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Training courses for seeds of

“Battle for the harvest“ begins even before crops. At plants, as well as at the person, the infantile period in many respects defines further development. Therefore preseeding processing of seeds is very useful and desirable procedure.

Various diseases usually affect with

plants in the course of growth. Bacteria, pathogenic mushrooms, viruses are carried by insects or just wind. Even shoots because on a surface of seeds sometimes there are disputes of causative agents of diseases can ache. That to neutralize them, seeds pickle. For this purpose the necessary quantity of seeds fill in a gauze sack and lower for 20 - 30 minutes in the sterilizing solution. The simplest structure - it is dark - violet solution of potassium permanganate. Further seeds wash out, dry and sow. Recently for a protravlivaniye of seeds with success use biofungicides - “Fitosporin“ or “Trikhodermin“. They are not poisonous, but successfully prevent development of mushroom diseases of plants. Concentration of solutions for a protravlivaniye is specified on packing.

If plants which you plan to grow up obviously whimsical - are afraid of frosts, droughts, suffer from a lack of heat and light, then it is useful to process their seeds immunostimulators which will increase resistance of plants to various stresses. Soaking in stimulators is carried out within 10 - 12 hours, but effect of these substances continues within several next weeks. The simplest and available immunostimulator - juice of an aloe treelike (it is good all of the known century plant). Its leaves crush, wring out juice and presoak in it seeds. Some gardeners use the eye drops prepared on the basis of aloe juice. It is very effective preparation, but very expensive (about 300 rubles for a bubble). Other popular stimulators - “Zircon“ and “Epin - extra“. Stimulation of immunity is useful to tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, eggplants, melons and water-melons.

can Increase immunity of plants also an easy way - to slightly couch seeds (that sprouts began to appear), to cool them within a day. Temperature at the same time has to be about 3 - 5 degrees of heat (such happens on the most cool shelf of the refrigerator). The similar hardening stimulates formation of special substances - “stressful proteins“ which significantly increase stability of plants both to cold, and to a drought.

can Improve quality of seeds and by means of heating. It belongs to pumpkin cultures. At influence of the increased temperature (about 500 º C) their viability increases, and the quantity of pistillate flowers (ovaries) and respectively a harvest increases subsequently. It is possible to warm up seeds on the sun (in the middle of the spring it already rather hotter), in an open oven (attentively you watch that temperature did not rise above the necessary value), on the Russian oven or near the household battery. Seeds warm up dry some days before crops.

the Effective way which for the present did not receive a scientific explanation, - the room of the sprouting seeds in a magnetic field. For this purpose the ring magnet from the loudspeaker will approach. It can be taken from a loud-speaker. Seeds at the same time presoak on damp fabric in a saucer or a flat dish which is put, in turn, on a magnet. Seeds at the same time sprout earlier, and shoots happen more amicable and powerful.