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Postnatal depression. Let`s return life paints!

Seem that after emergence in a family of the long-awaited kid all experiences and internal problems have to fade into the background. However young mothers in the first months after the delivery often become suppressed, lose appetite and constantly feel fatigue. What such state is connected with? Whether it is possible to avoid it and if postnatal crisis already overtook the woman how to leave it?

the Reason of stresses at young mothers experts see

, first of all, in change of a hormonal background. Postnatal deficiency of adrenaline leads to a breakdown, and decrease in level of estrogen causes fears and depression. But it is impossible to blame for everything ubiquitous hormones, of course. In total - the newborn baby requires constant attention to himself, and any woman hard is given sharp change of a way of life in which often there is no time left for itself and other close people. Also the constant sleep debt which in itself results in irritability and chronic fatigue over time affects.

the Similar fatigue approximately at 15% of young mothers flows in the most real postnatal depression which can last of several months before few years. Its worst accompanying symptom - loss of interest in own kid. But even if the speech about such sad consequences does not go, mother`s nervousness and depression cannot but be reflected in the kid - he adopts its state and too becomes irritable, sometimes without the reason passing to shout. For this reason it is impossible to close eyes to manifestations of fatigue at young mother. It is necessary to ask for the help other family members and even experts.

But also by own efforts it is quite possible to p to cope with not the best emotional state: just afford frequent and good rest. Though it is the just most difficult for young mothers. The main thing governed - to do only the most necessary and to refuse affairs which can wait. If offered you the help, agree to it, without deliberating. And this help can belong not only to household chores, but also to the kid. There is nothing bad that your relatives will suggest to sit with the baby a couple of hours that you had an opportunity to have a rest as you want.


It is clear that the chronic fatigue badly gets on with active lifestyle, nevertheless, you have to overcome the apathy. And if you do not plan to play yet sports then remember former hobbies. Viewing of cinema or an embroidery a cross - generally, any occupation which is pleasant to you will help to break house routine and, therefore, to improve mood.

is Facilitated by life, saving time for rest, a set of modern devices for games and care of the kid. Practically from the first days of life bright musical mobiles over a bed or in a carriage can occupy the child on 10 - 15 minutes. If just you are afraid to depart from the kid, use the radio nurse. This device quite allows to read quietly the magazine alone and at the same time to be confident that with the baby everything is all right. Qualitative radio nurses are let out by Philips AVENT. Their advantage in use of the DECT technology which guarantees pure communication and protection against the hindrances created by other devices (for example, mobile and radio telephones). Also with the radio nurse of Philips AVENT it is possible to move quietly on the apartment with thick walls or to a country house as its range of reception is increased to 330 meters. The communication continuity between children`s and parental blocks is confirmed by a light and sound signal therefore you will surely notice that you departed from the kid too far. Besides, this radio nurse possesses the high-quality microphone catching each sound, and thanks to function of feedback of the child it is possible not just to hear, but also to answer it. It is very convenient if the woken-up kid calms down from a sound of your voice. Dimensions of the radio nurse of Philips AVENT are quite small, and the parental block works without recharge the whole days so the device can be taken with confidence with itself on a visit or trips.

Especially should talk about walks to the child. Many mothers cannot just find on them force. However it is impossible to refuse exits to the street at all. In - the first because fresh air is very useful to the child, and in - the second because it positively affects also a condition of mother, especially if not to sit in place, and to walk with a carriage, for example, on park. Such activity will surely yield the fruits or, at least, will bring you satisfaction from executed before the baby a debt.

If you do not ignore the dejectedness and get moral support and the help of relatives, the fatigue and experiences will go to the first weeks after the delivery, without having given more serious consequences. And to accelerate this process, try in any pertinent way to get out of routine, not to steep in circulation of household chores and to have a rest as often as possible.

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