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Mother be hard for

Crying of the child can be a miscellaneous, at the slightest pretext. It was very difficult for me with the first kid in maternity hospital. Arseny - so we called the firstborn - cried much. Especially bitterly cried at night. Cried, for a minute without ceasing, and I did not know what to do, and put it to a breast. The kid just overate and belched milk, it often happened. It was very difficult for me not to sleep, swing the kid at night, besides I could not calm him in any way. So was tired, nearly cried. Doctors explained that the kid cries because he tries mother`s milk for the first time. I understood that the kid is hurt by a tummy.


it was Very difficult also at home with the baby. Arseny did not sleep, loudly cried. I tried to press it to myself when nursed that my sonny felt my heat, but also it did not help. Put the ironed warm diaper on a tummy of the kid. Arseny calmed down for some time. Gave medicine specially for gripes when the baby was disturbed by a tummy.

Still the kid cried and did not sleep when it cut the first teeth. Then I understood that when the father or mother strong embrace the kid, sing a gentle song, the kid surely listens and calms down! I found texts of different lullabies and I sing them when I rock to sleep on handles of the kid.

Still I noticed that is pleasant to my kids. It is pleasant when mother or the father kiss small handles, swinging them on hands.

With the second kid we had everything in a different way. In maternity hospital he constantly slept, did not cry at all, probably, because I already had milk as I did not stop feeding the first. The second kid called Artyom. A difference at them 1 year 3 months. The second child and houses did not cry, in itself, probably, quiet.

Here so still I nurse two. It seems to me that children on breastfeeding quieter also develop in a different way. Though all the same it is necessary to face new problems. And years through five we want to plan the girl. To be parents - it is fine! Children - the most wonderful that is in life. And to us to gain experience for a long time...

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