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First aid to the kid at an allergy of

that day everything went as usual: I took a walk with the son, made for him vegetable soup, fed and put to bed. The child fell asleep, and I was engaged in chores. But literally in 20 minutes I heard crying, so happens therefore I quietly went to the nursery to rock to sleep the kid. But the child did not calm down in any way, and could not stop crying more and more. I took it on hands to calm, and only then noticed that the body of the son sprinkled with red spots as if a nettle someone walked. The child sobbed more and more, and, without knowing what occurs and how to help the kid, I called “ambulance“.

Fortunately, physicians arrived quickly, told that the child has a diathesis, gave several drops of medicine. The kid quickly calmed down, rash passed. Next day I went to the local pediatrician to find out what caused such reaction.

Here that I learned.

Allergy or cold?

it Turns out h2, that the kid has an allergy, can specify a set of different signs: reddenings on a face and a body, cold which proceeds a long time, and even dry cough. Therefore the allergy of mother is often confused to cold, begin to treat unsuccessfully. And the reasons which caused an allergy can be various. Most often it is foodstuff, and an allergy therefore is called food.

Many, probably, paid attention to unnaturally red and rough cheeks at some kids. It is also an allergy which at children is called diathesis, the special name is appropriated to this state because the allergy as all know is not curable - and diathesis is connected with the fact that the organism of the child develops and, of course, passes itself without consequences. But the kids having diathesis are disturbed not only by the itching cheeks. A resistant intertrigo in inguinal, buttock or axillary folds is often noted. Doctors call such type of an allergy contact or diaper dermatitis. All this often is followed by an itch that cannot but disturb the child.

How to prevent developing of an allergy?

First of all, of course, to watch what is eaten by the kid. If it is on breastfeeding, then mother should limit herself in products which can cause negative reaction in the baby. Doctors advise even to reduce amount of salt and sugar, fancy bread and sweets not to mention that for a while it is necessary to forget about chocolate, the oranges and other products capable to cause an allergy. Even the special teas intended for increase in a lactation, often according to experts, become the allergy reason at babies.

But even if feeding by a breast took place successfully, never, mother needs all the same to be on the alert. The following stage at which food allergy can develop, - introduction of a feeding up. New products need to be entered gradually, attentively watching reaction of the kid. After the kid adapts to a new dish, will get used, it is already possible to enter in few weeks a new dish.

But, naturally, allergic reaction can be not only on food. In the spring the allergy to pollen is possible. Such type of an allergy, fortunately, seldom occurs at babies. And all the same parents should show consideration for the choice of places for festivities. And precisely to steer clear of mosquitoes, midges and bees whose stings can cause an allergy too. It is necessary to consider also that developing of an allergy to hair of pets is possible, house dust, a mold (which often is even imperceptible), laundry detergents and detergents. Even vaccination can cause allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to save the kid from everything, in modern conditions the allergy can unexpectedly be shown. Therefore each mother needs to have near at hand a reliable tool of first aid which will remove the unpleasant symptoms caused by allergic reaction.

Ambulance at an allergy Pediatricians advise


to use as antihistaminic (antiallergic) means Fenistil drops. They call it “a choice preparation“ at display of an allergy - that is medicine which is applied first of all to elimination of symptoms. Arguments in favor of this choice are, of course, efficiency and safety of a preparation.

Why doctors advise

to apply Fenistil Kapli even to babies?

In - the first, because this unique for today antiallergenic medicine in the form of drops allowed kids from 1 month of life. The dosage form is very convenient - mother does not need to measure medicine a spoon or to pound tablets. The convenient dropper allows to dose precisely medicine that is extremely important for the kid. The preparation begins to work quickly - in 15 minutes after the first droplet gets to a mouth. Very important and the fact that the preparation has pleasant taste and is perfectly transferred by small children.

Fenistil Kapli, Novartis Konsyyumer Hels, Switzerland
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