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It became better to live,

became interesting to live more cheerful everything - the person, ladies and gentlemen is arranged. I do not cease to be surprised. Will get accustomed, to adapt everywhere what bad would not be conditions. As that cockroach: as do not poison it what new “pencils“ and aerosols do not exhaust, and he all is living - zhivekhonek, became even stronger, developed protective reaction and again is ready in fight. But the most surprising in all this animal survivability is an ability human conscience the to adapt for new conditions of dwelling - where there to cockroaches! They, at least, turn pale, lose natural pigmentation inherent in them in times, heavy for them, what you will not tell about some human individuals which and forgot to turn pale that shame and do not hurry to replace the natural rozovoshchekost on any other coloring.

, pay attention how many years did not teach us that it is not good to deceive, both in kindergarten, and at school, and in a family, on the contrary, we will tell lies - we will stay without turning a hair. Or, “for achievement of the purpose all means are good“, and the purpose - to sell rather to vpendyurit or put off stuff - goods, often very poor quality, to the trustful buyer in any possible way (in popular speech - noodles on ears, on scientific - deception, a comment of the author), at the same time, having dexterously washed hands - the goods are not subject to return. You judge: recently bought pair of boots, “both it is cheap, and is angry“ which began to break up already in few weeks. Of course, I understood that the qualitative footwear costs expensive, and is more true expensive and that my fast walkers long “will not live“, but the fact that the footwear “will order to live“ so soon, I admit, surprised several me. However, matter in another: the behavior of the seller - an udalets who assured me very eloquently that the goods qualitative, “will bother to carry is interesting, take, you will not regret“. It was necessary to regret, and soon. The same was with disposable razors which really were disposable - will not carp, and with bulbs which fused next day, and with gloves which can be put in one row with razors for their odnorazovost and with other overseas consumer goods. Fish in shop appeared “semifresh“, canned meat only on a smell reminded meat, carbonated drink with the loud name with a number of vitamins on the structure reminded Mendeleyev`s table rather. The list can be continued indefinitely.

A daring pink-checked pedlars unanimously sing the praises of the exclusive junk, tenderly smile, innocently look in eyes, promising both quality, and low cost rolled into one.

Even of the grandmother and the grandfather, trading who where, and those adapted to the market relations (here and you say that you will not teach an old dog to new tricks). Lie - will stay without turning a hair.

Wanted to be tried recently apples and that it is inexpensive. Also I am interested: “Mother, but not frozen?“ Answers: “No, kasatik, take, for a long time you will remember my apples“. And the woman that the same stands nearby sings - cheap takes: “Not frozen the daughter, take, you will not regret“, tenderly so, and in a voice the irritation is heard. Only saw at home that rejuvenating were chilled through, ice - you will break off teeth. Da Bog with them, with apples that, from me did not decrease, but where conscience that yours, mother? You and, for certain, go to church, believe, and a precept, the second for importance, “love the neighbor as“ you do not observe yourself. In any case “love“, at least “do not deceive“.

will answer Me: “You will think, apples. The trifle is what. Pensions are small, it is necessary to live somehow etc.“. And I will answer: “It is good that not fake vodka was. Then a trifle it would not seem“. And in general, all this sounds as a lame excuse of persons of no character, all of us. And still words of one person occur that conscience is Bog in soul. Here also it turns out that some of us in soul have no God.