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How to make smazhenny pork? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

“Yaki ni Pantsyaley - ý syo ý hayets of vesyaly!“ But that is necessary to Panteley that it was more cheerful to him? The true “way to the man`s heart“ is well-known to any rural hostess from Lyubansky district of the Minsk region. It is necessary to feed warm, maybe, without delicacy, but it is tasty and nourishing. There is no best food for this purpose, than a piece of meat, in one national cuisine.

of Distinction between the real man`s meat dishes in kitchens of people of the world consist in ways of preparation and processing, in names, seasonings and rituals - yes in anything, but the essence remains invariable. Without huge piece of good meat in the plate the man feels absolutely “ill at ease“.

It is difficult to judge unambiguously the reasons, but Belarusians love pork “in all its manifestations“ much more, than “dietary“ beef. Pork and potato in various variations - a food basis practically any local, both the peasant, and the citizen.

A pig - one of the few animals who are served sometimes to a table entirely. An example - the baked pig. But in the remote place of pigs do not eat, it is impractical and it is irrational. It is far more effective to grow up a huge boar whom then it will be possible to eat with all family the whole year, taking out of need “shmata“ of salty fat from a house cage.

In Lyubanshchina as well as in the majority of the Belarusian villages, the shed without couple of pigs in it arouses mistrust and the hidden condemnation of neighbors, it is considered nearly a sign of a bad form.

The correct piece of meat for “smazhanay svininy“ has to be elastic and dry, gentle pink color. Usually bake part of gammon or brisket, it is frequent with skin and it is obligatory with fat. To cut off it - excess work, but the main thing - meat without fat turns out not such tasty and juicy.

Modern culinary specialists got used to pickle meat before roasting till several hours, using vinegar, wine, mayonnaise and other sauces. A rural way of preparation of the baked pork quicker and more simply.

The piece of pork is powerful in half a kilo - the kilogram is rubbed with salt and spices which are available and grow in a kitchen garden at a hut, the same that is used for boiled hough. Their approximate list: coriander, caraway seeds, fennel, mint, melissa and surely garlic. Besides, store spices - pepper, a marjoram, ginger, a turmeric and other will not prevent.

If the piece of meat covered with fragrant spices also maintain some time before send it to the furnace, then it is defined not by requirements of the recipe, but readiness of the furnace and subjects, the hostess is how prompt.

The prepared pieces of pork spread on “metal plate“ as in villages of Lyubansky district call a usual baking sheet. Previously it is smeared with pork fat and slightly warmed up in the furnace until fat thaws. Meat is tried to be put so that fat and skin appeared from above, then pork will definitely not burn slightly if in the furnace is too hot.

In modern ovens to establish temperature, necessary for high-quality roasting of pork, in 180 - 200 degrees as easy as shelling pears, it is enough to turn the regulator in the necessary situation.

In villages where to this day in houses not the rarity the traditional Russian furnace, suitable temperature is chosen, being guided on a condition of firewood. For roasting of meat use the period when the bulk of firewood already burned through also a flame few, only the bright heated coals, “easy spirit“ of which meat will not burn, but propechyot to the middle.

The furnace will “work“ on pork not less than an hour. During this time the hardworking hostess usually prepares any garnish. Of course, from “potatoes“, but that - another time.

Bon appetit!


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