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As I dived!

It was on Issyk - Coolah. When I learned that it is possible to dive, could not find any peace, so there were a wish to try. I, the former climber, the parachutist and the motorcyclist, needed it as air. I explained to all that it is necessary to me... Nobody will understand me if I pass by an extreme, adrenaline, and I will not forgive myself that I missed such opportunity. Through tour operators it was expensive, I began to look for an exit directly. Found phones of instructors, still the company of children that to save on a taxi. Still it was necessary the child where - nibud to attach, with yourself you will not take away.

I one fine day when resolved all issues and problems, we went... I very much worried - age, then I in panic am afraid of water, badly I swim, and at a depth I am lost at once. Still I was afraid of how I will swim headfirst there, at me the vestibular mechanism knocks. I began to set many questions, to make laugh all, to be kidding and to stir much. The instructor found me at once: “You are afraid“. I speak: Yes!!“ He assured that everything will be good that it had people who are afraid of water and not able to swim.

We passed instructing, to us picked up suits and began to dress us. Aqualungs are such heavy, I was afraid that I will not inform, but there for you nobody will carry. Also led us to water directly in the middle of the beach of Gold dust boarding house... Who was there, will not allow to tell lies: there people darkness not to pass. We were 2 girls and 5 children, all young 16 - 20 years and I (41 years), 2 instructors. And such column we went to water. In water we were given still which - what instructing, told to take the device in a mouth and to lay down on a back. I speak: “Teach to breathe since the beginning!“ And me speak: “Lay down“. Well, I laid down, began to choke and, naturally, jumped on legs. Speak to me: “Breathe!“ But I was captured by panic, I so got agitated that already began to think that, maybe, it is necessary to refuse: likely, at me it will not turn out. Photos already are in shape as if I dived.

the Instructor once again asked

whether I want to dive. I agreed, and he suggested to try once again. Put all of us in a circle, told to join hands and to hang the head in water, to stand so minute or more, I do not remember already. I refused, thought, now again I will jump out of water and I will prevent children. I was put separately with the second instructor, and all of us hung the head in water. It appeared not so terribly, it was necessary to inhale and exhale just quietly air, water filled a mask, completely on all head it was very unpleasant, water was everywhere. And in ears too. And then all of us were lifted. I was very happy that everything normally passed.

Then the instructor tells

:“ Now I will put everyone on a bottom for several minutes“. On one we began to be lowered in water. But it was not necessary to lie, we floated rather spread on a bottom. Crawled to some stones, it became more interesting. There was a strong wish to float, but we were not given, we had to keep one line, but I wanted to float quicker, and I was ahead all the time and did not see anybody behind, only the instructor. Then Maryam, the girl who was near, told that I climbed on a chamber all the time and disturbed it. Though I did not think of a chamber, just could not turn the head and saw nobody.

Under water very interestingly, small fishes, however, small, they floated by, but all the same same fishes! Underwater world! It is a lot of different cockleshells. In general all this very much impresses - underwater rocks, around water, and you as the little small fish in the huge ocean. At me water came into a mask all the time, I expelled her, she was again taken, I had to behave all road for a nose. Well, and picture... Water was ice, corals terrible, but I all the same collected them.

the instructor Swam up, asked to show it that at me in hands. I showed. It took and threw out everything. I began to collect by one hand again, another held a nose. Through some time he asked to show again, I did not show it. Like, not, this mine, I will not give. And it on the pocket showed me - a pier, I will put in a pocket, then I will give. And on the land told that I at first collected such trifle that it also threw out.

we Floated long, water on all body, it is especially unpleasant in the head. And it is coldish. Floated and thought that, probably, I will not sustain, I will ask that I was lifted. But it turned out that we already floated back. I noticed that water brightened. Means, we already on a surface. And suddenly I saw hairy and thick legs around (water distorts and everything increases). Means, we already on the beach. Rose to the feet, the instructor removed from us flippers. Heart knocked - such pleasure! First thought:“ I sustained“. The mood was wonderful, and weight of aqualungs was not felt. Returned and all began to discuss who has what impressions, many told that they were afraid not to sustain. One thought stopped. All right, the adult woman will not sustain, and we are young people, it will be a shame to show a weak point. But everything passed well, children who with me arrived, were satisfied and thanked for the fact that I to them organized such extreme. I was happy. Especially as to me - that it came not really easily, it was necessary to overcome the fear. And it is always very pleasant - to overcome itself!

U me experience of extreme sports is, by youth I went in for mountaineering, jumped with a parachute of 13 times, drove the motorcycle. But somehow was not on friendly terms with water. And here, having tried to subdue not the height, but the underwater world, I understood that it to me too to liking. Full extreme. Now I had a dream to get on the real sea and to make an underwater trip, to get acquainted with different small fishes, beautiful corals and various underwater animals. Perhaps will carry - I will meet a shark!! I advise all to try diving, impressions unforgettable!

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