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What is an aromatherapy? Ancient Egypt presented use of essential oils

to the world not only rich cultural heritage, but also slightly opened a door to the world of the concerning aromas. The so-called “soul of plants“ accompanied the person at each stage of his life. Essential oils became a basis not only medical medicines, but also the real elixir of youth. The intoxicating aroma concerned men so that sometimes it could be compared only to sorcery. Today we will talk about a story of an aromatherapy and about oils which awaken passion and give youth.

Ancient Rome, Greece, India actively used an aromatherapy in treatment of the most serious diseases. Each plant influenced a certain part of a body and fed stocks of vital energy. In the 12th century the aromatherapy began to get into the countries of Europe actively. Essential oils helped to save lives during plague, typhus and other infectious diseases, having become an excellent anti-septic tank.

And here the French Nice became the place of active development of perfumery in the 17th century. Oils of a rose, a sandal-wood tree, patchoulis, a narda became base for preparation of the first aromas. In England essential oils began to be used actively in cosmetology.

Scope of essential oils:

At treatment of various diseases and for immunity strengthening.

At religious and mystical rituals.

In perfumery and cosmetology.

As means of excitement.

For embalming of ph.

the Aromatherapy today

the Aromatherapy endures the real boom of the development today. Essential oils look at us from show-windows of shops and attract the exciting aroma. In a pursuit of Cleopatra`s beauty, a good health and relaksiruyushchy rest it is important to adjust the thoughts on creation and to enjoy this strange gift of the nature.

the Alphabet of essential oils

For a start should telling

that all essential oils possess antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Besides, they are also erotic stimulators.

For clarification use oil of orange, a lavender, geranium, sage, rosemary.

For relaxation and harmony - oil of a jasmine, marjoram, tangerine, a mimosa, a rose, a sandal-wood tree, cedar, vanilla.

For strengthening of a feminine - a bergamot, a geranium, a violet, a magnolia vine, a marjoram, a rose.

For strengthening of a machismo - a basil, cardamom, a cedar, a muscat.

Use of essential oils in house conditions

the magnificent shine will help to Give to hair force and aromatic combing with oil ilang - an ilanga. Aromavanna perfectly struggle with cellulitis and do skin of more elastic. It is possible to enrich with essential oils creams, tonics, masks, shampoos and balms. It is important to observe at the same time a dosage and not to allow hit of a concentrate on mucous. The aromatherapy perfectly copes also with a fungus, back pains and is an excellent anti-septic tank for an oral cavity.

To receive the maximum return from an aromatherapy at any diseases, it is important to approach the choice of the practicing doctor responsibly. It is possible to use essential oils in house conditions regularly as in quality of care after skin, massage, and for creation of a relaksiruyushchy situation.

Summing up the result of our fragrant conversation, there is a wish to note that for each person there is the aroma. Force of an aromatherapy is so big that will help to awaken with itself new forces for new victories.

“Aroma gets into depth, right in the heart, and there takes out categorical judgment of sympathy and contempt, of disgust and an inclination, of love and hatred. Who owns a smell, that reigns over hearts of people“. (P. Suskind is “Perfumer“)