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Ya perfectly I remember Lech that evening. There was a Monday. 10 o`clock in the evening.

Ya perfectly I remember Lech that evening. There was a Monday. 10 o`clock in the evening. On the TV as it often happens in the evenings, there was some banal detective story. Murder was investigated by the girl - the layman at whose inexperience its more grown wise colleagues in detective business quietly and not really laughed and which as it always in detectives of this sort happens, wonderfully, dexterously outdoes at the end them. From there is nothing to do we with the wife, lying in a bed, it is lazy looked at amusing attempts of beginning “Ms. Marple“, and I began to think whether not to switch off the TV when at a door it is disturbing knocked.

- Who it could be such late hour? - the wife started. As all women she was afraid of late visits, always expecting from them something bad.

- I do not know whom hard brought - I drowsily answered, it was unwillingly roused, and, smoothing a hand the disheveled hair, trudged to an entrance door.

- Who there? - as it is possible more surely and more loudly I almost croaked.

- To me to talk … I am your neighbor, - from - for doors the uncertain man`s voice was heard.

Ya slightly opened a door. The young man of years of thirty was on the threshold. Black as

pieces of coal of an eye and a scar a half moon over the left eye - the first that was for some reason evident and remembered forever. Odette it was quite carelessly in old, uncertain color a jacket and some jeans jammed to holes. On the head of it there was a worldly-wise black hat without fields. By the form - drinking the little man, what in temples of Belarus - every second.

Despite weak lighting, I noticed how his hands, big calloused hands of the working person strongly shivered. The guy was tipsy obviously.

- I listen to you - as it is possible more friendly and at the same time as it is possible more quietly I said.

- I am your neighbor … I live … through three houses nearby. You know Marjan? This is my father - confusedly and nervously my uninvited guest explained. I knew Marjan`s

. Quite prosperous as once spoke, the peasant, a fist.

It quite often appeared with the host who we removed, and almost always in strong podpitiya. Could drink, as they say, the sea. But also worked as the farm laborer.

- So it happened? - I hastened the new acquaintance, wishing to finish as soon as possible his midnight visit promising to me a little pleasant.

- Here, near a church, we knocked the car … nobody suffered … but the foreign car … rumpled strongly, - words troubled it, so strongly he worried. His black east eyes incessantly ran here and there - be I a psychologist, would tell that the guy lies or strongly is afraid of something.

- To put it briefly, whether you can help … money … &ndash is necessary; my night visitor, despite thirty years, did not lose faith in people yet.

- And how many it is necessary? - having smiled to its children`s naivety which was not joined to its shabby look in any way, I took an interest.

- Well, dollars fifty … at least, - My God Jesus, the faith in my near new acquaintance really amazed! To be declared at midnight to absolutely unfamiliar “neighbor through three houses“ and to ask fifty green, here so easily - as it is necessary to love the neighbor that so to hope for him?

- Wait here - I returned to the room to the wife who with impatience expected me.

- Marjan`s Son, the best friend Vyacheslav Borisovich, says that he had an accident, money asks - I interrogatively looked at Ksenia.

- And how many asks?

- No more, no less - fifty c.u. - were sjekhidnichat by me.

- At us will not be so much - the wife got into a case, got three brand new multi-colored pieces of paper, - fifty thousand - twenty five dollars. These are the last …

- You believe, once it helps if, of course, he does not tell lies?

- I Think, costs.

Ya took money, opened a door. My night guest nervously smoked, starting up puffs,

which in cold air resembled the white clouds which were slowly rising up.

- Here there are fifty thousand. Any more at us is not present. And here - I stretched piece of paper - my phone. Call when you decide to return. You how to call - that?

- Lech, Alexey - without taking out a cheap cigarette from a mouth, and without raising eyes from money, my uninvited guest proshamkat.

- Well, I went, - having received the, began to bustle Lech.

- Call - I reminded.

- To Dobra - through a shoulder he threw to me.

Minute still I watched in a trace it to the shaking thickset figure, almost regretting that I

here so, having believed, gave money to the tipsy stranger. Altruist. Or sucker?

Passed month. Lesh did not appear, did not call. I was almost sure that I money will receive not

back. To tell the truth, I did not regret that here so, easily, having given in to some dying-off human instinct, almost to atavism, gave rather big sum to the first comer. That there was just a life piece when you are sure that the neighbor should be helped if not to love it as. Having told somehow Vyacheslav Borisovich, the host, by the way, about a night loan, I regretted … is not present, not about what lent, and that I told about it. Old Plyushkin nearly attacked on me, having accused of naivety, and having assured that to me not to see the money as ears.

- You that, absolutely ku - ku?! Same the liar what light did not see before! Swindler! - it was ruined, - does not work, the idler lives off the father! And you to it! How many you gave it?

- Fifty.

- Fifty thousand?! Well, you is valid ku - ku! It is considerable money - now not a chance!

- Yes I am not sorry. We wanted to help. The person in the middle of night came. Speaks, the trouble happened. Besides, son of the acquaintance, your friend, by the way. How not to help?

Somehow in the evening, having come into the next bar to drink a beer small bottle, in a corner, in the tipsy company, I

saw it, my debtor. Navryadl did not want to be approached and reminded of a debt to me and it would understand that I want from it - it was so drunk. On his cheeks there was a three-day bristle, under an eye bruise, it was dressed, as well as then, carelessly. His eyes it is continually drunk were closed and opened, without seeing before themselves anything, except the empty beer bottles standing on a table.

