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Ten councils for those who leave off smoking

Ways and motives in order that forever say goodbye to smoking can be the most different. But practically everyone throwing at first feels a certain discomfort.

“Purely physical mechanisms of dependence - the same abstinency which sometimes is difficult transferred arise. It can be irritability, differences of mood, emotional flashes, perhaps, a sleep disorder. I speak, it is possible because can be, and can not be! But after three weeks abstinency passes almost at all“, - our expert psychologist Larisa Dyshlenko claims.

That who already made the decision “to throw

!“ Larisa Dyshlenko makes several general recommendations which will help without complications and most comfortably to endure short, but often difficult period, right after refusal of cigarettes:

1. Initially refuse strong... tea, coffee and alcohol

Nicotine - the strong stimulator, and an organism after refusal of smoking will seek to receive in addition stimulators by means of coffee, tea and alcohol. Binge in this plan piece very dangerous to the getting stuck smoker. Smokers notice that when they drink, self-checking decreases, and cigarettes are smoked much more than usual. Alcohol rastormazhivat, and it becomes difficult for person to resist temptation to light.

2. Tell a gluttony “no“!

Some people recover when they leave off smoking. Why? Experts claim: the person is inclined to transition from one dependence to another. The psychologist Larisa Dyshlenko explains:“ From the psychoanalytic point of view (according to Freud`s theory) smoking and alcohol are a satisfaction of oral requirements, roughly speaking, something to take requirements in a mouth is a pacifier! What turns out with food? Some people as if replace with it the first two dependences. Doctors recommend for the similar purposes to use either homeopathic remedies, or lollipops and mint chewing gum without sugar. But people - that begin to jam sunflower seeds, cookies, sweet candies, nuts which very much kaloriyna. They recover not from the fact that they leave off smoking, and from the fact that they begin to replace cigarettes with food!“.

not to grow fat, jamming “a cancellation syndrome“ French fries, fat and cakes, it is necessary to limit high-calorific, greasy, sweet and flour food in the diet. Besides at first it is worth avoiding smoked, too sharp, salty and very sweet food.“ It does not mean - not to indulge itself absolutely if there is a wish, it is possible to eat, but it is a little: one salty cucumber, sausage piece, but not whole smoked big fish! Because spicy food - too a stimulator, and the organism at first needs to have a rest from similar “thrills“, - Larisa Gennadyevna specifies. here liquids to an organism during this period it is required by

A to p more usual - drink mineral water, juice, tincture of a dogrose and herbal teas.

3. Vitaminize yourself!

the Polyvitaminic preparations (containing at least vitamins A, E, C, B1 and B6) weaken “a cancellation syndrome“ and intensify process of clarification of an organism from tobacco toxins. Reception of these preparations is recommended at least within a month after refusal of smoking.

4. Distract yourself... a chewing gum, lollipops and homeopathy

the Excellent distracting maneuver - chewing gum (it is better mint) first of 7 - 10 days. the homeopathic medicines developed especially for those who leave off smoking Are: “Bullfight +“, “Smoke a little“ “Tabaks“. “The sense of homeopathy is that when there is a wish to smoke, instead of a cigarette you take this tabletochka. On herbs, bitterish on taste, it as if replaces to you smoking process, satisfies oral requirement,“ - the psychologist specifies. Besides at some people such preparations are capable to develop at the reflex level disgust at thought of smoking.

5. Replace cigarette nicotine on therapeutic

the Nicotinoreplacing preparations really help, and they are quite admissible, experts consider. What is “the nicotinoreplacing therapy“? Having stopped smoking, the person everything is receives the minimum doses of nicotine or through skin (plaster), or through a chewing gum - it helps to soften manifestations of “a cancellation syndrome“.“ The nicotinoreplacing means yield normal results if it is used as the supporting therapy, but not as panacea. Any, even the best preparations help, but do not play a crucial role,“ - Larisa Gennadyevna explains.

6. Breathe more deeply!

When wants to be smoked and drives irritation, try diafragmalny breath - a breath technique a stomach. About this equipment it is possible to read on the Internet or to learn it at the expert. In it there is nothing difficult is a simple and available method of a relaxation, the meditation element familiar to all who practice yoga or oriental martial arts.

7. Help itself to calm down

If the irritation nevertheless takes over you up, and deep breath does not help - try the most harmless sedatives: Glycine on 2 tablets under language, 3 - 5 once a day plus the calming teas on herbs. It is also possible to use Valocordin, valerian tincture, Corvalol, It is new - Passit. These preparations are removed or reduce irritability, excitability, uneasiness and sleep disorders. It is necessary to choose one from the transferred funds and if after several days of reception symptoms continue to disturb, it is possible to replace it with another. The listed sedative preparations are accepted in the doses specified on packings, at least 3 times a day during of 1 - 2 weeks.

8. Get enough sleep and move!

Leaving off smoking

and beginning new life, it is necessary as it is possible to care for himself better. It is more than movement! Walks in the winter and in the summer plus sport! To one to liking the pool, to another - jogging, to the third - skates, skis or the bicycle. Surely get enough sleep, observe a day regimen and try not to work too much at work especially the first days after refusal of cigarettes.

9. Do not keep ways to retreat!

From the apartment, from the car, from the bag and from a workplace clean all objects connected with tobacco: lighters, ashtrays, cigarette cases, packs of cigarettes and others. Do not leave any grists! If in kitchen at you the gas stove, then instead of a lighter is better to use matches that nothing reminded of an old habit.“ Associative objects very often provoke to light again therefore it is necessary to get rid of them,“ - the psychologist explains.

10. Make space around yourself a free zone from smoking

At first is very important more rare to happen in smokers the companies - sustain at least days 10 without parties and heart-felt meetings where the people drink and “lights“ alcohol a cigarette. Do not provoke yourself!

At work if colleagues go on a smoke break, - go to other party: in buffet - to drink to tea or to have a bite an apple, to call the friend, to write the letter. In a warm season - it is possible just to leave to breathe. Not in a smoking-room, and on the street!


to All relatives, friends and relatives that you throw, and ask not to smoke at your presence - do not hesitate, you have full authority to it! If among the family there are smokers - let do smoke breaks on a landing. The apartment from now on - a zone, free from smoking! The loving people will understand you and will support! The only thing that you should not do, - zealously and aggressively to agitate all surrounding to relieve of an addiction together with you. It will cause only a protest and irritation, leave their option for people!

For those who feel that he can not cope alone for whom the help and support is necessary to leave off smoking, can address experts. The help in fight against dependence can be received absolutely free of charge! In the capital - in the Moscow city center of prevention and treatment of tobacco smoking and not chemical dependences (st. Ostozhenka of 53a, ph.: (499) 245 - 03 - 85). And in regions in many cities there are narcological clinics where help to cope not only with narcotic and alcoholic, but also with tobacco dependence, and the help can be anonymous!