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Taganka Theatre. How it began?

at the end of January, 1965 across book Moscow news rushed that in Taganka Theatre are going to start since February 2 a new performance on verses of the most popular then poet Andrey Voznesensky with the speaking name “Antiworlds“. Why speaking? Yes just in 1964 there was the fourth book of verses of the young poet which literally created a furor and quite so and was called - “Antiworlds“.

By this moment could theoretically not get the ticket “To Taganka“ even. The most popular theater: “The kind person from Szechwan“, “Ten days which shook the world“ were extremely fashionable performances. Tickets for “Taganka“ were not on sale, they were distributed to some unknown simple people in the way therefore I did not even dream to get there and went far more simply - in “Contemporary“ or puppet theater of Obraztsov and you never know was in Moscow of fine theaters with remarkable performances! But to miss a performance on verses of my idol - it was above my forces.

What to do, I did not know. It was necessary to address the father. My father at that time served in the Ministry of Defence and any side to theater life even close did not stand. Why I addressed it? Addressed, as the last hope. Then I long deliberated over it and here that I understood for myself. The belief in possibilities of the father which took root to me since the early childhood was so high that I could not even imagine that at it something can not turn out.

Every other day the father brought me a piece of some piece of paper with an unclear flourish.

- What is it? - I asked, and in reply heard something absolutely unclear:

- It is the complimentary ticket. You will go since the morning to cash desk of theater tomorrow and you will tell that on a surname Lyubimov at you a reservation.

Who such Lyubimov, I did not know, but took a piece of paper with gratitude and in cash desk of theater to its opening was. There as though waited for me, and I received two tickets for the third row of orchestra seats, and they were as located as I could only dream - slightly on the right so all scene was as on a palm. One was curious: on the poster which hung in cash desk, appeared that the premiere of the performance “Antiworlds“ has to take place on February 2, and I had tickets for January 31. I left cash desks and tried to understand that it meant. On January 31 - today, there are no performances in theater, the day off.

All right, I solved, then I will understand.

And already in the evening, in several minutes prior to a performance, I left the subway and at once got to dense human porridge. It was very much even mobile, this porridge. All aspired somewhere therefore just like that to pass through the street to reach doors, it was almost impossible. It was necessary to be twisted seriously, at the same time I was faced by one more problem. Tickets - that was two, but everything occurred so promptly that I could invite nobody. It was necessary to choose from those who stood and plaintively looked in the face: free tickets were not and could not be, and here at me was.

I noticed for the girl still from a distance. The burning, eager eyes, dark hair, a fine figure and an attractive face not too bad at all. I maneuvred between people, faced someone, from someone it was necessary to turn aside, and at the same time an eye did not lower from the brunette. At last I approached closely, touched her hand and pointed by a nod to an entrance door. The girl understood everything correctly and silently went after me.

To make the way to the places was difficult business. All passes were hammered by people. Familiar faces of the famous writers, famous actors flashed, generally, all literary, theatrical and what there still is Moscow concerning art was there. And very many had no tickets. We broke through in the row, surprisingly, places were free. While we got through through someone`s legs, in the hall noise was distributed:

- Akhmatova, Akhmatov …

Ya took seat on the place and looked back. On pass the heavy elderly gray-haired woman with such imperious and majestic look made the way, looking at which recured her portraits executed by great artists of the present to the memory. It seemed to me that most of all it was similar to the portrait written by my favourite Martiros Saryan. Possibly, it had no place, and it just made the way to a scene with confidence that it - that will be given way. And it is valid, some girl sitting in folding place in the second row at once got up, but Anna Andreevna was not satisfied with it. She stopped about the risen folding chair and has exactingly a look at the elderly man sitting in extreme place. Some not really dexterous situation was created, the man obviously did not hurry to make the room. Noise in the hall amplified.

On pass towards a scene there was one more celebrity - Lille Yurevna to Brik. A pride bearing, highly raised head. It did not go, it somehow slid or soared, and at the same time it from a parquet did not tear off a leg, or I did not see it from - for a long skirt. Lille Yurevna overtook Anna Andreevna. Apparently, ladies were not in the friendly relations as exchanged quite cold nods. Now all views addressed on the man from the second row again, he got up, Anna Andreevna graciously thanked him, and the girl who was giving way to her gesture suggested to sit down on it to absolutely become puzzled man.

It was surprising, but nobody wanted to give way to Lilya Brik. At last, from a scene lowered a chair on which the beloved of the great poet took seat.

At last noise calmed down and on a stage the elderly person appeared.

- Lyubimov, - rustled the hall.

- Today we have a dress rehearsal, but it - not just run of a performance which very small, only one action therefore today we do not want to be limited to it, and asked the author to add it with the verses, - the voice at this person was well trained and though he spoke quietly, all heard it.

I can tell nothing about that performance now, I watched it so many time subsequently that the impression was smeared and it is impossible to pull out the very first reminiscence from memory. I will tell only that only on a tagansky scene it sustained more than 700 representations, and considering that the theater during numerous tours gave it without fail, more than 2000 times turned out.