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How it is possible to use glass in interior design?

long since attracted the Brilliant miracle the inexpressible, mysterious beauty. Its ability to play iridescent modulations seemed something fantastic. Glass inspired masters - in their hands transparent weight turned into magnificent and distinguished products. Many works are presented in the museums now. Quite often interior designers also address glass. It is capable to make the house the real palace. Refined ease

This material seems to

fragile, however modern technologies allow to give it wear resistance and durability. Advantages of glass furniture are undoubted - it is ecologically safe and very practical. Regiments, cases, tables not only perfectly carry out the functional purpose, but also remarkably decorate an interior. It looks easy and air.

Glass is very many-sided. It can be colourless, however sometimes resort also to its toning. Very expressively golden and silvery glass. Black - refined and mysterious will be to the taste to someone. Colors and shades can be the most different. Quite often the surface becomes relief that increases decorative properties of products. Except transparent, also opaque glass is issued.

Poetry of space

Much would be desirable to see more spacious than

the housing. Of course, it is impossible to move apart walls, but quite really to try to broaden visually the room. Here glass gives invaluable help. Objects from it do not “eat“ space that allows to achieve feeling of a scope. Very opportunely mirrors will have - with them the room seems more.

Already there were classics glass chandeliers. They create a surprising play of light. It gives to a situation conviviality. As addition it is possible to use glass curtains - a beads - a fashionable trend of the last years. Transparent balls remind the rain drops running on a thread. Such accessories introduce in a poetry note interior.

a Noble variety

Glass partitions will be suitable

for the organization of space and division of the placement on functional zones. Besides it is a remarkable element of a decor. It is possible to choose partitions with drawings. More mobile option - glass screens. They often become on castors therefore it is easy to move them and by that to change a situation. For fans of a variety it can be the good decision.

Stained-glass windows - the real embodiment of luxury and nobility. They are capable to change the image of the house cardinally. It is possible to decorate with them interroom doors, partitions or to use as wall panels. Pictures from multi-colored glass will give to all furniture palace magnificence. They will fit into any style of an interior. The subject of images differs in a big variety - from landscapes to mysterious abstractions.

an originality Charm

is difficult to present to

the house without accessories from glass. Vases, candlesticks, figurines look unusually poetically. It is worth paying attention to author`s products. It is possible to remember about surprising glass from the city the Goose - Crystal - it is famous more than two centuries. Masters in those regions create rare works on expressiveness - each of them is unique.

It is interesting to try to make with own hands accessories. For this purpose ordinary bottles will approach - they can be filled with color sand. On book shelves such details look peculiar, is even exotic. Possibilities of glass are big and are not up to the end opened. It is more interesting to those experiments with it. The interior will play fresh paints.