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Etudes ex abrupto about women of

Is considered to be that the woman, the continuer of a sort, “the best half of mankind“, “the fair weaker sex“, “a life vessel which is filled by the man“, “the donator of unearthly delights“, the girlfriend, the wife, the mistress, mother, the hostess of et cetera, - a being, because of all above-mentioned, always and in everything worthy worship, respect and love from the man and society. Let`s consider what virtues, usually, are attributed to “the best half of mankind“. It, the woman, is fine, wise, mild, responsible, hardworking, the hozyaystvenna, is merciful, right, it has also some other advantages which I, because of their large number, find it difficult to remember now.

Now one after another: the woman is always beautiful also we, men, are always ready to estimate it. Get accustomed, please, more attentively whether so this thesis is indisputable. “How it is possible to call this undersized, with a big basin, narrow shoulders and crooked legs a being beautiful? The man only blinded by sexual desire can find it that“ - sit venia verbo - yes will say goodbye to me this expression, one fairly clever person of antiquity wrote. And, really, the word “fine“ or “beautiful“, in my opinion, should be replaced with other, more exact term - “sexual“ or “sexy“ as many like to speak now, “attractive“ or “attractive“, at the worst, but not “fine“ or “beautiful“. The fact that the woman for the man and it is frequent even for representatives of the floor sexually attractive object causing in “the worst half“ of mankind“ a libido will not begin to challenge any, even the most thorough misogynist who had misfortune at least once to be in pleasant women`s society. It is an axiom. And the answer to a question why we, men and women, sponte sua, sine lege, voluntarily, with frenzied persistence continue to call them great goddesses, beauties and sweethearts is very simple - sapienti sat - everyone hears what wishes to hear, and we, men, help them with it. Such is modern etiquette of our society. In the West it differs in favor of independent ladies, Frauen, Fraulein, froeken, Mesdames, signoras et cetera, in the east, even today, a reverse situation a little.

Desire to be pleasant, that is to attract potential sexual partners - fathers of future children, in the woman is imperative. In her the nature deeply put desire to be pleasant, consciously and unconsciously, (from here they laugh, throwing back pretty and not really heads, showing brilliant hair and white teeth - healthy teeth, as we know, a sign of excellent health, go, shaking hips - existence of “hips“ testifies to a wide basin and, along with the developed chest glands, determines high natal function). The woman can not be clever, honest, kind, hardworking, but she is obliged to be attractive. It is obliged by society, men - potential sexual partners, with each other, as all women potential competitors. Remember

that, having woken up, first of all, the woman not old still does? Feeds hungry children and the husband? Runs to milk a cow? Looks out on the street to learn what today weather? Incorrectly, first of all she makes toilet: it brushes the hair, painted, dressed up. What does the woman when she is called by the administration become? Looks for the week report? Summarizes probable answers to management questions? Does necessary calls? Perhaps, but, at the same time, with Guy Julius Caesar`s dexterity does several things at the same time - she manages to tint the grown dull sponges, to correct already perfect hairdress, and something there still.

Further, the woman wise … wise as a snake, add some because as it is well-known, in the east of a dragon - a wisdom sign, and same rare as a royal cobra, I would add. Wisdom and mind, as we know, not same. However, these two concepts which closely intertwine with each other. Female wisdom - so frequent virtue, as well as a female slovosderzhannost. By unanimous recognition of men of science of antiquity wisdom and garrulity - things as compatible, as fire and water. Not without reason Platon hesitated to what category of living beings it befits to carry the woman, - - reasonable or unreasonable, wishing to specify by the doubt that nonsense is its integral property pola1. If the woman even wants to pass clever - as it fight, it will be doubly the silly woman as if a bull who is conducted, contrary to common sense, at a stadium, - - because any congenital defect is only aggravated from attempts to hide it under a virtue mask. However, to be fair it is necessary to notice that reasonable and wise women all - meet in the nature in small populations, but in favor of rationality, often, they lose to appeal, and, being beings initially fairly clever, hurry to exchange the second for the first, after a fulfillment of what, they right there pass from category of the first into category the second. To god Bozhye, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar`s!

