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The scooter for rent. Let`s sweep? Whether

Should be said that the scooter on our roads is considered quite dangerous vehicle. There is it because drivers of cars do not take such equipment on the road seriously, often ignoring their advantage, and many owners of scooters do not consider due to observe elementary traffic regulations. is not present

But when the speech comes about the simplicity of a design and low cost of such transport equal to the scooter. Not without reason Hugo`s population - East Asia and some other countries is universal uses them in the everyday life. And if for us it is frequent entertainment, then for them - the conscious choice.

For this reason it is simplest and safer to lease such transport where it is especially developed. It is quite probable to spend the holidays in hotel, looking with horror at a continuous stream of motor scooters, motorcycles, motorized carriages and other exotic transport floating in noise of motors and signals of horns by you. And it is possible to join this stream to feel completeness and brightness of local color. It to you not the Moscow traffic jams where everyone is ready to fight for square meters on the road for the car, is much more than respect for neighbors in the movement here.

As a matter of fact, in Europe it is possible to enjoy a trip on this type of transport too without problems, special on that, because such way of movement for the city became popular in view of small dimensions, simplicity, ease of the parking long ago. But if to compare driving on the center of Rome or on the coast of the island of Crete, then the second option will be more preferable to the unsophisticated tourist. And rental centers in the resort it is much bigger.

So, the scooter or a motor scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle, from two - or a four-cycle internal combustion engine, from 50 to 100 cubic cm. Power makes it from 5 to 8 l / page. The maximum speed fluctuates ranging from 50 to 100 km/h, depending on equipment type. Gasoline consumption - about 2 - 4 liters on one hundred kilometers.

Usability, even for the beginner, is that here it is not necessary to switch transfers, the speed of the movement is directly connected with a gas handle angle of rotation: the more the handle - the more turns of the engine is unscrewed. Such opportunity is available thanks to application as a part of transmission of a klinoremenny variator and centrifugal coupling - rather simple, but reliable design.

If you rode ever a bicycle, then and on the scooter will go without problems too, doing the account on the weight and dimensions of such transport. Here too it is important to hold balance, especially at a small speed.

It is recommended before coming out to the road, to try the hand and just to be trained on the street with the small movement. For a start it is worth “seizing“ the start-off moment, smoothly adding gas the right hand and at once braking left. After that it is worth passing several times ten meters at a small speed and to stop, getting used to the course of handles of gas and a brake.

It is necessary to notice that falling and arrivals on obstacles of inexperienced drivers are connected in the majority with too sharp actions for turn of a wheel and opening of the handle of gas. These moments need to be mastered first of all by training. Also big enemy of the scooter is sand or gravel on the road, especially at maneuver, they are frequent responsible for falling. It is worth to remember that at all simplicity all this is not the bicycle, and the stop with its weight and speed passes not so quickly.

The rights of any category will be necessary for rent of such transport in Europe, in Asia there will be enough photocopy of the passport. Rent cost at Asians many times is less: about 3 - 4 euros a day, unlike Europeans - there it is necessary to give from 15 euros. The rule everywhere one - the more rent term, the is less cost in a day.

At payment it is worth examining and recording attentively all external damages of the scooter - at return there will be less claims. To check how the engine is started: from the foot lever and from an electric starter. The electric starter works at the turned key and the squeezed-out brake, the foot lever (kikstarter) - at the turned key in the situation “ON“. Keep in mind that from “pusher“ it is impossible to start the scooter, inertial transmission there.

You should not trust the fuel level which is displayed on the panel, it is better to glance in a tank or with guarantee to fill in couple of liters. In Asia fuel without fear can be bought in any shop where on a counter plastic bottles with yellow liquid are exposed - it is and there is a gasoline. In Europe it is necessary to look for gas station.

Practically in any Asian country it is possible to leave the leased scooter in any place on the street (as a rule, relying on common sense) without fear that it can be stolen. In Europe it is worth using the parking of hotel or the place designated as the parking. In principle, too without being afraid since morning to be left without “horse“. But everywhere there are nuances.

In the place of hire it is worth asking a helmet though many local and drive without it, but by rules it is obligatory everywhere. At least, the traffic police likes to stop tourists without a helmet, and all the rest - on own fear and risk.

Generally, on vacation there is always an interesting opportunity to visit the neighboring beaches, sights and other interesting places in the neighbourhood with the main place of “dwelling“. Whatever one may do, and similar impressions will be remembered much better than any tour by the comfortable bus, and you with interest will always look after such equipment.