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Why I experienced difficulties with writing articles?

from the moment of creation of the Author`s website, I had a difficulty with writing articles. It is necessary to tell, had this problem also at school when it was necessary to write compositions. I decided to deal with it, Reinkarnatsioniki`s Method. With Inquiry - Why I experience difficulties in writing articles? - I addressed the classmate We conducted small research. Here what from this turned out

Under a soft voice of the conductor, I relaxed and plunged into a meditative state

A.S. Pushkin and Inspiration

. the disheveled A.S. Pushkin was

First that I saw - it. On a table in a candelabrum there are candles, sheets of paper around crumpled. It, holding a feather in hand, something writes on a leaf, again crumples and throws for a back Probably there is no inspiration

to me are given information at once that this episode for this purpose and was shown, as Geniuses have periods same which are tested also by me.

Some woman enters (probably, the nurse) irons it on the head, having brought it a bowl of some hot drink (it seems tea or broth) and then, is very economical, she collects pieces of paper which was scattered by Pushkin, sighs and again collects

Ya I take a detached view. Mentors advise to look energy which around I see chaos, some swirling. At some moment begins all changes. The whirlwind is formed, it begins to turn clockwise directly over the writing Pushkin. Then the funnel is formed, I see from above going down in it and then in this person, a stream. At this moment, in all space begin to be turned in some dance gold with pink energy.

I watch Pushkin. He smiles and very with concentration writes and writes, one leaf behind another - is similar, the Inspiration overtook it I realized all what was seen and moved to the following episode.

On the way Mentors give many valuable instructions on writing something in general.

Ancient Russia. Gusla player.

the Second episode is an Ancient Russia and I am a GUSLA PLAYER. Action happens near a fire, night, summer, some festivity. I sit on a stone, around me directly on a grass people young and old settled down. The gusla player concerns strings and tells something very harmoniously. In this stream there are all attendees. He speaks, and there are Images at once. I feel interrelation meanwhile what want to hear about that concerns these people, and

When the group united by one some subject the Storyteller is what he Tells , just entering a stream, becomes the conductor of this subject from the thin world on the earth, i.e. from not shown in the Reality. Music creates strong vibration too, all listen, as bewitched, almost without breathing I realize

Here that it is possible to be adjusted on subscribers of the website, for writing of article, to enter a stream and, having defined an important subject for itself for a moment now, it is simple to begin to write and everything will come.

Unexpectedly understanding emerged that I have a fear of PAPER Or rather that all that will be written on paper - all this perishably

the Conductor skillfully displaced me at the key moment of origin of this my FEAR.

Paper is perishable - my Fear.

Ya - the scientist - the inventor - the SINGLE. I have a laboratory. Constantly I am in a stream, I almost do not sleep, I write manuscripts, I put experiences and all this nonstop. All laboratory is filled with my some inventions, all this innovative ideas which do not find a wide response from my compatriots. I teach at university, but there are no adherents among teachers, all perceive m enya as odd fellow and no more than that. Once, coming back home, I see the flaring my house and laboratory, and there all my works, manuscripts and inventions. It was sick to see it really. Paper is PERISHABLE I wanted

, something to change in this story. And I considered how everything would be if

Ya - the scientist - the inventor. I have many pupils, laboratory. I teach at university and I share ideas with the colleagues, I have a group of students - pupils who help me with my laboratory. I put experiences. Pupils write down all this in the manuscript. The majority of inventions goes to the World for the Benefit Chelovekam. The others are documented and develop in a fireproof case, for them the Time will come too to

of the Fire it did not happen, all had a Clarity and there was no fear, than I am engaged and for what.

Understanding came that paper can burn down, but acts for the Mankind Benefit, will be imprinted on eyelids in those my inventions which reached also about one today .

Tools, for writing articles and manifestation of in this Creativity, I received wholly. And me it became quiet somehow that all information of which I want to inform people, I can in many ways - it is both writing, and drawing, and singing, and the legend etc. The main thing, at the same time to show the imagination, to enter a stream and to derive Pleasure and pleasure from process. To the client, the viewer, the reader this vibration will reach and will respond at him in heart.

There was a question after immersion - so who that Scientist - the Inventor?

the good subject for my following Research and the story about it for you