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- In any case, you had to help me, but not sit, as usual, having buried in the foolish computer! - in Ksenia`s voice there were whining notes, but instead of regretting her, Egor became angry even more.

- Devil! And I and the right have no to have a rest after work! - he parried in its spirit, - at work a stress, aim from you all juice as from a lemon to squeeze out, you come home - and at home, here you are, the same! And what was difficult to tell that it is necessary to bring waters? To open a door and to advertize? So, no! You are proud! Stubborn!

Ksenia, having frowned, silently dostiryvat linen. Egor, angry as the devil, became enraged began to knock on the computer keyboard, damning itself, female pride, and the rain pouring the third day in a row behind a window. in the Morning the wife continued by

the boycott declared to the husband since evening, and did not react to a morning greeting of Egor in any way. “Well also let. Found from - for what to pout. From - for the fact that did not bring water. In the evening itself you will want to share with me something, and I, here, will take also to you the same as you to me!“ - Egor mentally presented this sweet revenge.

But also too, seemingly, Ksenia not really hurried to communicate in the evening to the spouse. She silently prepared a pan of chicken soup, washed the dishes and took seat in front of the TV to drink tea with the bought candies. Egor, sitting in front of the computer, several times turned the head as if expecting what in its party, but, seeing that the wife has affairs more pleasant, than a showdown, returned to the occupations again.

- And I will have a cat - he suddenly overheard.

- What? What cat?

- Cat. Cat.

- What cat? Speak plainly!

- I will bring a cat tomorrow. The colleague leaves for study. Asked to shelter for two weeks.

Egor silently digested unexpected information. Undoubtedly, it was the low revenge from the wife. He knew that she disliked both cats, and dogs especially as they already had two cats and a cat whom they regularly fed up and who came to them as to themselves home to eat and have a rest. Until now the wife fought a losing battle with all these living creatures for purity and an order in the house and near the house.

- I do not understand you. What cat on figs. At us and as in a zoo. We rent the house without

of conveniences. In dirt we sit. You to me ate all bald patch that I feed up the Gipsy and two neighbour`s cats, and here, here you are - will bring foreign cat to the house!

- For Only two weeks! And then, it is house. Never on the street was. Small pretty

a cat - Ksenia pensively closed the big eyes.

suddenly showed to Egor that Ksenia lost the remains of reason or she simply scoffs at it. Not that he did not love animals, absolutely on the contrary, he loved them. But at the same time he perfectly understood that animals need to be engaged, look after him. And on it both of them had neither time, nor conditions. It began to bring up it.

- Yes you understand what means to keep an animal in the house?! What the cat in the house means?! It means

constantly to clean after it. To take out its box, to collect everywhere its wool, to remove it from curtains and to drive from cases. It means to nurse him as child! He will drag to the house of fleas, pincers. Can worms. Have a look in what conditions we live! And you still want to drag a cat!

- I will clean after it. I will feed him. I will do everything.

- You! Yes you do not transfer the Gipsy who and that seldom comes into the house to spirit! I - against!

- And I - for! - she obviously scoffed at it and took from it great pleasure. Its big

gray eyes fervently smiled, her mood became straight as the grass beaten to the earth by a heavy boot becomes straight.

Egor came Next day home a little earlier usual. Put to be fried potato and went for water. Having put buckets on the earth and having closed a gate, through dense foliage he saw Ksenia who is coming back from work. Ahead, on a shoulder, it had some bag, and she, from ear to ear, smiled broadly. Egor, having forgotten about buckets, met requirements of her. As it came nearer, the smile on its freckled face became more radiant.

- Brought everything-! There is a stubborn creation! - Egor returned behind buckets.

of the House, without removing footwear, he entered the room after the wife.

- Well, show the child.

- He already under a case sits. It was hammered for fear.

Egor bent, glanced under a case, trying to make out the small frightened lump in

darkness. But instead he saw a big black cat who scaredly looked at it from a far corner.

- This is your cat?! Yes it is an adult fat cat! - he blurted out. - Pussycats - pussycats - pussycats. Go here, - but the cat not of

moved, frightened of all this fuss and unfamiliar voices.

- All right, let will get gradually used - Egor went to kitchen.

- And with what we will feed him?

- I brought a cat`s forage here. He, except him, eats nothing.

- Remarkably!

of Hour through two the cat attracted with a smell of a forage which was put before a case at last ventured to seem from the shelter. Having smelled a forage and uvidav Egor entering at this moment the room he hurried to retire in the chosen corner.

- Pussycats - pussycats - pussycats. Yes go here - Egor lost patience and now pulled out an animal by force. Cat


Having pulled out it on a great wild world, Egor with curiosity began to examine unexpected new

of the resident. At a cat was a long flexible body, it is even unusual, almost unnaturally extended body, a long tail and huge is green - yellow eyes. It was black from the top to a tail tip. To Egor the black cat from Edgar Poe`s story, the black cat jumping at night on a breast to the new owner and striking incredible terror into that was remembered.

the Cat escaped, and this time whisked for an oven, in the most inaccessible recess. Egor was inclined by

in front of the furnace to make out where the animal hid. The cat sat, having extended in all length, and only two yellow eyes shone from darkness.

