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Whose “voice“ in night is distributed? Why to the person religion?

the Religion is necessary rather for protection against the unknown. Because the person who is in fear is constantly excited, and for cores, for example the constant stress or unmotivated excitement can lead to deplorable result.

I heard “voice“ for the fourth night of my life in the next leased apartment right after the St. Elijah`s Day, having suddenly woken up and having understood that someone talks to me. That it was, I do not know because the poltergeist can be shown in any and most unexpected options. It would be possible to tell, here it was drunk up “very much“, but for a long time I do not drink, I do not smoke.

“Voice“ was distributed from the second neighbor to a corner bed. And I own ears heard the gurgling sounds which spoke to me about something. Without having begun to penetrate, into what I am told, I read a protective mantra, and before eyes for some reason there was a plot from the animated film where the wooden little man Buratino runs on the room and asks: “Who talks to me“? Also the thought flew that it is conversation of neighbors (rather indeed), but who should tell it so in the middle of night?

Unpleasant this feeling to be to one in the apartment in a similar situation. With data that someone, communicates with someone it is hammered for a long time, all press, and I am skeptical about these data as all similar contacts will not be coordinated with logic. Here and it happened to me, and I heard “voice“. But this situation does not please me as I do not suffer from morbid curiosity and I have no the slightest desire to meet neither representatives of the parallel worlds, nor with fellows on reason arriving to us in UFOs and other flying devices to overcome hyper space.

In last days the day of Ilya of the prophet was celebrated, and I participated in a prayer, and then passed five hundred with religious procession of meters. It seems as a suitable situation for “contacts“. But I am not ready to such obshcheniye and therefore at once interrupted it, without having listened to the end of what I am told. Why read a protective mantra, but not “to Iisusov a prayer“? Read that the first came to mind to be protected from delusion.

About ten years ago on the colleague`s question by profession that to do to her to get rid of voices which she hears I advised it to address the priest. Having told that it is necessary to choose either the psychiatrist, or the priest, this their field of activity and priests are specially learned that needs to be done in similar situations. And here here itself received to communication with the unknown.

The religion was from the very beginning created for protection of reason of the person against different delusions. What is, a prayer how not means to influence world around? The prayer is a dialogue good luck in which the person asks it about the help and protection. And on this place, after words about religion, disperse understanding with each other of all members of society.

One begin to speak about delights, others about demons, and the third about the absolute. I try not to communicate with ardent supporters of atheism or religious doctrines because the fanaticism washes away concepts in which any meaning is lost.

Also I consider that the religion should be understood and perceived quietly as perhaps perceived it Century. Ginzburg (the main atheist of Russia), unlike the scientists criticizing him “believed“ in God (stopped being people of science), but not capable to explain in essence value of dialogue of the person good luck.

The religion can be accepted as her authors of ancient philosophical doctrines perceived. As advised to understand the world Georgy Gurdzhiyev one of mystics of last century whom all occult doctrines try to show the adherent. At Gurdzhiyev the world is divided into four spheres where the first level includes all planets and where the person can realize himself as “ashes“ or material object.

The second level includes all solar systems where the person is shown as the being radiating heat who it is possible to see in infrared light. The third level includes all star congestions to which it is possible to carry the person as his spiritual representation where there is a soul of the person.

And the fourth level which includes all the rest including three previous levels and shown in the person, probably, as God`s Spirit. And all this is God, great and all-powerful with which all religious brotherhood by means of perception of sacral feeling of the mentality daily communicates.

Mental abilities at all different and therefore one “are fan“ in the religious excitement others perceive religion, indifferently, formally carrying out the truth stated in doctrines. And when there is a lot of these doctrines, and they are constantly thought out by different prophets, and it is a lot of various approaches to them which approve the concrete moments in all carried-out rituals.

And time the religion is one of components of modern society what we are convinced of, seeing the increasing quantity of different religious sects. That and society, initially took care of the members, having created the necessary “religious“ language for communication. By the principle of the same large numbers, we even know when it occurred. For the average person made the instruction (canon) that needs to be done in different life situations.

And to communicate it is good luck not obligatory to get out fanatically of itself and to ride on the ground in religious ecstasy. It is not necessary to impose someone the understanding to religion by which that is unaffected. And you want to plunge into religion more profoundly, go in church, the mosque or datsan where all have to arrive on a uniform sample without thinking out everyone the own address to world around.

The fear is the strongest emotion which forces to carry out people the operations procedure ordered them. It is used in all existing religions. And when the person says a prayer: “Upas My God me from any evil“, he believes that indeed that it is under protection of powerful force. And the belief is the main stimulator of vital energy. Even for those who consider that he does not trust in anything.