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What rules of driving the bicycle exist?

Even in our century, a century of rough automobilization, millions of people with pleasure use bicycle. The bicycle - the irreplaceable assistant, especially in rural areas, for people of various professions. At the same time it and fine means of active recreation. And it is so valuable in modern conditions when physical activity of people was strongly reduced.

to ride a bicycle, there is not enough ability to keep balance yes to twist pedals. Without ability “to read“ road signs, to know signals of the traffic light and gestures of the traffic controller to come out to the street simply risky: the cyclist should go side by side with mighty trucks, high-speed cars, brisk motorcycles. If to consider that the cyclist is not protected by either a body, or a cabin, then will become clear why he should show a care maximum, to be able to be guided quickly and correctly in various situations. Invaluable help in it is given by the main code of road relationship - Traffic regulations. Special chapter of rules is devoted to cyclists, and it is simple to acquire it to everyone who is going to buy the bicycle.

First of all, it is necessary to know that those who reached 14 years have the right to come out to the road. Remember also another: the movement is allowed only in one row and not further one meter from the region of the carriageway. It is possible to go also on a roadside if it does not disturb pedestrians. It is allowed to leave on the middle of the road only for a short time - for overtaking or a detour of an obstacle, for example, of the standing car. Before executing this maneuver, be convinced whether is not present behind transport, whether you will create hindrances to drivers. Warn about the intention to leave a row special signals: before turn extend the left hand on the left or lift up and bend right in an elbow; before turn to the right - respectively, extend the right hand or lift up and bend left in an elbow. Try to signal in due time, otherwise the motorist going behind will not manage to slow down in time.

For safety of cyclists they are forbidden to turn on the left and to be developed on roads with a streetcar service, on roads with the movement to several rows. And how to be if all - needs to be been developed or turn on the left, for example, on other road? In such cases it is necessary to dismount and transfer the bicycle to the opposite side, following rules for pedestrians.

The care of safety of cyclists and pedestrians dictated also some other requirements. So, cyclists are forbidden to go on sidewalks and walking paths not to bring down the pedestrian, not to run into a baby carriage.

Teenagers quite often ride, without holding hands a wheel. Such recklessness threatens to turn back trouble: the stone will get under the forward wheels - and the wheel “will be curtailed“.

Can lead to accident as well driving closely behind bus or truck. If that suddenly slows down, collision which victim will be a cyclist is inevitable. Hope for what can be curtailed on a roadside or to go round the braked car, it is fraught with danger to please under a counter or passing car, to run over the pedestrian or on the transport standing on a roadside. Therefore the distance should be observed such that in a case even of sharp and sudden braking of the car going ahead it was possible to stop the bicycle in due time.

It is forbidden to ride together one bicycle. It is authorized to transport only the child, but for this purpose the bicycle needs to be equipped with an additional seat and footboards.

It is not allowed to transport by bicycle the bulky objects acting more than on half-meter on length and width. The neglect is dangerous by this requirement both to people around, and to the cyclist: for the acting subject can hook on the car passing by.

Do not forget before a trip, especially distant, to take care of equipment. Driving the bicycle demands quite big physical tension, therefore, the clothes have to be easy, convenient and not constraining the movement. Special cycle shoes or gym shoes can be bought in sports shops. Adjust straps of a backpack more densely that in way it was not rolled on a back and did not move down on one side. Check technical condition of the bicycle - serviceability of a brake, wheel, wheels.

Also you remember: observance of Traffic regulations - guarantee of successful travel!