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Dokorm of

When we say that to the kid it is necessary dokorm, it means what in addition to feeding by a breast of the kid needs to be finished feeding the decanted maternal milk, donor milk or artificial mix. whether


A it is necessary to the kid dokorm?


the Theory

Before giving to the kid dokorm, be convinced that it is really necessary. Additional food without the reason, weighty on that, - a certain way to reduce amount of milk. The kid will be sated dokormy therefore will exhaust less milk from a breast. If the kid really undereats, and the cause of malnutrition cannot be removed quickly, dokorm is necessary that the kid could grow, develop normally and, eventually, suck a breast. Yes, yes, it is heavy to hungry kid to extract milk from a breast. As you remember, children well take a breast when are quiet and happy, but do not shout for hunger therefore dokorm helps to adjust feeding by a breast while you remove the malnutrition cause.

of the Recommendation to action

Before entering dokorm, ask for the help the leader La Letche Ligi, in support group or the consultant for breastfeeding. Perhaps, to you will help to avoid a dokorm or will teach how to lure to keep feeding by a breast.

As we already wrote

above, it is preferable to finish feeding the kid the decanted breast milk. If you do not have milk, try to find donor. And only if breast milk is inaccessible in no shape or form, see a doctor behind council, what mix to finish feeding the child.

Let`s consider three different situations.

How many a dokorm it is necessary for the kid? The answer to this question is known only by him. If it any time was content small, then first can manage in the small portions. Later some time for it voracious appetite can attack, and he will eat much more. The stomach of the kid got used to the small volume of milk therefore before in it more food is located, there will pass several days. Measured feeding from a bottle gives to the kid the chance to cease to eat when he was sated. In a week you will understand how many a dokorm it is necessary for the kid at different times day. Offer at first dokorm, then a breast. Some children suck a breast on a full stomach better.

If the kid badly gained weight, it needs not just grow, but also to overtake for missed. The accelerated growth requires more food therefore it is not surprising that at first the kid eats very much. Prompt growth will be noticeable also by more abrupt curve of growth at this time. When the child restores a weight set, he can begin to eat less.

How to give dokorm? Dokorm it is necessary to give as it seems to you correct.

One of possible options - to finish feeding

of Device for a dokorm by means of a tubule for a dokorm at a breast which is called sometimes system of a dokorm at a breast. Be not frightened the long description, actually it is quite simple. In general the idea is that the tubule which goes to your nipple is inserted into a bottle. The child sucks a breast, exhausting additional milk through a tubule from a bottle.

System for a dokorm can be bought

, and it is possible to make most. For this purpose we need an ordinary bottle for feeding, a nipple for a bottle and a thin tubule or a probe of 5 in size on Sharyer`s scale. It is also possible to use a tubule from purchased system of a dokorm. Cut through in a nipple an opening slightly more than usual. Insert a tubule there. Put on a pacifier a bottle. Be convinced that the end of a tube is lowered in milk. Stick the second end of a tube a plaster to a breast. Much like to fix a tubule in that place where there will be language of the kid, but, in general, where there will be a tubule tip - not very well. It is important that it appeared in a mouth at the kid between an upper lip and language. You will find method of tests situation, convenient for you. If at you it is impossible to make system of a dokorm at a breast, or you do not understand how with it to nurse, ask for the help.

of Device for a dokorm of the chest kid

Put Ask Feeding by a finger Can lead to learn needs to feed with Ask someone to teach you to feed with Measured feeding and completion of feeding at a breast help to support by
the Method of a dokorm Pluses Minuses of the Remark
the Spoon the Easy and fast way for the small volume of a dokorm. It is labor-consuming and it is inconvenient for large volume of a dokorm. the good way for a dokorm colostrum.
the Pipette, the disposable syringe or the periodontal syringe with the bent end (it is convenient to use for a dokorm to a breast) the Easy and fast way for the small volume of a dokorm. It is labor-consuming for large volume of a dokorm. the kid on knees so that his head was raised. Put legs on a coffee table, etc. During a dokorm let`s the kid suck a finger. You watch that the tip of the syringe or a pipette did not utykatsya in the sky or a cheek of the kid.
the Small cup the Simple method for a dokorm the small volume of milk. Milk spills. It is difficult to understand how many milk the kid drank. that someone popoit you from a cup. Try to feed someone from a cup. In both cases the one who is fed eats blindly. It will teach you to feed the kid from a cup.
is easy to learn
. to confusion of nipples. ready systems for feeding by a finger Are on sale. With the same purpose it is possible to use system for a dokorm at a breast.
System of a dokorm at a breast the Kid sucks a breast! in such a way a little time. with system of a dokorm.
Bottle the Most habitual way of a dokorm. Can do much harm to feeding by a breast. breastfeeding.

of Missile defense of a bottle are told a lot of miscellaneous. It is the most known way to finish feeding children. Unfortunately, the children who tried a bottle often refuse a breast. Offensively when despite your efforts, the kid with calm falls asleep with a bottle, but not at your breast. Someone says that kids get confused between different ways of sucking - the mechanism of sucking of a breast differs from sucking of a bottle. It seems to someone that the kid prefers to eat from a bottle. Many sin on the fact that from a bottle milk flows easier. One is clear that feeding from a bottle threatens feeding with a breast. Fortunately, today we saved up a little experience how to feed from bottles so that it did not disturb, and supported feeding by a breast.

Dokorm to or after applying to a breast? There is no consensus about it therefore rely on the supervision and experience. One of ways - to finish feeding the kid before giving a breast. This method is suitable well for a dokorm in any way, and especially a bottle. The quiet kid better takes a breast, and also longer and more patiently sucks and, eventually, falls asleep at a breast. As a result - you will increase amount of milk.

fear that the kid will gorge on dokormy therefore he at it will not suck any interest and motivation a breast Is. Considering it, feed its dokormy, but it is not too dense. Then during feeding by a breast you watch how he sucks. If you do not notice that the kid well sucks, try to give him slightly less dokorm next time. If the kid is hungry, having devastated one breast, offer him the second. If it was not sated, give it dokorm, and then on snack apply to a breast again. This method is not universal, though helps some children to suck a breast better. At the end of the book there is a detachable leaf how to finish feeding not to interfere feeding with a breast.

When you had more milk, and the kid gathered additionally missing weight, you will notice that the child himself refuses a dokorm. It is a sure sign of what you will manage to nurse only soon. If milk became more, but the kid does not hurry to refuse an additive, try gradually, to reduce the volume of a dokorm within several days. In rare instances when mother has a partial volume of milk, it is necessary to finish feeding until the kid does not begin to eat with an adult table.

Measured feeding from a bottle

you can help the kid to cope with sucking of a bottle and not to overeat, periodically doing breaks during feeding. When you notice that the forehead of the kid screws up the face, eyes open widely - widely, fingers strain, and swallowing passes into a zakhlebyvaniye, without taking out a bottle from a mouth, incline the kid a little forward that milk flowed from a pacifier. As soon as he coped with a milk stream, continue to feed. If it is more convenient to you to pull out a bottle from a mouth of the kid, apply a pacifier to his lips as though speak to it “sh - sh - sh“ (“Quietly!“ ), that he was not upset and knew that the food does not leave anywhere. After a pause offer a bottle again, but if the kid refuses to eat, do not insist. It means that it was sated.

Feeding from a bottle for breastfeeding maintenance

In the same way as the kid solves when as well as how many to it to suck a breast, you can do everything possible that it operated process of feeding of a bottle.

From the book “Breastfeeding Art“