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Etudes ex abrupto about God and belief of

this Subject is so immense, deep and many-sided that still, two millennium later A.D., men of science of the whole world do not cease to break a spear concerning its life and heritage, and for several last centuries there were several tens dogmas, concessions and religious associations, and at the same time this subject is so simple, clear and artless that even small children understand to what God whose all doctrine can be consolidated to ten simple rules - precepts learned. And, nevertheless, despite all simplicity and Iisusov`s availability of a zhizneucheniye in spite of the fact that among apostles, and after and among their pupils, there were fishermen, carpenters, shepherds, publicans - in a word, people of the far nonintellectual professions, for the vast majority starved by homo sapiens civilization the Writing remains the book with seven seals whose sense continues to be perverted, and the simplest truth as debate them more and more, seems less available even for intellectuals.

Is regrettable, but the conducted surveys and supervision made by me, even among, so-called, people highly educated, push on very gloomy conclusions, namely that for most of Children of God to be a kind Christian - means to go to church two times a year - for Christmas and Easter, to put on a candle for health and upoky, to know some main precepts - “do not kill, do not steal, do not desire the wife of your neighbor“ (for some them enough only to know, follow them - optional). Idea of life in God usually also comes to an end with it, and the vast majority of “Christians“ finds it difficult to remember the first and second, the most important, precepts. (You that, dear reader, them for certain, remember, isn`t it? “Love the Lord as yourself“ and “Love the neighbor as yourself“. More simply - there is no place). With seven mortal sins so sad situation, as with precepts - many, except alcoholism and gluttony (gluttony) can remember nothing.

One are quite not bad informed on Christian holidays and posts, but, as a rule, do not observe them. Others, has to recognize, quite often visit the God`s House, are very well familiar with external, formal (as it seems to them such important party) church ceremonial, but in the soul and in the behavior there are the same people of the world, sinners, and often and more, than those who do not go to church at all, bows does not beat and does not put candles.

the Same bible maxims as “if to will hit you on the left cheek - substitute right“, “be not afraid to be weak because in your weakness your force“, “you pray for your enemies“, “bless your Lord when you are derided and pursue because you are my followers. Rejoice to it because the big award expects you in the sky“, “Forgive to your debtors“ and assemblies of others - are not clear to many “advanced“ individuals at all, and they cause rough reaction of ardent rejection and rejection in some.

In days of Sorokodnevitsa (Lent) in establishment where I have honor to work, to the deep regret - no, not to grief, and not a regret, namely a regret because, prompt how here not to give in to despondency - I did not meet any highest creation of our Lord which would hold a post - well at least one week!

Some representatives of the best half of mankind nevertheless starved on Mondays, but especially from dietary, improving, having nothing in common with the Lent, reasons. Has to tell that repeatedly, most often from my modest giving, the speech nevertheless came about preeaster days and about post-obsession canons, and again - about a grief to all of us! - the idea of the Post was vulgarly and ignorantly perverted, and reduced to simple starvation of a body, for the purpose of weight loss and clarification of an organism from harmful slags. What before “clarification of thoughts from filth“, before abstention from is empty - idly - and malignant gossip, forgiveness of the family, relatives and our enemies - even grown wise life “Universe wreaths“ could not guess because this thought from their lips never sounded.

my modest abstention (in that degree in which it turned out) from food, drink and evil thoughts and words, has to declare, was accepted by some as excessive asceticism, it was often derided, and once, when passing interview on employment, my ferial speeches and behavior caused suspicion of sectarianism in potential employers (I had “nonsense“ to declare that I do not watch three months TV, because of its full clutter and the brainwashing effect rendered on the captivated victim on that side of the screen that I reduced consumption of animal food to a minimum at all and that I believe, a civilization and modern society do not do separately taken the person not a jot happier, and rather destroy in it the God`s beginning and that good that in it still remained). Well I remember with astonishment protruding eyes of adherents of modern lifestyle and free love. It and many other things served as

to me which - what lesson. I know that belief and everything that is connected with it, thank God, things especially intimate, and now to myself “to the detriment“ I abstain from dushespasitelny sermons. “I do not talk some sense mad“ - as learns the Writing.

