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How to learn to do focuses?

Liouba from us though once in life admired speech of illusionists in whose focuses there are people, animals, monuments. This show bewitches, the imagination excites and just improves mood. Many wish to find out about secrets of performance and to repeat this small miracle, but you should not forget that to achieve the desirable, you nevertheless should spend time. Begin

with studying of thematic literature and the Internet in search of necessary information, in the Network there is a huge number of various video lessons with focuses in which their process is in detail told. After you acquire the theory, start practice.

As a rule to learn to do the simplest focuses in power to each, even small child, but to achieve worthy result, it is necessary to train often and many.

For this purpose you need to learn secret of concrete focus, to rehearse it and to begin the performance.

We will open for you several secrets of simple and at the same time popular focuses, the part of them is realized by means of a simple requisite, and some - due to sleight of hand. Begin the training with easy focuses.

So, we will start:

never open for Anybody a focus secret.

Well rehearse focus in front of the mirror before showing it to the viewer. It has to turn out 100 times from 100.

Think up the speech and gestures by means of which you will present the performance. If it is correct to present to the viewer even the most elementary focus - it will be more successful than the most difficult focus with ideal preparation but executed without virtuosity.

do not repeat the Same focus twice even if the viewer asks it encore.

Try to surprise the audience therefore do not report in advance about what the audience has to see.

Never argue with the viewer even if he wishes to learn secret of your focus and for this purpose approached too close you. Softly distract, you take away cunning, under no circumstances you are not rude to it and do not argue with it. It will prevent you, and the effect of your magic will reduce to zero.

your main tool is hands therefore you keep them always clean. Have at yourself the moisturizing cream and talc.

Constantly train force of fingers and a brush, daily knead them and do exercises on an extension and elasticity.

it is one performance better for span to put on a vest with a large number of secret pockets or a strict suit. Shoes have to be well polished.

Surely complete a course of street magic. Street representations before the unfamiliar viewer will give you more confidence. You will see all the errors, had corrected which, it is possible to go safely in professionals.

Think up crown expression with which you will begin your performance, it will allow you to reduce nervousness before display.

Remember these simple rules, and at you it will turn out to become the real wizard in the opinion of people around.

How to learn to do focuses with cards?

Now cards became stronger, and execution of focuses with them represents a certain complexity. The card for focuses has to be flexible, have a thin basis and not have a plastic covering. It is desirable that the shirt of the card was without white fringing and it is painted to the edges of the card since corners and edges of cards during focuses never entirely are behind fingers, and the audience will see a white fringing. At the same time red color of a shirt will merge with fingers during the movement of hands.

The most classical and all the known focus is a guessing of the card. the Viewer chooses any pleasant card, remembers it. Puts in the middle of a pack then the pack is reshuffled. The secret of action is that it is enough to illusionist to remember the next card, and that which will go after it, and will be thought.

Transformation of the card. Take a pack and place it vertically, having developed the picture to the audience. The card which needs to be replaced is below and the audience perfectly sees it. Above a pack there is that card which will be replaced.

You hold a pack with both hands. Necessary cards have to look out a little to the right over all other cards. The lower card is between index and anonymous fingers of the right hand. Between big and index fingers of the right hand the top card settles down. Ask the audience to remember the lower card. Then you turn a pack the face down and at the same time right hand you put forward the top card.

The audience thinks that it is that card which they saw, and it appears, it is absolutely other card.

Focus with matches. we Take two matches. We clamp them in both hands between big and index fingers. We cross them, holding the right match vertically, and left - it is horizontal. And anew we cross matches. Only now the left and right matches are on different sides from each other.

How everything occurred? Elementary: clamp the right match between fingers a head down and press quietly. It will bury in a forefinger. If to separate fingers, a match as though will hang on a forefinger, quickly you carry out a horizontal (left) match through the turned-out opening. Here and all secret.

Try to show these simple focuses. Present to friends of a smile!