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How to prepare a vegetable tushanka? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

Suppression - one of the main ways of heat treatment of food in Belarusian cuisine. In the traditional rural furnace stew anything - and fat pork, and dietary chicken meat. In fast days, certainly, stew not meat, but vegetables. A vegetable tushanka - one of simple dishes of Belarusian cuisine which recipe in villages of Chervensky district of the Minsk region is known by many hostesses.

At suppression of food the mass of advantages. Today all know that at such soft and sparing way of processing in products the maximum of vitamins remains. Our ancestors hardly had even a remote idea of it, but also they fell in love with suppression.

Why - unambiguously also you will not tell. The choice of Belarusians is represented quite natural, considering that in villages use such fine and “long-playing“ instrument of cooking as the Russian furnace to this day. Besides, stewed products look beautifully, keep an initial form and volume, and behind the course of preparation of many stewed dishes there is no need to watch: put a chugunok in the furnace and be engaged in what it is necessary for soul, the furnace will make everything.

The main ingredient of a vegetable tushanka (an accent on the first syllable) - pumpkin. On 300 - 400 grams of pumpkin in addition it is required on a two-three of average potatoes, bulbs, carrots and tomatoes, it is possible salty. Except listed “garodniny“ add any vegetables to a tushanka that is available, and about 100 grams of haricot and when prepare not in fast days, plentifully flavor with butter and sour cream which, however, can be replaced with vegetable oil.

Tasty and useful pumpkin - food of poor people. The storyteller Charles Perrault seated the Cinderella in the carriage from pumpkin for the reason that the last could be found in any house. Unpretentious vegetable got to the Belarusian kitchen gardens approximately in the 16th century together with cucumbers and vegetable marrows. Pumpkin perfectly feels in local climate, gaining during the summer weight sometimes in several tens kilograms.

Preparation of a vegetable tushanka begins not with pumpkin though it in this dish and most important. Previously wash, presoak and cook haricot. Carrots in a tushanka also put already boiled. The turn reaches pumpkin when “preparatory activities“ are completely executed.

Before preparation from “garbuz“ as call pumpkin in villages, cut out a core with sunflower seeds, cut off a thin skin, then cut a fruit relatives by the sizes in cubes and bars. After pumpkin cut potatoes and onions.

Cutting by layers is stacked in a chugunok: on a bottom a potato layer, over it - pumpkin, from above - “onion“ (onions). After laying salt to taste, put two “kind“ spoons of butter and pour a little water, about a quarter of a glass.

Tushanka is trained when firewood in the furnace already burned through and there were only smoldering coals. The covered chugunok is sent to the furnace “on lyogki spirit“ approximately for about 10 - 15 minutes. During this time cut in cubes boiled carrots.

After preliminary suppression the chugunok is got and filled up from above, besides, layers, previously boiled haricot and “morkva“. Fresh tomatoes cut large segments and put over carrots, salty do not cut. All magnificence is covered with a layer of dense home-made sour cream, cover a chugunok and returned in the furnace for about 15 minutes. About readiness of a dish will prompt magnificent aroma.

To a table the vegetable tushanka is given together with a hill of the bread cut in cubes and roasted or dried.

Bon appetit!


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