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Delegation of powers: competent management or latent slavery?

Delegation of powers are one of the basic rules of successful administrative activity and not less successful a time - management. All who ever visited trainings or had an opportunity or need to read so-called corporate literature are already well familiar with these terms. But whether so everything is good how specially trained people tell us on this subject? And whether the chief exceeds the authority, delegating them to the subordinate?

“Delegation of powers is a process of transfer of part of functions of the head by other managing director or to the employees for achievement of specific goals of the organization. It is used for improvement and optimization of labor of the head“. (Wikipedia)

Certainly, from the head everything looks more, than naturally: he organizes and distributes work between workers of the lowest link, concentrating the attention on the basic and not penetrating into details. Besides, it is meant that, delegating the powers on the subordinate, the chief, thereby, increases his professionalism and opens new prospects for development.

It is considered that delegation of powers is one of methods of non-material motivation of workers and increase of loyalty to the administration. In other words, the employee`s eyes it has to look as the extraordinary trust put in him from the administration and great honor to perform concrete work.

In clever literature with which now also the Internet actively dazzles all quite so and looks. Why to the head to carry out some of the affairs if for this purpose there are subordinates who can and “have to“ unload him?

There is no doubt that one and all heads who already managed to read detailed instructions about the correct management agree with these arguments and actively they are applied. But how it looks from subordinates?

Certainly, reasonably and with reasonable people delegation of some powers can work actually as effective system of interaction. But, unfortunately, chiefs are not always conscious and responsible people who are able, including, and to work, and not just to delegate .

In many cases so-called delegation becomes a saying illustration “not imperial this business“ , and workers are forced to carry out not some for the chief, and nearly all duties, in parallel managing to finish the affairs and “to bring tails“. And how you will refuse to it, he is a chief? You will not make - will deprive of an award, will reprimand, will dismiss, at last. On that it precisely has powers. Here also it turns out that if you value work, then you can directly rubat the disagreement with such organization of affairs on a root, silently and smoothly carrying out everything that will order you.

The circle of your cares will grow every day (you do not object and if you object - write the application and leave - on your place one thousand others will be), and the salary to remain on the former place. And why it to add (without the bases, legislative on that) if you agree “to slave away“ also for such? The competent manager is able to receive a profit maximum at a minimum of investments, isn`t it?

And then, except everything that “on business“, delegation begins will extend and on “look at weather in Yandex until I drink coffee“, and “you go on a lunch? Bring me a roll and coffee until I speak by phone“, both the other small and unnecessary moments which in total in a day take away a lot of time and have no relation to work.

Tell, for this purpose you gained the diploma of the programmer (the economist, the lawyer, the engineer etc.) to rummage in the Internet and to run in buffet?

In each business mind and a measure is necessary. Delegation by delegation … But the power, as we know, spoils people. “Having got rid“ on the subordinate one business, the person dominating soon will understand that it is possible to entrust in the same way to someone and another matter. And he will begin to enjoy (difficultly not to enter whether most of people in the world dreams to receive a high salary and at the same time to do nothing?) ! Because it is so convenient: any decision to cover with the fashionable word “management“.

I do not claim at all that all heads are the idlers who are covered with the powers and erudition of specialized literature. No. There are also quite adequate, competent and responsible experts, true professionals who the example and own “support“ for good reason show how it is necessary to work and what to aspire the subordinate to. But alas … It is less of them …