- Timid. It is necessary to give it time to get used. You know, what is his name? - nearby there was a wife.

- How?

- Zosya …

- Zosya?

- Sure. After this or Zosya. Ridiculously, truth? the Next hour the cat carried out

where, seemingly, it was pleasant to it most of all - behind an oven. He did not mew and, appear, did not move, remaining all in the same extended pose in which Egor saw it at the beginning.

- Do not touch. Let gets used - Egor with the wife turned off the light in the room and went to bed.

Egor woke up at Night from a strong roar. It seemed, something fell from a window. He rose on an elbow, examining in the dark that it could be. Under a table the black silhouette began to move.

- Cat! It be wrong! - he whispered to the woken-up Ksenia. - Begins.

Having dozed off minutes through ten, they were woken by deaf stamping of cat`s paws again. Silently, they began to watch an animal. The cat aimed to a table and without the aid of a chair jumped upward, from there and stared at the computer in the window which is filled in with a dim moonlight. In five minutes he decided to change the dislocation and jumped off from the computer on a table, then on a floor then he plaintively began to mew.

- The Devil`s animal - Egor lost patience. - And long all this will proceed!?

the Wife deeply sighed. Sense of guilt was slowly woken up in it. She began to move,

turned over on the other side, trying to fall asleep.

All night long Zosya ran on the room, jumped on tables, mewed, hid on a case, again got out and sniffed at everything around. Egor, angry on the wife and an unruly cat, fell asleep only at daybreak.

Next day, all in affairs and cares, he absolutely left about the new inhabitant at home, and only on the way home remembered that his dwelling is not empty now, and it there, perhaps, someone waits. Strange, but to Egor the thought was joyful that he will see Zosyu soon.

- Ki - pussycats - pussycats, where are you? - Egor did not find a cat. In the room there is nobody. Under a case it is empty. Behind an oven … Kot again, having extended in all length, sat in a corner, on the habitual place.

- Here there is a silly animal. Does not want to leave - he explained to the wife.

That, in turn, tried to entice a cat from shelter by means of a cat`s forage, tender words and pokes of a broom - but, is useless. It seems that the cat was not going to change habitats. The adaptation period obviously dragged on.

However, nights Zosim was much more courageous, than in the afternoon, and continually made long noisy sorties in all corners of the small house. At the same time unlike other more dexterous fellows, it something is obligatory unintentionally touched and overturned from where - nibud with a roar broke and fell.

at it spilled out at night appetite, and he quietly champed, eating the cat`s sausage, went to a toilet and is noisy rummaged in the box, plaintively mewed under doors and asked that it was immediately let out or also let in soon.

Egor for hours could not fall asleep, and absolutely went mad from such life. Usually after short fight against the new inhabitant of the house - he tried to close it in other room, in kitchen, on the contrary opened all doors, believing that on freedom the cat will find the place and will calm down, - it burst in long instructive maxims to a cat and the wife. As he tried, he could not constrain himself from reproaches to the spouse - finally it she brought, contrary to him, this awful animal.

Ksenia, in turn, felt guilty, tried to affect somehow a cat, but, everything is ineffectual. Several times it tried to carry a cat back, but where? - owners, left and to return not soon.

Besides, besides sleepless nights, Egor waited for new test. Literally in two days after arrival of a cat he noticed that it scratches eyes, cold developed, it continually burst in long attacks of sneezing. Once in the childhood Egor`s parents had to get rid from wavy a popugaychik because it revealed an allergy. Possibly, so was and this time. Egor sneezed more and more furiously, already almost hating a cat. Zosim, meanwhile, overcame with

the natural shyness, and quite accustomed to the house. He did not hide behind an oven any more as he earlier, and joyfully met the temporary owners from work, melodiously purring himself something under a nose.

in the Afternoon while Egor and Ksenia were at work, it peacefully slept off on a sofa, coming to life by the evening.

of its Habit were lungs, nezloblivy and as all “hothouse plants“, the cat was helpless in the simplest affairs. the House to leave

, even for a while, he did not wish under any even the most plausible excuse. Egor took out it few times on the street, and every time, having put the tail between the legs, and on - plastoon, the full of primitive fear, poor animal from all paws flew for a saving door, returning it feeling of safety and rest.

Egor dripped anti-allergenic drops. Ksenia became more often to do damp cleaning in the house to reduce presence of allergen to houses. A cat, in turn, bringing the contribution in gradually the adjusted family idyll, tried to be awake more in the afternoon and to sleep at night. Only now Egor noticed

how Zosim is beautiful. It was not simply graceful and graceful as all other cats, it was aristocratical. It was black as night. It had a little head and unnaturally long body which is smoothly passing into always mobile tail. His paws were also long and very graceful.

Besides it was very playful cat. Once he saw where - nibud the got lost sun ray silt of the flitting moth, he right there, having forgotten about everything, rushed to the new passion, but, at the same time, did not try to eat an unlucky moth or a paw to beat an impregnable part of light, and is very careful, almost gentle, tried to touch to new and novel as if to touch secret.