Ksenia, the wife valuing each earned ruble complained about the more than once as she told “silly trustfulness“. Why it gave in to the first rush of heart which, as it is known the most noble and the most unprofitable? Why dared to give such sum to the stranger? Why I, the one who is much more reasonable than it, did not dissuade her? a month more Later I decided to remind

to the termless debtor of myself. Having learned where he lives, I somehow glanced towards evening to him. Him, however, the house did not appear. The door was opened by Marjan, his father whom I was in nearly. Having asked Alexey, and having found out that that there is no house, and it is unknown when he in general is, and also on Marjan`s question why it is necessary to me, I as it is possible explained the reason of the unexpected visit more friendly. In reply I will hear vast arguments of the old man why I should not have lent him to the goof-off to the son. Having made attempt to explain that we lent from philanthrophy, and pushed on already habitual wall of misunderstanding, I mentally waved a hand on the grumpy old man, and, having told at parting something it seems “Let this money will go to it to use“, went home.

Somehow in revival, going from shop home, on other side of the sidewalk, I noticed a familiar figure. Lech about something friendly talked to my neighbor, Volodya. Having come over to other side, I approached them, greeted. My new acquaintance, as well as was last time obviously under a shafa, all some shabby, inaccurate. Having pretended what sees me for the first time in the life, it continued the brisk narration. It was talked of fishing. The subject is infinite therefore, having waited for five minutes for the sake of decency, I interrupted the story-teller and took an interest when that repays me a debt. Lesh made the surprised eyes, having declared that the nobility does not know me. For a minute I began to doubt - whether to the address my claims. The same black eyes - pieces of coal, the same scar a half moon over an eye. Any doubts is it, my midnight friend.

- What is your name? Lech?

- Well, Lech. And what from that?

- I well remembered you, I will not mix. It were you.

- Not - and. Probably, my brother.

- You have no brother, I know.

- Is. Only it in Russia works.

- As it was it if in Russia?

- … well, it came …

&ndash recently; Listen, I well remember you. What was difficult to call? To tell, and so while I cannot repay a debt, I will try later. Properly, you understand?

- I lost phone.

- Could come. I live “through three houses“, forgot? Lech`s

became silent, without finding enough telling arguments in the protection. Then, probably having considered that

attack - the best way of protection, took the offensive.

- And why you to my father went? Threatened. Why said that you will kill?

Ya did not find words. The guy unscrupulously lied, getting out by hook or by crook. The neighbor

Volodya with reproach looked at me as if I really came with threats to the father Leahy, to the peasant is twice larger than me.

- Do not exaggerate. I came to consult about you. At all did not threaten. God grant, that this money did you good. And you will decide to return - you know where to look for, - I was developed and walked to the house. to Lech I saw

still more than once. That near the house. That near shop in the company of some ragamuffins. to Pass

by, even without having nodded as if I also did not wish to be known with it, I did not want and therefore, every time going by, I raised a hand as a sign of a greeting, unwillingly, but lifted.

I said goodbye To money long ago. I did not harbor malice on Lech. However, in soul there was an unpleasant deposit. And now, every time when in conversation that case emerged, I began to be angry slightly, and thought or said something not the most flatter to Alexey or Marjan.

in the Evening to us Vyacheslav Borisovich came and from a threshold threw: “Leshka will never return now money to you“. I wanted to answer something with the offended tone, with tone of an affected party - so I was bothered by all these insignificant talks, - but instead of that took an interest:

- That it you suddenly?

- And you what, did not hear?

- What did not hear?

- Leshka died …

- … died?

- Yes. He suffered from paduchy. Epileptic. At work the attack began, it fell, and … Any more I asked nothing

. Also did not express condolences. And what for? Only because so it is accepted

? Because check tone? To a devil!

to me it became suddenly disgusting. Disgustingly for themselves, for the wife, for Vyacheslav Borisovich, for all those who told at least one bad word to Leahy, thought badly, waved a hand. It became disgusting for the fact that there was no person, and I will go to kitchen now, I will impose myself in a plate a dinner, and I will eat it in front of the TV. It is disgusting that I will carry on senseless talk, trying to show off, prove to be to the best advantage. It is disgusting that it is absent, and I am. It is disgusting that I will eat, sleep, drink, take offense, to carp, to hardly forgive those whom I love most on light. It became opposite that I thought of Leshka badly from - for this pathetic for fifty thousand. It is opposite that did not see in it good and did not try to see.

Once upon a time there was a number of people. Went on the ground. Breathed. Felt. Made mistakes. Reached for light. Fell on a bottom. Again lasted. And again fell. Tried to change something. Perhaps this world better tried to make? Of course, tried. But spoke to it: “Ha, throw! Why to you it? You all the same will not be able!“ And he threw.

Lived in the world. Misunderstood. Stranger. To nobody necessary, even to own father who in drunk waste tears now on himself hair. Or does not tear? Or all the same? Or only for the sake of decency? Bloody decency because so it is necessary? Because from you wait for it?

Will come people. Will eat, drink. To tell beautiful words. To express condolences. To remember. About the dead man - or it is good, or nothing. But why after death? Why later, but not when it was necessary? Why?

, each of us Lord`s miracle! Person! Creation! Everyone is allocated with talents. Everyone is individual. Everyone is interesting. Everyone is unique. And we reduce everything to banal “good“ - “bad“, “clever“ - “fool“, “beautiful“ - “freak“. As often during lifetime we are ready to incinerate the neighbor for the fact that something not as we want. As unreasonable children who are going to live forever. As it is primitive.

Sudden death of Leahy concerned me only edge of the perishable shroud. A black raven flew by by, even without having noticed that I am. And as it became suddenly cold. And it is terrible. It is terrible what can late appear. Forever.