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How to prepare kamak? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

of Smazhennaya pork, as well as many other fat meat dishes of traditional Belarusian cuisine - food tasty, but heavy for a stomach. To such food a garnish is necessary. According to Belarusians, there is no best garnish for meat than potato. One of remarkable potato dishes which was given is given to a selyansky table - kamak.

In our century of general ostentatious tolerance to call the Ukrainian “Ukrainian“, the black American “Black“ or the physically disabled person “disabled person“ is considered nearly an insult. But Belarusians seldom take offense if they are called by “bulbasham“. We love potato and we eat it literally without measure.

In spite of the fact that potatoes “won“ the Belarusian fields not so long ago as can seem today, on a table of Belarusians he is the real monopolist. The local statistics on difficult explainable habit quite often masks level of consumption of potatoes the population, considering it in total with other products.

However, the thinking reader is quite capable to draw the correct conclusions even on those figures which are in the press. For example, according to official figures potatoes share together with grain and bread in a diet of Belarusians occupies nearly 41% while Spaniards have about a quarter. But at the same time 11% of all Belarusian food - root crops, whereas in the European countries their share - units of percent.

As for shower consumption of potatoes, Belarusians undisputed leaders of the former Soviet Union. On average each of us eats in a year 183 kilograms of “potatoes“ at rational norm less than 130 kg. For comparison, Russians use in a year 113 kg, Ukrainians - on 133.

“Bulbyanyya kamaki“ - one of hundreds of simple dishes of the Belarusian potato cuisine. They are trained approximately according to the same recipe with insignificant local variations everywhere.

In spite of the fact that the name of a dish in plural, in villages quite often prefer to do one big kamak, or “êàìÿê“, on all table instead of molding portion potato Koloboks. So more simply and more conveniently.

The main ingredient of kamak - potatoes. Except it onions, lard are required and it is a little salt to taste. Ratio of products quite approximate: on 1 kilogram of potato - about 100 g of fat and one small bulb.

The peeled potatoes are cooked in the usual way. While it cooks, fat with meat layers is cut and fried, periodically stirring slowly, on a frying pan together with onions. Frying duration - about ten minutes. In practice it depends on that, pork is how small cut. For kamak it is necessary to heat rather liquid fat, but it is not obligatory to turn separate pieces of fat into firm inedible hillocks at all.

However, in the Russian furnace business does without hillocks seldom. Even potato with which hostesses put chugunka closer to fire burns. Having got boiled potatoes from the furnace, too burned slightly places usually cut off, but quite often they get to plates of eaters. It does not matter: “Who eats hillocks, that will not be afraid of a thunder“, - peasants of small children playfully learn.

Boiled potato is pounded the traditional wooden pusher, pour out in mashed potatoes together with the heated fat the fried fat and onions, carefully mixed.

Potato “dough“ for kamak is spread on “ïàòýëüíþ“, on the same frying pan on which fat was fried, and form of it an accurate round hill. It also is that kamak.

Kamak on a frying pan put in the furnace on “lyogki spirit“. Some time it is held there what without covering with that mashed potatoes dried up, was reddened and became covered by a crust. Before closing the furnace gate, kamak cover with a suitable bowl and about 20 minutes weary in heat.

To a table of a kamaka give together with a house pickles as an independent dish or as maintenance to meat.

Bon appetit!


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