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How to accelerate work of Android?

Even the powerful top Android models - devices manage “to brake“. What to tell about smartphones and tablets in average and lowest price category. At the same time in most cases business is reparable selection of the correct appendices and removal of excess digital “garbage“.

In the first week after purchase my smartphone actually did not carry out the functions. The browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera and the built-in utility from Lenovo catastrophically lacked 512 MB of random access memory. Loading of the page - a departure in the menu - to repeat. The problem was solved by the Dolphin mini browser. If other means of immersion in the Internet do not work for you or work slowly, put it.

The preset program cover of the producer with a widget in the form of a leaf of a clover “ate“ many resources. The program cover of Mini Launcher was in exchange established. Special functions at “Pass“ is not present, but it is extremely undemanding to the OZU, CPU and the video processor. Plus is a lot of free beautiful subjects. Further the native lancher of Lenovo in general was removed, but about it later.

Established by developers of audio - and videoplayers often lose in ease and functionality to third-party applications. It is possible to find replacement in Play Market. Advertizing display can be the only minus, but it appears only at connection of the Internet. My choice became MX Player for video and Clean Music for music.

The second step to acceleration of a gadget is a removal of unnecessary programs. The matter is that in Android each appendix lives life therefore, even being inactive, manages to pull a blanket on itself. And the blanket at us small, will not be enough for all.

Appendices are divided into two types: usual and system. Usual are removed through habitual long pressing of a finger and dragging a badge of a recycle bin. System without fight (more precisely than rues - access) will not be given. In what category the producer (an exception of service and Google services) decides to push the program. Sometimes it looks very strange. On one Texet model the appendix of “RIA Novosti“ was included in system programs. Probably, the secret order of state propaganda that the user always had access to the last point of view of the power to the latest events.

To delete system applications, it is necessary to receive root mentioned above - access (rues - access or access to the root of system). The algorithm of installation of access can be very daunting. I could not unblock the smartphone, for example. It was necessary to wait for emergence of the wonderful utility of Framaroot (the latest version for August 12, 2014 1. 9. 3).

The program grants the rights of the Superuser (analog of the account of the administrator on Windows) literally in one click. The list of the supported devices spreads so most likely to you will carry. Big plus of “Framarut“ - to disconnect root - access as simply how to include. If your smartphone everything is is not supported, then try the utility of Kingo. The earnest request to read all councils and recommendations of developers of the appendix and responses of users! In particular, inexperienced users should not climb in setting up the program and to edit scenarios on hacking of the device. Pressed a button, worked - well. Did not work - we wait for the updated version.

And here to fans of the Chinese devices often it is not necessary and to bother with a rutirovaniye. This mode is included by default there. To learn whether so it, is possible installation of any appendix demanding root access (for example, “udalyalka“ of Uninstall or the manager of the Samba files). Financial appendices like mobile bank can beep about existence of rues - access at installation and to warn about problems with vulnerability. Therefore after removal of all unnecessary elements of the right of the Superuser it is better to disconnect.

It is possible to delete utility programs through free applications like CCleaner (from the same developers, as Windows - the decision), Uninstall, Clean Master. And these utilities without rues - access are able to stop system processes, and with rues are already capable to get rid of them completely. The only exception - a package of Google services Play. The cunning thingummy is able to be established anew imperceptibly for the user. Therefore just it is better “to freeze“ it by means of Uninstall, CCleaner or Titanium. The service, though spends valuable electricity, can be useful and save the Internet - a traffic - when updating of the installed applications from Play Market not all program entirely is downloaded but only a piece. Plus the package is responsible for synchronization of information with accounts of Google. It is necessary or not, solves everyone for itself.

The approximate structure of safely deleted services can look so:

AntHalService. apk - support of ANT+ devices (hardly you have them!) .

Device - monitor. apk - the monitor of system from Google which brakes system and does nothing useful.

MusicWidget. apk - a regular widget of management of music (it is replaced with any audioplayer).

Stk. apk - is necessary only for multi - SIM cards (access to the menu).

Now about terms of application of methods of optimization. It is not necessary to hurry with a rutirovaniye. It is better to make at first all available simple actions (change of a launcher, selection of programs - analogs, periodic cleaning of memory). Later half a year or year to deliver to Framaroot and to put the rights of the Superuser. Then to make a black list of the pre-installed and system applications on concrete model of the mobile device. Information on each service is provided in the Internet, and it is better to read ten times about purpose of this or that process, than to cut “on live“ to the right and on the left. And only then to begin execution of “virtual brakes“.

Just in case I will note that all mentioned appendices are free. Some show advertizing at the connected Internet.