Still would like to add that great ladies of a being absolutely irrational and illogical though in a practicality and a pragmatism, to us to men, it would be worth learning from them. Speak about some “female logic“. At my, subjective view, “female logic“ - it no other than absence of any logic in general. And it is senseless it, “the best half of mankind“, to this logic to decline. It is possible to incline the woman to anything, but only not to sensible perception of things. Because the woman “thinks“ of heart (ancient spoke, as one more body, uterus, influences thought processes at women), but not the fact that she is in a cranium. If you agreed with the woman (not the businesswoman with an experience) about something - forge iron while it is hot, can to you and will carry, otherwise the woman will forget about the promise made to you at all, the opinion (because for the last half an hour she spoke by phone with mother, the best friend and the shop assistant in a supermarket, and they forced it to look on new at a situation) because it had a great lot of other, more important issues (to change a hair color, clear-out in the apartment, a trip to hotly beloved mother whom she did not see three days) and mass of other reasons will change. And you is ineffectual, on the verge of a heart attack or a nervous breakdown, you will explain to her and to prove that this word needs to be kept. And whose this word, and? Mine! I want I give, I want I withdraw. And no logic will help you. at all the numerous virtues, I will tell

of the Woman to you in confidence - only do not give me - have a set of shortcomings (they, however, do not guess these shortcomings at all), about which it is not accepted to speak, or it is accepted, but not in which case in the presence of women and if at presence, then it is necessary to do it imperceptibly, with feeling of kind irony, presenting these shortcomings as small, such pretty female weaknesses for which we so strongly love women, and, not that … and, not that - try to hint only with a serious look to the woman that she is a little not sincere (the finished hypocrite), loves compliments (it is susceptible to flattery, as that crow in Krylov`s fable), it is a little thoughtless (the round silly woman), likes to communicate with girlfriends it (is intolerably talkative), is superficial, ambitious, scandalously, is foolish - and thunders and lightnings of indignation, streams of anger and charges will fall upon you the devil knows in what, you will eat with giblets, will damn for ever. Will cease to greet you and to notice you, about you will begin to dismiss rumors and behind the back to pick you to pieces at any opportunity, at the same time, compassionately shedding a tear where it is necessary and it is not necessary, having faced you in a corridor will let you know that you the last from bastards and as soon as such the earth carries.

One more, very important aspect of a female haraktologiya - the victimization moment. Woman always victim. Victim of sexual, physical, verbal, psychological or any other type of violence. The man, the satellite on life, the partner, the boyfriend, the lover, the husband who does not let to the woman to feel the victim in necessary (the allowed woman) degrees will never be seriously considered by the woman as the sexual partner, the father of her children. This is not about the pathological tyrants mocking at women. et cetera influence of the strong man - the leader, “a stone wall“, the defender and the teacher on weaker woman conducted and submitting is about necessary, caused by the nature and society, sexual, psychological, verbal. Women always love (read - psychologically and emotionally become attached) to physically strong partners with accurately expressed lines of a maskulinnost. Many of them say that it has to be able “to lead, subordinate, force, to knock a fist on a table“. Unfortunately, many men cross a threshold of “viktimodozvolennost“ (“raise a hand“, shout, it is too frequent “knock a fist on a table“, deprive the woman of independence) and then the woman seeks to escape from a hated yoke, less often men fall short to the established woman of a level and then lose their respect, are in every possible way derided by the spouses, I receive unflattering epithets “rag“, “mattress“, “not man“, “woman“, “henpecked“ etc. of

the Woman - as many-sided Janus, at work one, with girlfriends another, the third at home. You are not tired to be surprised and adapt to its fast metamorphoses. She can ruthlessly “saw“ the husband herself without knowing for as right there, having left to fasten to the neighbor the most pleasant of ulybochek, is similar sincerely being interested and how are you and as the spouse, as children, having crossed a house threshold back to put on a shelf in a hall a mask of sugariness and a gratefulness, having pulled right there an old “sawing“ mask of discontent.

always almost never interest the Woman consequences and the reasons which led to these consequences. They want to be always in our eyes desired and attractive and almost for this purpose do nothing, or have a ball, turning in overdressed “bemb“. Try to hint the spouse that to you bothered to see her in an old dressing gown and eternal hair curlers. You know what answer receive. However, the woman has

the mass of virtues as it was already mentioned in the beginning of this short etude. Next time I will try to stop on them. For now I ask those women who nevertheless had patience to read up all this delirium up to the end, not to hurry to break a spear and to throw into me stones, for many men, in certain time, and your obedient servant not an exception, you the most beautiful, the most desired, the best. You give life, raise children, heal wounds, provide us the reliable back, in you a great lot of noble intentions which, as we know, paved the road … however, it, of course, not about you. Well, and to learn to live with you is already our problem. Or to live with you or … it is not allowed not to live - tertium non datur - the third, so to speak.