It is known that the best teachers of our children are we, their parents.

the Best teachers for our children - ourselves

the Second step are a creation of an individual technique for the own child. There is no technique which is ideally suited for your child. The choice of techniques for combination in one, individual, remains for the kid. Parents only have to provide to the baby this choice. At different age the child will show interest in various ways of knowledge of the world therefore do not throw to what the kid did not show obvious interest at a given time. Periodically come back to cards, books, games on which as it seemed to you, the kid was not keen. Come back to them again and again. Here you will see how interests of the child will differ each of 1 - 2 month. Believe, nothing from offered by you to the child will be in vain.

More advantage of occupations

Correctly having organized occupations, it is possible to achieve fine results. Select to the child game occupations according to his age. If the kid with pleasure watches cards with words already with of 1,5 - 2 months, cubes with letters and the alphabet he will be ready to master that only after 3 years. Offer the developing games on disks to the baby not earlier than half a year, strictly limiting duration of occupation for 3 - 5 minutes. safely show Bright images, photos of animals, plants, the objects surrounding the kid with of 3 - 4 months. Tell the interesting facts, stories about what is represented on a card. Fix new knowledge in mobile game, a song, a rhyme or a poteshka. It is the best of all to involve several channels of perception of the child: sight, hearing, tactile feelings. For example, tell the kid a rhyme or a poteshka, show its text and illustrations, having read it again, and then play tactile game, accompanying it with the text familiar to the kid. The result will not keep waiting long!

More the kid will benefit

from occupations if you do not check his knowledge too often. Incorrect answers to questions “What color this flower?“, “Where triangle?“ “Show where the word “mother“ is written? will afflict the kid even if you will try to hide the disappointment. Experts assure that the child will show the knowledge while it is ready to share them. You do not hurry this moment, only slightly push the baby to a right choice - in game, without paying attention to the wrong answers. Often the kid answers questions quite so, but not differently not for correctness reasons, and proceeding from what word, color or a form is pleasant to it.

Optimism for the rest of life

the Indispensable and necessary condition of successful development and education of the kid is a praise. You praise the beloved daughter or dear sonny sincerely, from the heart. Encourage any its step forward, whether it be manifestation of interest in books or correctly put pyramid. Your belief in success of the child and his achievement will give it an optimism charge for the rest of life! The choice of the loving parents is obvious - the happy, interesting childhood and disclosure of potential of the kid. Only timely development of opportunities of the kid from the first days of his life is capable to become guarantee of education and development of rather successful person.