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Edutes ex abrupto about lie of

you never noticed that we constantly lie? Yes, yes, constantly we think one, we tell another, and we do the third. We think out some justificatory, excusing our pathological tendencies to lies, sweet epithets, like “white lie“, “white lie“, we call lie and resourcefulness innocently “cunning“, “ushlost“ and even “mind“ and “wisdom“. I Remember

how being a pupil of Suvorov Military School in disgraceful Perestroika years, and having returned from absence without leave, over me rygotat all platoon together with our commander then still of red army because I, unlike other companions on an unauthorized weekend, also told the truth (well, I did not want to lie and tell stupidly tales of suddenly sick grandmother who could not be helped, or, having pretended to be an innocent lamb, to mumble that the rise team was insufficiently vigorous, and I incidentally overslept all this time in a barracks corner especially as our commander was not a fool and perfectly knew that each of us the last 48 hours simply - naprosto was eaten off on house harcha, having collapsed before a TV set). Neither my courage, nor my frankness were estimated. Both that, and another, under pridurochny snickers of Suvorov morons, was called “nonsense“ for which I obtained an extra duty while other “cleverer“ samovolshchik got off light (to me they were even held up as an example, here, say, as it is necessary to arrive, the greenhorn) and while these clever men treskat Russian cabbage soup in the dining room, I washed the floors in a zasranny toilet.

Later, practically always, for, really, a rare exception, me was necessary to pay for the such ardent love to the ungrateful truth, whether it be study, work or even own family. All my attempts to explain to people that, however, let bitter and impartial, nevertheless it is better, more noble than the most sweet and “white“, in rescue there or not, lie.

In the yellow-beaked youth, having left from very lucrative post, almost sinecures, for very good reasons for which the Lord, have It such opportunity, for certain, tenderly would pat me shoulder, I had noble imprudence everything, without detailed prikras and inventions, to tell the dear wife and forgiving mother. And what you think? They understood me? Forgave? Did justice to my truthfulness? How so! All subsequent time until I got some income in the family budget, tormented me disgusting sense of guilt and repentances, even not that I, selfishly without having thought of a family, cowardly submitted the notice of resignation, and that straightly told the truth, for as paid. But the lesson of destiny was learned by heart, and next time when already on the new place my salary was cut down twice, and duties exactly so increased, and I understood that there I have nothing “to catch“, I right there and without excessive ceremonies collected belongings and left in a huff, after short thoughts, I did not hurry with revelations in the family, and invented quite banal story about the angry boss and the conscientious worker who in plain terms artfully dismisses the last. The family nobly understood and accepted in the tender embraces. I kept several tens of thousands of nervous cages, I managed to avoid a repeated meeting from it Protivnostyyu madam Vina, and also to save on alcohol and cigarettes.

At my current work my direct (though such mediocre, has to tell you) the chief about persistence of a parrot continues to edify loudspoken and vseprilyudno me in the subject “pseudo-maintaining“ - as as it is necessary to speak to the high administration. So far, I believe, I in the list of his worst pupils as to cope with the pathology not to invent, not to embellish and not to wriggle I not in forces - am not present and to a bryakn something such, “truthful“ from what I am tormented then by conscience.

For example, I drew the schedule under the wild name “Chart of Degree of Satisfaction of the Consumer with Production of the Enterprise“ recently (from whose name a conclusion already follows that the consumer can be satisfied but only it is satisfied, and the task to define degree of his satisfaction is assigned to me). Well, and so, I took more - less real figures, those that were reflected in reports of the highest administration, so-called feedback with our regular customers, and was drawn by this schedule. However, degree of satisfaction of the consumer, on those figures received at the high administration, oddly, from a quarter in a quarter for some reason foully dived down, as in post-war pictures about heavenly fights where the artful enemy bomber which is valorously lined with our nice antiaircraft gunners on fire and a smoke inevitably falls to the earth. I showed this schedule to the boss, for as received “on the first“ (at the beginning, me, the simpleton, did not tell that, despite the become frequent claims from consumers, calls - complaints and other, degree of satisfaction of the consumer with production of our consumer can grow only steadily). It was necessary to remake.

I in general, all our work is continuous “paper deception“. The “exaggerated“ figures, additions, data made up and fabricated and even, I will tell you in confidence, forged seals and signatures. So that`s that. Frankly speaking, feels sick.

