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We made it!

to Tell that I am proud of myself - not to tell anything! From the very first day of our breastfeeding all repeated to me around that I have not enough milk. Or even it is absent at all! It was approved by all - mother, the patronage nurse, acquaintances. I am not the owner of a big breast, before pregnancy - the first size.

my mother fed with

me about three months. Therefore in three rebenkiny months I exhaled quietly and was proud of myself already a little.“ At least surpassed mother“. Decided that I will finish feeding before half a year, on volume and thanks! In a half-year I looked at the daughter and understood that she is still such baby! In policlinic the doctor told us that we one such “long“ on a site. I was surprised!

But actually everything was not so wonderful

... In maternity hospital I was rastsedit and, probably, very strongly tried! There was too much milk, and every day I fought from a zastoyama. I could not but be decanted, and having decanted, received a shock additional dose of a milk. And in 8 months I decided to drink a sage (read somewhere that it stops a lactation). I did not want to finish chest feeding, but also stagnation me tormented strongly. Drank couple of days tea with a sage. Really, milk began to be produced so much how many the daughter nasasyvat, and stagnation all disappeared...

Here - that I felt a breastfeeding high!! And the daughter already grew up, could eat and sitting at me on knees, and mother could be engaged in any affairs. In a year in policlinic on me stared and asked again hundred times: “Still you feed?“ In one and a half years praised, but suggested to be brief already. I was not against. But having tried couple of methods, could not refuse to the baby when she with tears asked sisyu. By then we already waited for our second daughter. Senior I fattened till 1 year and 11 months (at that time there were 20 weeks of pregnancy).

Everything ended with

by itself, without also the hysteric got down! Just in one fine evening I fell asleep before the daughter (and she fell asleep only at a breast). The daughter laid down with the father and fell asleep. Here and our breastfeeding came to the end. Now my younger daughter is nearly 4 months old, and I will nurse her as long as possible! Good luck, girl! Everything will turn out! The main thing - not to lower a hand!