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I could not read this letter of

Having received a task at institute to write article, I understood that I forgot how it to do, once in the childhood I did it with ease, but was not understood by adults. And now, to perform a task, I decided to use Reinkarnatsioniki`s method and addressed the closest friend. And we went to travel …

Ya, the young man, I write the letter to the girl whom very much I love. I write, I cross out, I rumple paper, I throw, I take a new leaf, I try to express the feelings, thoughts are confused. Words do not communicate in offers, and again paper flies in anywhere … and having taken the next leaf I make the decision that it is the last leaf and I write everything that collected in my heart and at once it became easy for me to speak about the feelings letter language:

“ I love you long ago, I want to embrace you, to caress, carry on hands, to look in your bottomless face, to kiss your velvet lips, to embrace your slender waist“ at this moment is sure by

Ya that she does not love me, I think that she will not even read my letter, but all - equally I write about the feelings to it, wishing that this recognition put the end to my love. I very much love it and I want that she knew about it and be that will be … Having met the darling. I did not know what to tell. I just gave the letter in a charge and escaped because I in me overflowed fear, I did not even have courage to look back. All way home and within several days, I could not find any peace, I thought. Represented how she reads this letter or does not read …

there Passed several days. I came back home and suddenly I saw it, she went to me on a meeting and carried the letter in a hand, having shy stretched me an envelope she looked down left. And I and remained to stand as driven. And again tortures began that in this letter, there is a lot of options, I assume. That there refusal and therefore I am afraid to open an envelope. I was tormented two days and about happiness, my friend is on the threshold, and having seen me, he was surprised that he happened to me. I told to the friend that I am not loved by the girl and showed him on the sealed envelope. He snatched out an envelope and having read the letter, cried at the top of the voice:

“ The idiot, you where have to be now?“ I perplexed looked at it, without understanding what occurs. And during the next moment in my head only one phrase sounded:

“ If you in five minutes are not on the bridge, then you will lose it on always“. Sensation of fear and desire to see my beloved carried me on love wings, but having appeared on the place … I saw how my world falls … as my darling leaves afar. I so strongly wished to return it that the miracle came true, she looked back and we ran on a meeting each other, I picked up it on hands and turned, turned, turned … Our hearts knocked in unison.

Many years later, holding hands, we tremblingly remembered history of our love.

And I could not read this letter ….

This immersion in one of the last embodiments, helped me to understand, how important to express the feelings in time and if I cannot put it into words, then I have such tool, the handle and paper and I with pleasure it will use not to miss the opportunities.

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