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To me the century rancid ours

to me is bitter the century rancid ours is bitter.

I time is evil. Does not treat any more.

But only more only mutilates,

All for sale! You will give - on - you will give!

Normally everything! The good persons

Manage the most mean of affairs.

I the simpleton the one who did not manage

their mad to join ranks.

… I go by the garbage can which is two steps away from an entrance to the biggest hypermarket in the city. Against expensive foreign cars scrubbed to gloss and grandly the happy burghers who are swimming in in these “wide gate“ in an anticipation of a horn of plenty and proudly coming up from there already with full feed bags, the little grandmother bashfully rummages in dirty tanks carefully and. Bednenko, but quite tidily dressed. By sight years 60 … Mother … Someone`s mother … Grandmother, wife, sister … The person … Me it is extremely a shame to

before it. It is a shame with the happy look. It is a shame that I have a work and that in a wallet at me is not empty. It is a shame that I am young and healthy. It is a shame that she, having trampled on the human dignity, potters about in this dirty waste of our dolce vita. It is a shame for hurrying by and trying not to look in its party - the compassion and empathy yet not absolutely in us died, - respectable participants of consumer race. As the classic told: “It has to be a shame to the decent person even before a stray dog“. What, however, I do not dare to hope for any more. Because my sense of shame sleeps for a long time. As at many. And still … It is a shame with all of us. It is A SHAME.

… The neighbor on a chain has a new dog. Puppy still. Previous died. For the last 3 - 4 months I never saw it not on a leash. Perhaps just did not notice?

I Go on water. The dog is joyfully torn to me, twisting a tail as the propeller. I see how edges through the tense skin stick out. Eyes feverishly shine. everything is trodden, turned by

Around the box into the circular dirty medley “decorated“ with ten “dog mines“ crushed by paws. I Come back home

. To Bor bread hunk. I come back. The dog with wild bark rushes to me on a meeting, tears their hands stale bread, with howl swallows of the whole pieces.

Swearing on the owner of a dog, I with am new to nonsense home, I put yesterday`s pilaf, the chicken remains on a piece of the newspaper, I throw a piece of rye bread on top. I come back.

the Dog does not allow me to put a modest gift on the earth. Snatches out of hands, swallows together with paper. And again looks at me hungry eyes. I meet by

In three days the neighbor: “Dog that your hungry, as wolf. It is necessary to feed more often“ - I without morals try to din into it. I see the fat person which swelled from alcoholism, a frown, it seems “che you are put not in the business“, I hear impudent lies: “Yes I feed him, a parasite. Only everything will not gorge on in any way“.

Now, except cats whom I feed up I have one more mouth.

… Three weeks later, I learn that the dog “died“. Whether with hunger, whether with cold. Whether the owner in a state of drunkenness of too strong kick gave.

… Tomorrow together with the director I fly to Venezuela, for participation in a national exhibition. I know foreign languages in addition it is my direct duty to participate in actions of this sort.

As I am not a citizen of the country in which at the moment I live and I work, it was necessary to me most and at own expense to make out exit and transit visas. Plus still other expenses and the killed nervous cages. Very troublesome business.

in the Morning, in three hours prior to departure, I incidentally learn that instead of me the commercial director … goes to an exhibition of

I Try to clear a question at the commercial director. I see that he simply “took advantage of the opportunity“ as it is called now, accurately, a lokotok, having pushed away me aside, having presented everything in the best and favorable light. For, certainly. “You understand

, I paid a lump sum for visas, from the pocket. And then, just properly, it is not absolutely moral to act this way moreover at the last moment“ - I try to explain somehow to him. The commercial director quietly grows furious - and who likes appeals to conscience if perfectly you understand that this most … as it there? - conscience, you just “had“ to yourself to please - and the brightest paints zhivopisut a picture “production need, my weak readiness, at last, a management whim“. I drew a sad conclusion long ago that the most mean acts always clothe in the most beautiful clothes, are wrapped in the most beautiful candy wrappers from words as candies.

goes To Venezuela it. I remain.

… In the late afternoon, after work, we open a bottle of champagne and we open the candies brought as a gift by one of our clients. I do not want either that, or another, but not to offend women, I agree. Atmosphere the most heart-felt - on a habit, trite gossips and leisure discussion for eyes are used.

begin to Speak ugly, disgustingly, angrily, about those who are absent, at the same time with the most innocent expression of beautiful faces looking for approving support at attendees. I remember how once, without having noticed my presence beyond Everest of computers, “rinsed“ also me. I then regretted that I not the deaf as 70% working at our enterprise. carefully I say

Ya that we should not discuss absent - say, it is ugly, dishonourably. In reply I receive a stream of “weighty“ arguments in the protection.

I Gather home, knowing that as soon as for me the door slams, will begin to wash up bones also to me.

… Four, absolutely banal, “normal“, pictures from our life. Not about the cruel truth of war, not about orphans in orphanage, not about life and death. And so. What each of us, every day, does not even face and what quietly passes by, anxious with the problems. Four usual, “normal“ episodes.

In the first episode on one side - our poor fathers and mothers, whose scanty pensions are not enough not that for a worthy old age - the word that what, burzhuinsky, not our! - and on elementary bread, water and drugs. And on another - all of us. Indifferent, gladkodushny, heartless.

In the second - a banal case of ill treatment of animals, telling to legal language. And human - the same callousness.

B the third - service to the self-interests, without looking neither on as on anybody. And it not in a dashing time of war.

B the fourth - the same what each of us faces every day: mean mutilation by the word of those with whom you work, you coexist.

what unites all four cases - concept “normally“. Terribly the fact that all this nasty thing and muck for many became “norm“ long ago. Norm of life. Standard of behavior. Norm of thinking. We already do not even notice IT. And we live.