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Who executed a hit about paradise on Earth? To birthday of the singer Belinda Carlisle of

it is difficult for That who knows Belinda Carlisle only as the solo performer to present that this pleasant woman was the real daredevil in due time. Rebellious qualities were shown in the childhood.

Belinda`s Father was an alcoholic, with the stepfather of the relation did not develop, and here difficulties of awkward age still pulled hard. Later the singer was even afraid that at her the girl will be born too - the personal example was available. Belinda grew at the real patsanka - played in malchukovy (!) to basketball team, also fought with boys, and rowed to parents. Therefore she should have received only the school-leaving certificate as she left the house and went to submit Los - Andzheles.

In 1978 together with other bright little girls hammered together THE GO group - GO`s. At us this collective is almost unknown, and here it made unprecedented success in America. It was the first, is pure devchachya, fate - team which album headed a top of the USA. Girls played vigorous playful songs in the spirit of the priest - the punk. Behaved respectively - acted in the dresses made of garbage bags, with might and main walked, misbehaved and accepted any bad preparations.

In 1984 Belinda decided that with this madness it is time to finish, and THE GO - GO`s broke up. Probably, the considerable role in it was played by acquaintance of the singer to the adviser of administration of Reagan - Morgan Manson, her future spouse.

And already before public other Belinda Carlisle - the solo singer, free from drugs, womanly and lyrical appeared. In this image she was recognized and fallen in love at us.

It is necessary to admit that nothing original in creativity Carlisle was. Its songs were always a pop-music with this or that impurity. And nevertheless even I - indifferent to Belinda`s creativity in general - always found in each her album one - two nice songs which I pereslushivat still. For example, fine ballads “Since You`ve Gone“ (1986) and “Circle in the Sand“ (1988). Or latinopodobny “La Luna“ (1989), vigorous “Lay Down Your Arms“ (1993) at all remarkable “California“ (1996).

However the composition of 1987 under the name “Heaven Is a Place on Earth“ became the most successful song which is still remaining Belinda`s “business card“ at concerts - “Heaven (Paradise) is a place on Earth“. It sounded in the spirit of fashionable then the priest - metal and had so vigorous bright having started singing that hearing it time remembered forever.

The song was written by Ric Naulz and Ellen Shipli (the same tandem possessed also other hits of the singer - like “Circle in the Sand“, to “Leave a Light On“, (Wethe Same Thing“). And on the record “Heaven Is a Place on Earth“ Belinda was sung along by Michele Filipps - the former participant of the quartet MAMAS AND THE PAPAS.

Belinda Carlisle:

“It is some kind of song of hope. That is, you can create an own piece of paradise (here). This song about a peace of mind and partially - about love“.

Lane. L. Tymoshenko:

Darling, whether you know that it means?

Paradise is a place on Earth! They tell

: in the beginning the love comes in heaven.

We will make paradise the place on Earth.

the Song was accompanied by the clip with mysterious children in black masks and raincoats who held in hand, neither more nor less, globes. Belinda in the clip did not remind that chubby prankish from THE GO any more - GO`s. The American actress Dayana Keaton helped the singer to create an image of the fashionable glamourous lady in the spirit of the times. It was noted on video and Belinda`s spouses (already the second time - before it appeared in the clip “Mad About You“).

The single “Heaven Is a Place on Earth“, and after it and an album, made deafening success. The song headed the American and British hit - parades and even got on vinyl of Melodiya firm (the charitable collection “Greenpeace Breakthrough“ published in the USSR in 1989 means).

1987 - The 88th years became career peak Carlisle in the homeland. Already following album “Runaway Horses“ (1989) occupied in the USA only 37 - e the place, and the single “Leave a Light On“ fell short of the top ten a little. It in spite of the fact that the song sounded quite in the spirit of “Heaven Is a Place on Earth“, and party a slide - guitars in it was played by George Harrison. The participation ex-the Beatle explained with the fact that it very much likes the vibrating Belinda`s singing.

The singer most of all liked other song of an album - disturbing “Summer Rain“ (“A summer rain“) - the lyrics of which something reminded the song Kim Wilde to “Cambodia“. Belinda sang on behalf of the widow who remembers how her husband, leaving on war, says that whatever he happened, they will always be together.

The following album of the singer - “Real“ (1993) - did not get to the American charts in general while in Britain the love to Belinda remained stable. Carlisle took offense and moved to live to France. She published the following album “A Woman and a Man“ (1996) already on the English label of Chrysalis, and in England the disk became “gold“.

“A Woman and a Man“ became the latest original album Carlisle. But in 2001 she wrote down with the former participants of THE GO - GO`s a new disk of group. And to prove that the punk spirit did not disappear from it yet, 42 - the summer singer acted in the Playboy magazine.

Long residence in France has an effect too. In 2007 the singer let out an album of covers of the French hits under the name “Voila“. The single “Sun“ of 2013 which also served as a pleasant bonus to the collection of the best songs became the last original song of Belinda.

P. S.: Songs, as usual, it is possible to listen in 1 - m to comments to this article - in the section “For Inquisitive and Inquisitive“.