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Than Pskovo`s history - the Pechora monastery is unusual?

of Pskovo - the Pechora man`s monastery are almost on the border with Estonia, in the town of Pechora of the Pskov region. 1473 is considered time of foundation of this monastery, then the well-known caves were open for burial of its inhabitants. All also began with caves. They last under cells, houses and other constructions. by

In monastery caves which still are called “God handed over“ buried more than 14 thousand people - it is the monks, neighboring inhabitants, soldiers protecting the monastery. Still the phenomenon which is observed in these underground caves did not receive scientific justification: in them constantly cool and always very fresh air. Besides, when placing the dead in these caves the smell of decomposition of a body disappears at once.

The secular science tried to explain this phenomenon with special characteristics of sandstone which absorbs smells, monks all to one believe in sanctity of this place - in it is buried many prayer books and the people who are esteemed as Saints.

Excursions on caves make indelible impression on any who dares to enter them. Light a way only the burning candles, the crystal-clear, penetrating air, long labyrinths, and around - the ringing silence. There is an involuntary wish not to lose sight of the monk who conducts on different tunnels. And if he also tells by voice beyond the grave about sins and a doomsday, then it becomes feel a little ill at ease.

The remarkable fact of history of the monastery is that it was never closed and in it always there took place church services during the entire period of existence, that is it is more than five hundred years. This fact is surprising, during this time there were both wars, and cruel persecutions of the Soviet power. Rescued only heroism and dedication of people who devoted themselves to service.

At the time of mass persecutions on churches and monasteries in Soviet period numerous attempts to close including Pskovo - the Pechora monastery were made. Once again there arrived the commission with the resolution on closing. As eyewitnesses tell, authorities transferred to the prior the resolution. That seriously studied the document and … threw it in the burning fireplace. The disarmed delegation moreover and without papers, hasty retired.

There is a surprising book about Pskovo - the Pechora monastery and its inhabitants under the name “Not Saint Saints“ of the Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov). He yours faithfully and love remembers numerous stories and stories, recreating that surprising and mysterious atmosphere which always surrounded the events in the monastery. Describing actions of one of priors of the monastery of Alipiya in Soviet period, he tells such case.

Representatives of the Soviet power once again came with the resolution on closing of the monastery. And the prior had to resort to extremely dangerous measure. He declared that in the monastery a lot of weapon since war and many of brotherhood - veterans who will fight to the last remained. Further Alipy told that it will be possible to take the monastery only by means of aircraft what it will be by all means told on “the Voice of America“ about. This unexpected announcement threw the commission in shock and set thinking, and suddenly it is the truth? Such threat worked. The monastery for some time left alone.

Situations when the monastery could be closed or ruined, there was a set. Every time it came to life inexplicably thanks to unexpected turns of destiny (for example, during the Great Patriotic War this territory belonged to Estonia) or efforts of the people living in it.

In present time of Pskovo - the Pechora monastery is also the place of mass pilgrimage and cultural value.