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You want to be always healthy and beautiful? Eat muesli all the year round!

Are very difficult to overestimate benefit which oats bring to a human body. This cereal culture is rich with magnesium - the major mineral substance considerably improving activity of warm and nervous system, and also process of a metabolism. Besides, oat grains and flakes contain a lot of silicon, potassium and phosphorus. Therefore they are extremely useful to strengthening oporno - motive system and vessels, to simplification of a state at various diseases of heart and kidneys, well and, of course, to improvement of activity of a brain.

It is only small part of the reasons for which oats need to be included in the food allowance. However, if you do not transfer porridge in its classical representation to spirit, for you there is much more tasty, interesting and useful option - muesli!

The amusing word of “muesli“ is meant as a kind of classical dry breakfasts which play an important role in the concept of healthy food. The structure of muesli is surprisingly simple - it is correctly picked up mix of oat, wheat, soy, rye and corn flakes, nuts and pieces of fruit (in a fresh or dry look). Quite often add natural honey, some spices, and also wheaten sprouts and bran to muesli. It is possible to season muesli with fruit or berry juice, yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk or milk - as most of all it is pleasant to you.

Many believe that muesli are rather new food product. Actually, for the first time they appeared in far 1900 from an easy hand of the Swiss doctor by the name of Maximilian Oscar Birkher - Benner who just mixed among themselves oat flakes, nuts and small pieces of apples. During the campaign he managed to estimate at the Alps fully useful properties of this food, and then successfully used muesli for treatment of patients in the sanatorium.

The name of this useful product on one of versions came from the German word “mus“ which in a literal translation into Russian means “mashed potatoes“. Other version says that this delicacy was called by the Swiss word “Muesli“ (a caressing form of the word “mouse“) and therefore can mean something like “myshkiny food“. Anyway, in Switzerland the name Muesli is used for designation of a sweet squash.

For all history of the existence of muesli won wide popularity in all corners of our planet. Flakes and the grains of cereals used for production of this healthy food pass preliminary processing in the modern food industry infrared beams - thus, they gain necessary softness, so there is no need for additional heat treatment.

Muesli are a very fast product in preparation. It is rather simple to fill in them with any useful drink at your choice, and five minutes later they will be completely ready to the use. At the same time the choice of drink has to depend on your individual purposes and requirements. If you wish to lose excess weight - stake on juice or the fat-free kefir. And if you are not afraid of calories - you can safely use cocoa or milk!

Now on sale a wide choice of muesli for every taste - in the crude or baked look is presented, and some even have shape of chocolate bars. However, if you doubt quality of those products which are offered by the modern food industry, it is better to make muesli independently. For this purpose you will need gentle oat flakes (it is also possible to use wheat or soy), cereal balls (or other figured products which you will meet on sale), your favourite fruit - fresh or dried, and also any of the drinks mentioned above. Yes, and, of course, on forget about nuts which will provide you necessary inflow of forces and energy! For the same purposes it is possible to add small pieces of dark chocolate.

Main components of muesli and their useful properties:

Oat flakes. Are vitamin-rich And, B and E, and also mineral substances - calcium, phosphorus and iodine. Represent effective natural antioxidant.

Wheat bran. Contain a beta - carotene, vitamin E, and also all vitamins of group B. Are rich with iron, copper, magnesium, iodine, sodium and manganese. Provide feeling of satiety at small portions of a product, normalize activity zheludochno - an intestinal path and promote easy and effective weight reduction.

Peanut (peanut). Contains vitamins B and E, and also polyphenols which work like antioxidants.

Medical the Most popular sweet medicine. Saturates an organism with glucose, fructose, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and also vitamins of the Dried apricots group B.

. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, C and PP, and also minerals - magnesium, potassium, iron, copper and calcium. Makes very favorable impact on warmly - vascular system.

Raisin. Protects from an anemia, diseases of kidneys and heart. Improves activity of a stomach and strengthens nervous system.

Kefir. the condition of intestines and stomach Normalizes, has antiseptic effect and promotes symmetry of a figure.

So, muesli for breakfast is a right way to health and beauty. Appetite pleasant to you!