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Rod`s research. Peacekeepers - my Rod`s Mission.

Ya study on the second year of Institute of Reinkarnatsioniki. On the next thematic occupation we received a task to investigate the Rod. I addressed the Highest Aspect of to learn to whom I can make an inquiry by the nature of for immersion, from among students of our Institute. The answer came quickly and we with the conductor carried out short travel with Inquiry - Research of my SORT.

my Tree of Rod.

Ya entered the changed condition of consciousness. Following a question of the conductor - who to me can help to understand my questions by the nature of, to its programs etc., I get to the World of Souls on my favourite glade and under the Tree (it at me there and is called - the Tree for reflections and osoznaniye). Did not know even that this my Tree of Rod … I approached him.

This Giant was gossips from two trees - the Oak and the Birch. It symbolizes merge of two families of great antiquity. My father - the Oak - Aryans, mother - the Birch - Slavs.

I consider roots. They are powerful, and lie as on the Earth`s surface, and go deeply to it. Under a Tree a hole, in it the family of foxes grows up the posterity. When I approached a tree, mother - a fox the first who met me, began to caress at my legs, wagging a tail as a domestic cat)). They found protection under this tree … All tree was presented by

to me as a big ecosystem. Active Life in its branches was felt. There was very much everything! Birds - one just sat under the shade of branches and sang, others twisted nests, and at others baby birds hatched already. Saw a big Stork who stood in a nest and chirred a beak, inviting the beloved for creation of a family … Proteins, cheerfully rushed from a branch on a branch with nutlets, treating all on the way. A set of any bugs - spiders. All were busy with the business … The tree breathed Life, its vibration was felt. It recognized me.

On a question whether all these living creatures have connection with Rod`s prosperity? The definite answer - YES came! In words it is difficult to express that Energy which proceeded from the Tree - it was Sil, Power and Pleasure of Life at the same time! That Total Prosperity which all of us seek to test was human language - it.

Rod`s Ancestors

At my desire, from - for a tree leave the man, is very similar to my real father, and the woman - it I is. Parents are called - Dimitrii and Lia. They give me a parcel. I develop, and there only one word - to be! I understand that it means, and they add that deeper understanding will come later.

Rod`s Mission

the Following question of the conductor - whether is connected by

somehow, seen by me, with the program of the Sort?

my Rod was created with special mission - it is Peacekeepers!

Mf. 5:9. Peacekeepers because they will be named by sons Bozhiy

Purity of heart are blessed - it is a basis of the world, silence and rest. World level, the seventh level of a paradise pyramid which rises to heaven is based on this basis. There cannot be peace heart which fills with false thoughts, mad desires of our perishable light and bad passions because all this causes nervousness of waters and lifts gloomy storms on open spaces of the everyday sea human.

At heights is cleared even muddy water from standing pools. Uplift also you, the person, the heart up, and heaven will clear it. In your clean heart rest will be installed, and in a quiet mirror of your soul the Lord will look.

the World and rest is a spiritual delight. Like it and purity of heart - too spiritual delight. Who has the world in himself, that has huge pleasure in the soul. And nobody not in forces to take away this pleasure from it.

Who possesses the world in soul, that has Christ because it is told that “It is our world“ (Eph. 2:14).

It is a big task of Rod, he arose when there were no wars. All members of Rod, have to sow the World, the fact that another, it seems cannot be united sometimes, to revive, revive. Often in Rhoda there were otkhozhdeniye from the main task, but all at the end of life came back to the Source. Sometimes there were distortions. Saw the great-grandmother - the healer who skillfully cured people; but, when addressed it to take away, for example the man from a family, too helped. She Knew that she creates not for the Benefit, but all the same did …

the question of the conductor Sounds - whether Souls are consolidated to a certain Childbirth or they can walk from one sort in another?

Yes, Rod`s experience at the same time is only enriched, and even some programs are rewritten in an information field, and there are also on what the stamp appears - is passed. The soul has an option always, and there are no restrictions. All experiences proceed from the main thing - Missions of Soul.

Me information came that each Rod has Curators, they supply with all information of Soul which go on the embodiment to this or that Sort.

of the Task of Rod


Is from father to son the passing diseases or some repeating events. I see it as a task for Rod`s development which should be solved. If it drags on on several generations, Rod`s number and he on the verge of extinction decreases, Rod`s Keepers send inquiry upward. Also prepares on the Shower embodiment (and frequent it is ancestors of Rod), which undertakes a task, to restore harmony in a sort and to resolve the patrimonial program. It is the choice of Soul and it is given full support of all Light Forces from above and Rod in general, and still enough energy on permission of objectives.

When the Soul is embodied and approaches the key moment to H. Vsa, with bated breath watch this moment of Truth and Understanding. And during that instant, for us Chelovekov such, apparently, ordinary, the powerful impulse which is cured by Rod on a chain of those repetitions, diseases is created - it occurs both across and down … On the thin plan, at this moment fanfares and an applause sound … And the Person, at this moment, sometimes even without realizing that really happens, receives such powerful return stream of energy from all directions!

my tasks in Rhoda.

Ya came now to a sort to bring order and to finish some Patrimonial programs. And with the advent of my children, also “fresh breath“ joins new. Surprisingly the fact that I see the branch on Rod`s Tree how an independent tree - the Apple-tree with apples juicy and healthy. It is necessary to tell, I adore apples and I eat in large numbers - they help and to be grounded.

On a question - as I can communicate with Rod and get support - the answer comes that at me communication with trees with the nature well turns out. Through it I can interact with Rod. I carry out Rod`s tasks, bearing Good and sowing the World and Light in hearts of people. I obtain also information that it is necessary simply - to be! Without throwings on the parties, just to be!

In completion of our travel - my immersion - I was embraced by Primogenitors (saw and felt at Leah in hard braids twisted cornflowers and began to smell them). The conductor suggested to invite all SORT … The great variety of Souls gathered about the Tree. All of them were built up to my right and left hands. All of us joined hands, and I felt all POWER and FORCE as though two streams of the river merge to one big river. The father the stream was blue, and Mothers - pink. I directed this energy to Rod`s Tree. It was so majestic! Appeared a big rainbow over us. I radio hands of all embrace, I Thank all and everyone!

Received from the grandmother the message at the end what to go to a cemetery is not present need (there is nobody), and to Remember here good and kind, it is possible since during light thoughts, Soul there is a salutary energy of Pleasure where it would not be.

Here such research of the Sort turned out! Big Gratitude to the conductor which helped me with it.