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Rubber crumb presently

Rubber crumb:

the Rubber crumb is the shredded or reasonable rubber of a various form (fraction) received by method of mechanical processing (crushing or cutting) of rubber waste in 50% of cases these are car tires which left operation, at the same time rubber keeps the elastic qualities of rubber and is safe material for people and environment. FIFA recommends an artificial covering for football, playgrounds and playgrounds from the rubber crumb received by processing of tires.

From year to year, production of a rubber crumb from the rubber production which was in operation, is the progressing and perspective view of business which can be subdivided into fractions and application of this fraction in various fields of activity:

Fraction from 0. 2 - 0. 45 mm rubber dust are used for production of automobile tires.

Thrace to 0. 5 mm rubber dust are used for production of cuffs, laying.

Fraction to 0. 63 mm rubber dust are used for production of bitumen, automobile blocks.

Thrace from 0. 63 to 1 mm for production and improvement of bituminous weight for the purpose of improvement of pavings and giving of elasticity to them and by that increases in term of operation.

Fraction 1 - 4 mm a rubber crumb in total with polyurethane glue forms a basis when laying seamless coverings, production of a tile, borders from a rubber crumb for installation of sports grounds of stadiums, schoolyards, the yards and platforms in kindergartens and other objects, at the same time coverings are a trauma safe due to the elastic qualities. At the same time the rubber crumb on environment and on the person does not make negative impact.

Fraction 2 - 5 Rubber crumb is a filler when laying artificial lawns for football fields, tennis courts, golf courses, apparatuses.

of the Product from a rubber crumb is the main task on emission of secondary raw materials. us you can buy

U a rubber crumb of any fractions and in any volume. you can look at

of the Price of a rubber crumb in the price list, call by phone +7(495) 772 - 21 - 85 or to order in a feedback form. Our expert will call you, specified by you in a form and will answer all your questions.

of the PRICE OF the RUBBER CRUMB of PlusLand

Fraction 0,5 - 0,63mm 18 rub for 1 kg / 18000 rub/t.

Fraction 1 - 2 mm of 15 rub for 1 kg / 15000 rub/t.

Fraction 1 - 3 mm of 14 rub for 1 kg / 14000 rub/t.

Fraction 2 - 4 mm of 15 rub for 1 kg / 15000 rub/t.

Fraction 2,5 - 4 mm of 15 rub for 1 kg / 15000 rub/t.

Fraction 3 - 5 mm of 14 rub. for 1 kg / 14000 rub/t.

Fraction 4 - 7 mm of 13 rub for 1 kg / 13000 rub/t.

Fraction 7 - 10 mm of 13 rub for 1 kg / 13000 rub/t.

at the same time you can order a rubber crumb wholesale and retail at the specified prices. The rubber crumb has the CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST, and the HYGIENIC CHARACTERISTIC of PRODUCTION CORRESPONDS Uniform sanitarno - to epidemiological and hygienic requirements to goods.

It is possible to order a rubber crumb online on the website www. plusland. ru/products/91 /