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Epilation of an intimate zone for men: to be or not to be?

More than a decade ago the man`s epilation of intimate zones at many was associated only with strippers and athletes - bodybuilders for whom demonstration of is part of image and work. But today the most ordinary men who watch themselves lose “vegetation“ there, care for own hygiene and want to make pleasant to the beloved.

What raises doubts?

Many men, especially those which were brought up on ideals of the USSR treat man`s epilation with undisguised scepticism. First of all because since the childhood dinned into them thought that hair on a body of the man are a sign of courage. And “have a shave“ on all body only or actors (it for the man - not a profession), or guys of nonconventional orientation (in general - a family shame).

Now views concerning care of men of themselves are much more democratic. Though at many conservatives the word “metrosexual“ still is considered abusive.

But everything, meanwhile, does not challenge the fact that even for those men who not against smooth skin in the most gentle places, procedure of an epilation is low-comfortable. They endure pain more difficult, than women. Besides, after several regular procedures of an epilation skin gets used to “tortures“ and becomes less sensitive. The men who did not get used to devote a lot of time to fight for silk skin feel much more unpleasant feelings during disposal of hair, than the woman.

But, except fear of pain, men are also pursued by fear to wound or injure skin, and also to receive irritation, from - for whom hands constantly would last there .

To make itself beautiful belts accurately are lower and it is safely possible, having asked for the help in professional salon. But many men at one this thought are held down by constraint. As a rule, procedure of an epilation is carried out by masters - women. And though men for them are only clients, and they for men - the experts rendering services, it is not always convenient to men to appear at the woman (let and not the) not in full rigging, with negligence in certain places.

And why and … yes?!

Actually is present nothing terrible, shameful or inconvenient in an intimate epilation for men. At least because their ancestors from the different countries practiced it on themselves for a long time, meanwhile participating in fights, gains and becoming heroes of legends.

So, in Ancient India men regularly did an epilation on an equal basis with women. Was considered that it is a fundamental issue of hygiene and health and consequently - and healthy posterity. And here gladiators of Ancient Greece thus emphasized the muscles and courage, tried to resemble the mythological gods depicted in stone statues.

Having tried to proepilirovat an intimate zone once, men will not be able to repeat this procedure next time any more. In - the first, they will feel more tidy and more attractively. In - the second, in a warm season proepilirovanny skin between legs will sweat less that will increase feeling of comfort. Well, and in - the third (this point for men will be the most powerful), the become bare sites of skin of intimate places repeatedly increase sensitivity in sex, open a set of opportunities for caress and, undoubtedly, attract attention of the partner who more willingly them will concern and to agree to a set of “bed“ experiments.

So pluses of a man`s epilation - the following:

appearance Improvement.


Variety of sexual life.

Well, and before men in a bath will be what to stand out.

How to get rid of hair?

Ways of disposal of hair in genitals for men - same, as well as for women: a photoepilation, laser, wax or a shugaring, and also the old kind and never bringing razor. As a rule, men prefer the last: mechanical removal of hair is quickly, is not sick (if not to be wounded) and it is possible to carry out most. But if there is a desire to make everything professionally in salon, concerning the choice of a method it is possible to consult to the girl or to consult directly at the master.

the Epilation - it not only is hygienic, but also is esthetic

it to be necessary to add To already listed pluses of an epilation that among men widely the fashion began to extend recently to bikini - design or intimate hairstyles . And often men in this area are much more inventive than women!

So, in a groin by means of the trimmer it is possible to make certain “drawing“ of hair, to paint them different colors or to experiment with a temporary tattoo. All this will become for the man not only new experience, but also a variety of feelings in the relations with darling. The most widespread patterns of intimate hairstyles at men are own initials of a name and a surname, logos of brands of cars or sports brands.

To do or not to do to the man an epilation of an intimate zone - his personal record and the choice. But before refusing why once not to try?