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How life to live without drugstore? From dzhidy!

of Dzhid - the known tree. But ask people and you will hear confused data about it is mute and even wrong ideas of appearance, properties and of that advantage that can present to the person of a dzhid. I will begin from far away …

we Went with the friend by the train and in a compartment window suddenly saw serebristo - gray trees. Both knew what trees are - in the childhood tried from them tasty fruits, and forgot partially the name: whether dzhid, whether Jude, whether still as. And how it is correct to consider - a tree it or a bush? And it is even more concrete - what place of Jude takes in life of people?

On departure from the settlement near the station I paid attention that this dzhida became much more, than was once. The beautiful grove surrounded Sazanye`s lake from all directions, and quite recently it it was almost not visible here. And the soil here - saline soils, and to this nice prickly tree all - itself wins every year the territory under “state“ at all.

Yes, in the childhood we knew places of growth of these unusual trees each and all. As soon as the fruits which stuck around branches began to promaslivatsya and become translucent, we, local boys and little girls, flew on a plododaruyushchy tree from all directions and ate too much! Yum-yum!

The dzhida resembles a sea-buckthorn widely known to gardeners superficially … Careless it painfully pricked whether but to us to pay attention to such trifles of our post-war life! We visited the forest dining room until fruits dried up, and then grew white, and their contents turned into white flour.

When the dzhida blossomed, pleasant, fragrant and attractive aroma downwind was far carried. And with its help it was possible to find the tree entirely covered in the cheerful yellow flowers. To find and remember, than the children also were engaged as intelligence agents of forest riches, all summer.

One my companion somehow decided to be engaged in turning woodworks. For this purpose it gathered preparations from a local maple, dried up, it seems, them, but finished products began to burst along fibers over time. The master pasted wedges, closing up marriage, but new cracks appeared after a while. My colleague would know that the dzhida gives nearly the best wood for similar works. By the way, the mentioned tree suits for decorative landings and creation of green hedges - large animals will hardly overcome a dense caustic wall from a dzhida.

In reference books it is reported that the dzhida has also a name “sucker narrow-leaved“. This sucker with the sucker human has nothing in common. And in the people of such name of a dzhida I had not to hear. And here about its medicinal properties I was told by my grandmother - the simple peasant but famous on district villages of travniyets and the healer. She said that the dzhida improves work of respiratory organs, warm activity, reduces arterial pressure. Having tried berries, people become kinder, quieter. It should be noted that the dzhida historically had also other names: olivny tree, silver tree, tsaregradsky rod, Jerusalem willow, olive tree, olive and others. These names demonstrate that the dzhida is known since bible times.

By means of a dzhida treat the central nervous system, colitis, a diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach diseases, skin diseases, hypostases, a scurvy, heal wounds. If to you long it is not slept, then the dzhida can strengthen influence of sleeping medicines. At treatment flowers, fruits, leaves, bark are used … It is only necessary not to be lazy and in time to prepare raw materials.

Fruits contain many sugars, including glucose and fructose, protein, salts of potassium and phosphorus, tannin, organic acids, dyes. In leaves of much ascorbic acid, and in bark - alkaloids, tannic, dyes; in flowers - essential oil.

The pulp of berries of a dzhida is used at baking of bakeries. They are assistants to culinary specialists and the good hostess at preparation of various dishes and sweet porridges. Do stewed fruit, the invigorating drink of berries - to a kisliyets, cook compote … to

Even to artists - painters and other sort to masters of a dzhid it is useful - from it extract gum by means of which make varnishes, paints, glue.

Only the main data on a subject of article are listed. The curious reader will be able always to expand the ideas of a dzhida. Successful search!