Recently, told off me such syaky that I do not do the analysis of sales the next year (and it is necessary as called that this business - “analysis“ - not the forecast there or still as, and already “analysis“, that is, though the next year, and all is known for a long time, clearly, as noonday). Well, and so, I began to collect figures everyones how many there and what it was sold last year how many is on sale now to estimate how many it will be sold next year that as that to bring closer this “analysis“ to reality. Time left a great lot. My chief, it is visible, did not sustain my sluggishness, itself began to calculate this arithmetics. Poskladyvala, poskladyvat, waved the handle, and in 20 minutes made this, here, “analysis“. I am interested: “And how so you, dear such and such, so professionally calculated everything where these figures took and how they were added - read?“

A it to me: “As, as, “what to top“. “It, I apologize, for increase of education, nevertheless as from where you took these four - and five-digit tsiferka?“ And it to me: “From where, from where, from a ceiling! Here from where! Wrote what wants to see our administration!“ Here so. And I showed sluggishness. It is necessary to know what the administration wants to see. strange business, the truth you tell

I - do not believe, and you lie as a gray gelding - all take in all good faith. “You will not tell lies - you will not live“ - popular wisdom says. Liars and liars in honor, truth-lovers always at a loss. However, it is necessary to lie to be able too. At some it is gift to which you do not cease to be surprised, and others, like your rebellious servant, God offended, it did not allocate with talent. Though as I told already earlier, I study, and at me even it turns out. Imagine

, your wife is interested: “You where were? Nine hours, and you work to six“. And you: “Where was where was … Beer of saws! And then we went to bowling. And after ….“ Not - e - et, you to it: “Where where … worked. The report, there, did because the end of the year, or, there, helped the grandmother crossing the road, and it such old, and so slowly moved legs that, here, and was late“. And everything is normal, the world yes love in a family, the wife understands. And borshchets will pour - was tired - the husband, the supporter, and to the TV, on a rookery, will allow to lie down, and will not begin to disturb. Ridiculously? Ridiculously and not really. To us not for fifteen years that we all life “are kidding“ and we get used to this lies - we stick that life without it, the eternal companion, to us is heavy.

Ya considered that for in only one hour of communication with the unfamiliar person, I told lies two times “on big“ and time so twenty - thirty “on small“, just invented, embellished “for interest“. In as.

Besides, at work quite often it is necessary to lie, to pretend to be. Because nobody loves criticism. Try to tell the fool that he is a fool. Mildly so, friendly. The fool will estimate? Never. He will begin to hate you.

Try to express to the chief the opinion. Both about it, and about colleagues, and about work. You think, the chief will estimate? Maybe to you will add a salary, for honesty? What? You have such chief? Then I go to you. He agrees the floors to wash, if only to work for you. I had imprudence once to express the opinion to one chief. Acceptably, philanthropically I told it that if he demands that we always arrived on time for work, he has to be in time, setting thereby to us an example (unprecedented impudence for my part, isn`t that so?). Two weeks he did not talk to me, his expensive pride was so strongly hurt, in every possible way ignoring me. However, sorry, I lie. Two times to it nevertheless were succeeded “not to ignore me“ - in service records where it lectured me for negligent execution of the duties. Tell

to the woman, that she looks bad that this dress to it does not go that a new hair color “not it“ (we will assume that you, really, so consider). You right there learn all truth (you, so love it, isn`t it?) both about, and about the family, and about the relatives.

We, for some reason cannot live, without surrounding ourselves with aura of false visibility from all directions. It becomes boring for us perhaps? We play the hypocrite and we play as actors in theater of life. We see what we want to see. We hear what we want to hear. And anybody to us not the decree. to

And still, try not to lie at least one day. Stay honest, at least slightly - slightly, in relation to people, to yourself. I know, many will not estimate. You will lose so-called “friends“, and will get enemies. Many “excess“ companions will disappear as old skin. And it is heavy presently. Look back, all lie. Unscrupulously advertizing lies. Lie in the markets and in shops. Lie at work, at school, many unfortunate lie houses. But your conscience will be grateful to you, you will begin to respect yourself as person as the personality. Try, you will not regret.