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How to cure stutter? The technique L. Arutyunyan of

If to set the object to find a way of treatment of stutter, then will fall upon you advertizing of tens of patented methods. The technique L. Arutyunyan costs independently among them because for many of them it is the base on which other authors built already the developments.

the Basis of a technique of Lilia Zinovyevna Arutyunyan is the slowed-down speech. On occupations so slow tempo of speech trains that even at initially severe stutter the person cannot falter.

To imagine this speed, it is necessary to specify that the syllable is said within 2 - 3 seconds. Logopedists call such speed of pronouncing “rate of a feat“. And it is not unreasonable. Throughout a course on such speed communication with people, including with unfamiliar, in various situations is supposed: from questions on the street to employment.

Originally communication on such speed often causes shock. It breaks off for years the developed templates of speech behavior and helps to overcome desire to suppress the fact of stutter which emotionally is one of the main reasons for this illness. The fear to recognize stutter before others forces to be clamped, fuss more and more and, eventually, leads to halts.

Also in a technique it is required to tell people about why so low tempo of speech. For example, the children who are receiving medical treatment have to say in new situations that they are treated for stutter therefore they speak so slowly. It is very difficult too, but also has strong salutary effect. Several performances before unfamiliar audiences on slow speed cardinally change a state. The steady disturbing condition of stutter gives way to tranquility and confidence in the speech forces.

Regular communication on the street on various questions and performances on slow speed allow to weaken considerably the negative speech and emotional stereotypes accompanying stammering, and in many cases completely to relieve of them. On such speed it is required to pass all significant situations of communication and to communicate to all people from an environment many times.

After passing on slow rate of all significant situations of communication the speed of the speech begins to increase gradually and within 5 - 7 months reaches the usual speed of the speech of surrounding people. But for this period it is necessary to pass very large number of situations and not on one, and ten times, some it is even more. The key moment is the correct passing of significant situations of communication here - it is those which caused the greatest complexity, fear, uncertainty. Communication with chiefs, public statements etc. can be such situations.

The following important element of a technique are the movements of fingers of hands which are made on each speech site in the special way and serve, in essence, as a metronome thanks to which it is possible to keep the necessary speed. The movements of fingers of hands establish additional connection of the speech with motive zones of a brain that allows to reconstruct the speech act and to build an additional basis for the speech. At late stages of a technique of the movement of fingers of hands are minimized and gradually are eliminated.

It is important to add that a technique L. Arutyunyan is based on a postulate that the healthy beautiful speech does not live in an intense body therefore it is paid to relaxation, a relaxation, training of the speech as “a conscious exhalation“ much attention.