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Whether to change for the sake of darling?

When in our life appear the beloved, in his eyes there is a wish to be the most beautiful, harmonous, well-groomed, self-assured. This desire is frequent pushes women on cardinal change of image.

of Change is always to the best. However in this process there is a mass of reefs.

In - the first, the woman wishing to change the image has to realize that it does it for itself to a large extent. For the beauty and self-confidence. The man who fell in love with you such what you were earlier and so loves you and most often does not need your changes. Undoubtedly, your external changes will be pleasant to it, but it will not cause cardinal changes in relationship.

One more danger of change of image for the sake of the man is covered with

that the man can not notice these changes.


, the biggest complexity which the woman wishing to change the image should face temporary difficulties are. Not always it is possible to support the planned diet and physical activity, not so quickly as you planned, cellulitis disappears.

However if you are ready by

seriously, then nothing has to stop you on the way to the purpose. If you are disturbed by cellulitis - study all strategy of fight against this misfortune and put them into practice. Massages and wrappings, physical activities, special preparations and diets can be used. The main thing - that process did not cause in you discomfort and negative emotions. Physical activities have to be regular and moderate, food - balanced and various.

Should not torture excessively itself fitness and diets, but also you should not relax too. Everything has to be reasonable and moderately.

to an organism will give Effective help in utilization of fats at physical exercises to L - a carnitine. This substance plays the major function in the course of a power exchange in an organism. That fats were effectively transformed to energy, the molecules L - a carnitine carry out transportation of fatty acids therefore fats are burned much quicker, and you feel inflow of forces.


during sports activities to an organism needs bigger quantity L - a carnitine, than in everyday life. Besides, this important element speeds up work of digestive enzymes.

to fill a shortcoming L - a carnitine, and also to support its optimum level in an organism, the PEAK domestic pharmaceutical company - FARMA was developed a unique preparation Elkar representing water L solution - a carnitine.

It is means considerably will accelerate process of combustion of fat, and also will help an organism to get used to regular physical activities quicker.