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Artificial grass presently.

Artificial grass presently.

the Artificial grass represents a carpet, in the form of fibers which are fastened among themselves by a polyethylene thread that is good at high intensive loadings.

the Artificial lawn most often buy schools, kindergartens, football clubs and other public institutions in order that all children could play soccer. At us is on the website of the www company. plusland. ru,

you will be able to order that artificial lawn which is necessary for you or call by telephone 8(495) 772 - 21 - 85. We will be very glad to you to help.

A soccer in our country is very popular therefore it is necessary to lay in each public institution an artificial lawn in order that all played soccer as all this will pay off and we will receive football players new in the future.

is necessary for us For preparation of laying of an artificial lawn:

1. Plain surface, even a concrete surface, without slopes and garbage;

2. Then the field is filled up with quartz sand, and then layer-by-layer crushed stone and gravel, all this surface is condensed and as a result the plain and smooth surface turns out;

3. We roll rolls of an artificial grass on a plain surface, then all ends are cut and leveled, further we stick together with the help of a connecting tape and two-component glue.

4. We do a marking on a surface by means of the special machine for paint which exactly distributes white paint on a surface, or by means of insert of a marking of a white strip;

5. We fall asleep with sand and a rubber crumb with the help at the end pass a tractor with the attached container which exactly distributes sand and a crumb on a surface, further the lawn combs hair a special brush that the surface was equal. It becomes only in dry weather.

I in the conclusion, in our country have to stack artificial lawns not only in public institutions, but also in other public places that boys could play soccer, then we will come to other level of soccer, and we will have football players who will play in the future for Russian national team.