Every time, communicating with the relatives and good friends, people in many respects really remarkable among which there are enough nice representatives hoary with age of the human race, I marvel to their utter ignorance in questions of belief and religion. Such obvious dogmas as everywhere the getting sinfulness of the world created by us and society, our taken roots, so habitual and imperceptible hypocrisy, hypocrisy, badly - and bludomysly, malignant gossip, lie, envy of all flowers, not forgiveness, condemnation, ARROGANCE, small vanity, conceit, egoism, an egokonsumerizm (continuous consumption) and a lot of things is many other things cause in them, to put it mildly, easy misunderstanding and as it seems to me, feeling of suspicion, whether and all in me with the head as it should be. Or, perhaps, I am “Baptist“. And Baptists as all know, entirely sectarians. As one my acquaintance, the quite good, actually, person spoke: “Killed nobody, I do not steal, I do not fool around. Children gody (I care), to relatives podsoblyayu. I drink moderately, and, having drunk, I go to sleep, but not somewhere there still …“. What here you will tell on such here arguments and the facts? Here to you and all logic. And any dryn of these of “old dogs“, alas, not to teach new tricks any more. Unless the thunder will burst or the fried rooster will peck.

our fathers and mothers are firmly convinced that to ask, at least once, forgiveness for the hotly them beloved children, there is nothing (they at them in unpaid to a debt - raised it, fed, dressed, taught mind - reason. That from what sometimes a belt had to be poured - there was a taka need, means. And it is fair or not who will sort? The main thing, did good). I remember, more than once I tried to din into the mother that not everything that not all her methods of education were good. How many did not try to explain - it was impossible to reach. This taboo.

our wives also firmly believe that to ask forgiveness for the husbands there is nothing. It is not accepted. Education does not allow. They cannot understand that all of us are guilty before each other, not for nothing for some Christian holidays, everything, without discrimination, we ask the friend at friends forgiveness - children from parents, parents from children, husbands from wives, wives from husbands, from friends, from neighbors, at unfamiliar. Because to offend so easily, it is possible both business, and the word, and thought bad. In, as. And the Bible learns bigger, as well as many other religions: ask forgiveness for a grass that the legs you trample down, for a birdie that from a tree frightened off, for the earth which spat or what garbage threw. In as, brothers in Christ. And you speak “Did not kill, did not steal …“.

Reflect though for a moment, dear friends in what a sinful abissala, we, stay! We hopelessly wallowed in never-ending series of bloody wars which are waged under the most magnificent of banners and whose colourful panels flutter on winds of the most devil intentions.

the Inquisitive human genius granted to us in God`s glory and human invented thousands of the most sophisticated tortures and executions, our will not in forces to refuse many of which and nowadays, in a century of unknown technical and human progress.

in Millions, for the sake of own sensual pleasure, corporal comfort and insatiable gluttony we destroy dumb animals to whom, however, sometimes, even we put monuments. We force the nature - the mother whom, however, so hotly we love. Strange however love.

Daily, the most nice of us brothers and sisters vulgarly lie, play the hypocrite, betray, sell, indulge in the dirtiest defects, such as alcoholism, gluttony, fornication, arrogance, anger, laziness for which they are thought out beautiful, serving as the dirtied shirmochka, names as - gourmandise, free love, advancement, and it do not even notice! Because norm!

our mothers and fathers slowly die at nursing homes or in own half-ruined log huts - crypts, and we think of the next abrupt wheelbarrow. Our not born children shamefully dry lewd spots of a seed on a body of our girlfriends and mistresses, and we already hurry behind the next sensual pleasure.

We society of alcoholics and addicts, bums and bribe takers, thieves and prostitutes, beggars and oligarchs. Nihilism - here our belief! Fine Satan - our God!

Unless you do not hear gnashing of teeth! Or all of you still trust in hell beyond the grave? Yes all of us for a long time in hell and this hell in our souls!