In a week, very carefully and unostentatiously, a cat got acquainted with two neighboring cats who from time to time are scurrying about around the house on purpose something to profit. Several times, from - for the ignorance of street laws, he was bit the Gipsy healthy the peeled neighbour`s cat, and only Egor`s intervention rescued it from a big scolding.

Nevertheless, the street as something hitherto forbidden and sweet, with the increasing force attracted to itself Zosima. It began to appear at home more and more seldom, and now Egor with Ksenia were already concerned by his long absences - as if what did not happen, the cat that, all - was house and others.

in the Long autumn evenings when Egor sat down to a table and, for example, began to write something in the notebooks, Zosim jumped on a table nearby and with very amusing expression monitored the movements of the handle as if it was not a message what miracle, opening for an inexperienced animal. Egor was often forced to put aside the work because indifferently he could not look at grimaces of a cat.

In a word, Zosim became the family member of Egor and Ksenia, and they already did not shout at it for his mischief any more, and so he could live at them for a long time.

But as it usually happens, expired two weeks, and day of separation came. The cat suspected nothing, and on a habit went to the next roofs - every day he left further and further. Ksenia, as she spoke, was glad that, at last, the cat will come back home, and everything will fall into place - neither daily cleaning, nor reproaches from the husband. Egor, on the contrary, since the morning felt uncomfortably. He could not understand the feelings: on the one hand there will be more no compelled vigils, cat`s wool, an allergy, on the other hand at it tears as if he leaves the friend gathered in the eyes.

the wife called At four o`clock the mistress of a cat and they “packed“ nothing understanding Zosima into his backpack. Earlier obedient cat did not want to sit quietly in any way and so strove to jump out of this uncomfortable nest on the will which was already in time to be fallen in love so to it.

- Sidi it is quiet, the little fool - Ksenia repeated. Egor also did not try to help it. He understood that to return back to owners who constantly drive about and continually hand over a cat, to be locked up all the time - no, it is better to be a domestic cat.

- Well that? “Farewell, my friend issinya - black. Forgive, I did not want the evil“ - it was remembered to Egor. He turned away not to show treacherous tears - it, all - the man, it is impossible to be so sentimental.

- Well, we went - Ksenia said and went towards the road. The head Zosima looked out over her shoulder, big yellow eyes with fear looked at Egor as if they asked: “Do not give me, I do not want“.

Is strange, all - the person is arranged. Unreasonably somehow, despite the wonderful God`s purpose. He seldom protects what it has and appreciates, and having lost, pours crocodile tears, sprinkles the ashes on the head.

Somehow, a week later, on work Egor brought which - what equipment to repair, and on the parking, among dirty “Opels“ and “Muscovites“ he saw the cat like two peas in the pod reminding Zosima. The cat somehow uncertainly and sadly went away. Egor stopped, peered. “Seems perhaps“ - he thought. “Absolutely I as the woman became, dismissed snivels from - for some cat“. Here he was called by the driver of a van, and he hurried to get into the car - there was not enough time.

- And where there live owners Zosima? - he asked the wife, having come home.

- Owners Zosima? Around maternity hospital. And why you ask?

- Today, when I brought the computer to repair, saw a cat on the parking, similar to Zoska. As

of times in that area.

Followed a short pause.

- You said that owners and tried where - nibud to sell a cat, isn`t it?

- Well, like that. They study also them arrivalto itsyaitsya to go often. A cat, some kind of, a hindrance,

you understand?

- I Understand. Very much even well I understand. Most likely, it was it.

- I do not think that they expelled him though everything can be.

- Call them. Learn - Egor did not lag behind.

Ksenia dialed number of owners Zosima. In five minutes she reported with a smile: “Houses it, at them.

Speak, sits on a window sill and all the time looks out of the window“.

Egor with relief sighed, but on heart all the same was for some reason restless. “And what this cat to me so in heart that ate? Perhaps I feel guilty or still what? Or perhaps presentiment what bad“. Egor once again drove away thought of a cat, an importunate fly soaring over it.

Passed month. Somehow in the evening on Friday Egor came back home in high spirits. After work celebrated birthday of the chief accountant - well drank, have tasty a snack. Ksenia was already at home. She prepared something at a plate for dinner. Having seen that Egor drank, it, for some reason did not try to hook him or to reproach how there was every time in such cases. Only threw - is you will be?

- The Nea, it is not hungry.

- I have a news …

- What for news? If bad, then give another time - Egor did not want to spoil to himself

mood. “Or at work what changes, or still some nonsense“ - he thought.

- Zosima lulled …

- … To Zosk? … Why?

- I called owners, tell something with a stomach. Ceased to eat, lay, did not rise. I

feel now guilty.

Hop right there disappeared from Egor`s head. He suddenly wanted to begin to cry. To begin to sob as the small child. To bury in someone`s warm hands and to fall asleep, not to think of bad.

In a window began to knock a cold November rain. From - for clouds for a second the thick dim moon crept out and sadly glanced in a window. “Farewell my friend issinya - black. Forgive, I did not want the evil …“.