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How to worry summer without conditioner?

the Last five - ten in a warm season in our midlatitudes are enough years hot. I remember, once temperature in plus thirty with small on a thermometer was perceived as something specific, now - it is perceived as the usual flying weather supposedly happens worse. Offices began to put almost everywhere conditioners, in houses gradually too. But if installation of the conditioner in the apartment is too expensive for you - it does not matter, it is possible to escape from a heat and in a different way.

If your windows come to sunny side, then in order that the apartment got warm less, it is possible to paste a food foil that it reflected sunshine on windows. It becomes in the same way as glued on snowflake windows in the childhood - it is necessary to moisten soap with water, to soap them a window, and further accurately to put a foil. With sunset of a window it is worth opening till the morning as in such time street temperature is lower than temperature in the apartment. Some do not open a window, being afraid of the fact that then will fly mosquitoes and midges, but also against it there is means - to fit window openings a special grid from insects or fatiny.

If you have a fan, it is possible to use the method for fun called by the phrase “conditioner student`s“ - to freeze several bottles of water and to install them thus that the air stream from the fan went straight on them. You remember: it is undesirable that at the same time blew directly on you - it, of course, is very pleasant during a heat, but it is so easy to catch a cold.

During a heat whenever possible it is worth refusing as much as possible the use of house food which needs to be processed long thermally (to cook, fry, extinguish) as it in addition increases temperature in the apartment. Also you should not eat products which personally to you create heavy feeling in a stomach as it is a peculiar physical activity too for an organism as a result of which additional heat is developed. It is undesirable to use sweets and alcohol.

If indoors hot and air dry, then it is possible to moisten it, having placed several containers with water on the room - water will evaporate and humidity, therefore, will increase. If air, on the contrary, excessively damp, then instead of containers with water it is possible to place containers with salt or absorbent carbon which will adsorb moisture from air.

It is still good when there is opportunity during a heat to do rubdowns by cold water several times a day - it even reduces thirst a little. However these should not be fond excessively as water dries skin.

Happens and so that the night time temperature of air increases to such an extent that you or cannot fall asleep at all, or hardly you fall asleep and often you wake up therefore quality of a dream suffers. For such cases there is one more reliable tool: it is necessary to put for the night under a pillow a bottle with ice. Council looks as fraught with colds, but in practice it not so. The lower part of a pillow it becomes valid cold, and top gets normal comfortable temperature.